What is the most overblown issue of our times?

That was the question posed to a panel last night at FreedomFest, the most spectacularly interesting conference year after year I ever make my way to. In Las Vegas each year in July, a city more interesting than you might ever expect, and it has nothing to do with gambling or gamboling.

More later, but on the panel, each went for global warming (or whatever the in-fashion term might be) but the last panelist chose “White Supremacy” which, to me, won hands down.

Last night we were listening to Herman Cain, today it’s Candice Owen. If you want “diversity”, this is the place too come. Candice will be speaking on open borders.

And yet, in the hotel, Fox News was not in amongst the fifty or so stations I could choose from until I complained to management. The local paper politically is a super-charged version of The WP or NYT. How Trump keeps ahead is only because he is as articulate as he is, though every supposed error is featured beyond imagination.

And let me add these two items from Instapundit to round things out. Accusations of racism is the only arrow in the Democrat quiver and when you listen to “The Squad” – the new public face of the Democrats – there is nothing more repulsive and racist.

TAMMY BRUCE: Trump vs. AOC and ‘the squad’ – What bare-knuckle fight means for 2020.

Trump’s comments may be blunt, but they’re not “racist,” an accusation now thrown about by the Democrats as casually as saying hello. That, in fact, is the cold, hard strategy.

As Clay noted in his comments about Ocasio-Cortez accusing Pelosi of racism: “You’re getting push back so you resort to using the race card? Unbelievable.”

Unfortunately, it’s all too believable when smearing your opponents is the only card you have.

Still, after years of lies about his character and intention, USA Today reported the president’s approval rating among Republicans is now at 93 percent and the GOP’s approval rating among Americans is at 51 percent.

Trump is shoring up his base while at the same time turning Democrats against one another.

I’m not getting cocky, but this tumultuous week has nevertheless been a good week.

And then there’s this.

PAUL CURRY: The Squad to Re-Elect President Trump. “Donald Trump, by injecting himself into the Democrat’s civil war and compelling the Pelosi establishment to embrace the Squad, may have just pulled off a classic Tom Sawyer move. Rather than allowing the Democrats to reign in their extreme left flank and quell the temper-tantrum-like calls for impeachment, he has gotten the left to embrace their darker demons and make the Squad the face of the party. In doing so, he has made four freshman Congresswomen the Squad to Re-elect the President.”

It might be a Grand Master-level trolling event if Trump were to send them all campaign donations in the maximum amount.

It’s a pleasure to be at FreedomFest. Staying with my family in Toronto I never talked politics a single time though I love them all, each and every one. My wife, alas, wandered into a conversation with a cousin and never saw her insufferable indignation and anger coming, until it was too late. The shallower they are, the more angry they get is all I can say.

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  1. JD

    Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad. Longfellow

  2. iain russell

    That would be ‘rein in’ I assume, unless ‘reign in’ is a distinctively US usage.

  3. Jannie

    And a couple of days ago some pundits were suggesting that it was silly of Trump to unite the Dems while they were fighting each other. It looks like Trump plays Chess and the MSM plays Noughts and Crosses.

  4. Tom

    It’s hilarious watching the Washington outsider, who is virtually alone in representing Middle America in the national capital, schooling the Democrats and their media sycophants on how to win elections.

    It hasn’t even occurred to the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse that they are the ultimate political losers. In their orgy of ego-driven narcissism, the only thing that matters to them is winning the virtue-signalling stakes.

  5. Nob

    Disagreement = Hate is possibly the worst.

    Manifested as Insistence on Immigration law being upheld = hatred of Immigrants etc.

    This is the most precipitous dumbing down since 1939.

  6. miltonf

    As Joel Pollack pointed out in Breitbart the four frightbats are actually highly trained operatives. There are equivalents here in Oz too who also lack warmth and humour.

  7. Mark M

    Merkel backs Democratic congresswomen over Trump


    So much winning. Not tired yet, Mr President.

  8. stackja

    Dems have always had a colourful history.

  9. AOC is an actress who answered a casting call, as Hollywood refers to them. She was solicited along with a number of other fringe candidates. Only a couple won their elections. She won with about a 20% turnout in her district. An attractive black Republican will challenge her next year, and may not be the only one. Tlaib is a Palestinian activist from Michigan, which has large Palestinian population. Omar, which is not her real name, is a Somali immigrant with a singular lack of appreciation for the country which sheltered her warlord father and his children.

  10. No matter how Trump worded his supposedly ‘hateful and racist’ comment, everyone (including the Democrats) knew what he meant. If you hate America like the four nags in congress do, go live somewhere else where it’s supposedly better.

    As with Australia, any country that has given so much opportunity to it’s people should be honoured, not hated. Even with it’s warts, both are much better places than you’ll likely find anywhere else in the world.

    Unfortunately for the Left, biting the hand that feeds you is something they can’t help doing.

  11. B.A.Lert

    A ship of fools
    A car of idiots
    A squad of morons

  12. John Constantine

    Royal commission into Big Pharma exploiting wymynsys by addicting them to prescription medications.

    Be interesting to analyse the wastewater leaving ABC headquarters sewer connection to see just what drugs in what quantities it takes to fuel and maintain such rage, while numbing the internal voice of reason.


  13. duncanm

    I am surprised Vegas has such a slant media – but I guess you never really get a feel for what the locals think there.. it’d be another world to the one seen by us casual visitors.

    My wife, alas, wandered into a conversation with a cousin and never saw her insufferable indignation and anger coming, until it was too late. The shallower they are, the more angry they get is all I can say.

    quoted for the truth. When they get angry, they’ve already lost the argument.

  14. Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

    I saw this in a greek playwrights notes. Did Euripides?

  15. Muddy

    Two observations:
    1. Gerbil worming is akin to a pyramid scheme.
    2. If true conservatives (let’s not get distracted quibbling about the definition, but yes, this does rule out Australiastan) in similar western democracies have not been taking copious notes about President Trump’s strategies, and his willingness to engage, a vital opportunity is being missed. Would I be correct in thinking that, post-prez-election, he has not used much of his personal financial means in his engagements with the civil insurgents? If yes, is there a reason why his (primarily domestic) strategies cannot be studied and selectively replicated or adapted and implemented in other countries?

  16. Tom

    Good reason to love the “squad”.

    A must-watch from Paul Joseph Watson — especially the bit about the Canadian frightbat who went back to her native Somalia, cameras in tow, to show what a great place it was — and was killed a week or so ago in a terrorist attack.

  17. MPH

    The shallower they are, the more angry they get is all I can say.

    Part of the disappointment of growing up has been to discover that most people simply adopt positions as opposed to reasoning their way there. That holds for people of all intelligence…

  18. Petros

    Jacinda Ardern is Australasia’s AOC.

  19. Tel

    I would say there is some evidence of racism, so it is something of an issue. Yes it’s massively overblown … they have used the “racist’ word so many times in so many inappropriate contexts that the word is now meaningless thus now they need to escalate up to ” White Supremicist” because escalation is their only strategy.

    The evidence of Global Warming is much weaker than evidence of racism, and the freak-out is bigger.

    The scientific evidence for seventy three different genders is zero, and the idea only popped up a few years ago but see what happens if you question it.

  20. Chester Draws

    Jacinda Ardern is Australasia’s AOC.

    Um, no. Not even close. Jacinda is loved by the media, but she runs a very different ship from what AOC would run. The talk is similar, but the policies are not.

    For a start, unlike your uselesss “conservatives”, the NZ Labour Party is capable of running a surplus. Their campaign slogans included not increasing tax, which she has almost kept (a petrol levy in Auckland excepted). Jacinda is not even remotely Socialist in terms of economic policy — and the really bad bits of the current policy is being forced on her by her NZ First idiots.

    Jacinda even took on the education unions, briefly.

  21. Fair shake of the sauce bottle

    A ship of fools
    A car of idiots
    A squad of morons

    A Hilary of Democrats
    A clang of Freshwomensys
    A footshot of Virtue signallers

  22. Rob MW

    It never ceases to amaze me how a Somalian refugee who becomes an American citizen hates the Jews so much. Must have been the Jews who caused the Somalians to butcher one another !! The irony of a skinny-American expressing racism and bigotry at this level is only lost on the skinny-American. Surely she can express the same amount of racism and bigotry towards Jews and Americans from within the boarders of Somalia ?

  23. Up The Workers!

    To Michael K at 7.56am:

    Spot on!

    I’ve been thinking the same thing for some months. In fact I’ve a sneaking suspicion that A.O.C. came in as mere runner-up due to her conspicuous lack of thespian credibility, gravitas and conviction.

    The winner of the auditions of course, was the inimitable Jizzy Smellitt with Honourable Mentions to Stormy Daniels and Christine Blatant Fraud – all good Dumbocrats.

  24. Up The Workers!

    To Chester Draws at 12.15pm:

    Why is it that I suspect that you might just be wearing Jacinda’s drawers?

    Whilst I don’t doubt anything you say, it must be said that regardless of all the good points you have raised, “Mr. Ed” is still desperately keen to have his dentures returned A.S.A.P.

  25. Eyrie

    Oil and gas exploration banned in NZ.
    Submission and surrender to RoP
    Gun grabbing
    Over the top global warming hysteria
    Free first year uni (final year if you pass might make a little bit of sense

    Yeah, right, she’s not a socialist.

  26. Leo G

    A ship of fools
    A car of idiots
    A squad of morons

    A consensus of CRACC (Catastrophic Runaway Anthropogenic Climate Change) heads.

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