ACCC Jumps the Shark. Again. Advocates for increase in ABC Funding.

Well there you have it. The ACCC, a government agency, is advocating not just further state intervention into private business, but now is recommending another massive increase in the power of the state.

There will be much written and said about the Google and Facebook bits of the the ACCC’s digital platforms inquiry. But if you really want to have your head explode, go to chapter 6. Here with highlights of recommendations:

  • Stable and adequate funding for the public broadcasters.
  • Grants for local journalism
  • Tax settings to encourage philanthropic support for journalism

The ACCC recommends more and stable money for the ABC and SBS. Who would have thunk it. Who would have thunk that a government agency seeking to promote economic efficiency through comeptetion and innovation has just decided to throw the wet blanket of government over a key and important sector.

After their TPG/Vodafone case perhaps they may recommend that the government build a competitive mobile network. Perhaps they also recommend that it be integrated with NBN.

Maybe the government should get Graeme Samuel to do a capability review of the ACCC. He might recommend that the ACCC regulate the banks and superannuation also. And maybe Samuel recommend that the ACCC insert psychologists into private news rooms.

Oh wait.

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25 Responses to ACCC Jumps the Shark. Again. Advocates for increase in ABC Funding.

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    ABC funding should be increased by $1.2 billion to $0/yr.
    That would be very stable and adequate.
    ACCC just has the sign wrong.
    Easy mistake to make.

  2. It would appear that that the desire for Socialism is creeping into every organisation that we have.

    I wonder if I could get a grant for my ‘local’ journalism?

  3. Frank Walker from National Tiles

    This is about 30 years out of date.

    We’ve had the www since 1989 and subscription TV since 1995, let alone overseas satellite services.

    Someone tell the ACCC muppets we’ve had Netflix in Australia since 2015.

    Good lord. The case for ABC and SBS funding, if it was ever qualified or valid, has been obsolete for a very long time.

    The appropriate policy, especially after the expansion of FTA Tv channels and the NBN as well as 5G, is to simply abolish their funding entirely.

  4. Dr Fred Lenin

    Acccccccc or whatever its called ,another mob for the chop when the Dr Fred government takes office ,they can join their alpbc/sbs comrades in the work for the dole waiting line at Centrelink ,where they can have long discussions about journalism and how influential it is .They will never get a real job ,who would employ them too many bad habits to employ .

  5. Petros

    Think of it as a budget saving, Bruce.
    Just as an FYI to the group, I can get forty plus Greek channels using an IPTV box. Many are in high definition and the streaming is direct from Greece and excellent. Similar services exist for Italian and Arabic and no doubt others. Way better than what SBS offers.

  6. Beachcomber

    The ACCC ‘report’ is classic leftist dissembling and elision. It blathers on about market share of digital platforms, data collection etc. but totally ignores the control of information and the censorship of conservative views by the ABC, SBS, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.; and then shamelessly demands more power and funding for the ABC and SBS.

  7. Karabar

    A long time ago someone thought that a public broadcaster could be justified. Maybe they were correct. But that was then, and this is now. What purpose does the ABC serve in 2019?
    A long time ago someone thought it necessary to have customer and commerce commission. Perhaps that was an alternative to a Sale of Goods Act, as is the case in other British Commonwealth countries.
    What does this activity discussed by TAFKAS have to do with the purpose of the ACCC?

  8. Tim Neilson

    Way better than what SBS offers.

    No doubt.

    I could understand some rationale for SBS if it was promoting a robust patriotic view of Australia among immigrant groups. But in reality it’s only a slightly less blatant tax-hoovering treason factory than the ABC.

  9. Fibro

    Does it surprise me that the base data is insanely inaccurate? Hardly.

    Page 6 refers to the largest/longest time spent online country wide. Search simplyweb by country and they have completely missed 5 out of the Top 20…………Porn sites. Our ABC comes in 17th, well behind both Yahoo and, both of which i don’t have to put my hand in my pocket for. I guess those little facts are not part of the ACCC gubberment funded narrative.


  10. What shits me about Their ABC and SBS is that they are full of commercials. On the rare occasions that I might watch TV, like the food channel on SBS, I want to toss a SJW at the screen because of the incessant ads. If these taxpayer subsidised broadcasters have to have ads, then privatise them and I’ll have no objections.

  11. Rex Mango

    I resent being forced to fund religious television networks like the ABC.

    Privatise the ABC now.

  12. John A

    The ACCC recommends more and stable money for the ABC and SBS. Who would have thunk it.

    This always elicits memories of that famous Mandy Rice-Davies quote “He would, wouldn’t he?”

    And the quote of Dr Julius Sumner Miller goes “Whodathunkit?” as one word.

    Brought to you with the compliments of “The Grammar Nazi” 🙂

  13. TFX

    Another case of unelected bureaucrats telling the elected what their priorities should be. Sack the senior managers who put this garbage out. They are dependent upon taxpayer funding as well and the representatives of the taxpayers should fix it.

  14. Percy Popinjay

    recommends more and stable money for the ABC and SBS

    Anyone “recommending” such idiocy should be summarily executed, after being administered a lengthy public flogging.

    For their own good, of course.

    Shut it down.
    Fire them all.
    Mound of skulls.
    Salt the earth.

  15. Percy Popinjay

    Dr Julius Sumner Miller goes “Whodathunkit?” as one word

    Thanks John, my memories of the late Perfesser Summer Milliner are very fleeting. The ol’ egg in the bottle trick is the only one I clearly remember.

  16. Percy Popinjay

    Bluddee hell – the late Perfesser really was a prophet without honour – get a load of this quote from April 1987:

    We are approaching a darkness in the land. Boys and girls are emerging from every level of school with certificates and degrees, but they can’t read, write or calculate. We don’t have academic honesty or intellectual rigor. Schools have abandoned integrity and rigor.

    The ALPBC is of course, totally cool with this sad decline. Where else will they find their next cohort of viewers/listeners?

  17. I_am_not_a_robot

    Further issues range from deep concerns over disinformation and harmful content, to the scope and scale of user information collected by platforms, and to the risk of exploitation of consumer vulnerabilities … (ACCC)

    Some browsers offer more privacy than others and there are many other add-ons that further protect one’s data and location .
    No-one is forced to join Facebook or sign-on to browsers, it is not the legitimate role of government to protect people from themselves: “The mischief begins when, instead of calling forth the activity and powers of individuals and bodies, it [the State] substitutes its own activity for theirs; when, instead of informing, advising, and, upon occasion, denouncing, it makes them work in fetters, or bids them stand aside and does their work instead of them” (Mill, On Liberty).

  18. Jannie

    The ABC is the Jailer of Australian freedom. The enemy of the people. The killer of our future.

  19. Squirrel

    If there’s going to be increased raids on the federal budget to support “diversity”, local content etc. I would rather see some sort of targeted tax break for Australian commercial broadcasters.

  20. Oh come on

    Can a shark be jumped twice? I would have thought no. In fact, if you jump the shark again, maybe it means you get your mojo back.

  21. Some browsers offer more privacy than others and there are many other add-ons that further protect one’s data and location .

    That’s what they want you to think, but it’s not the case at all. Do you know that George Soros now funds Firefox? I’ve looked at alternatives and decided that Firefox is better than Chrome, just. Edge is a joke and the rest are not much better.

    The problem with the likes of Facebook etc is that they started off innocuous enough and people became used to using them and eventually it became a complete way of communicating with family, friends, the workplace and businesses. Even government departments recommend that you go to their Facebook page. The likes of Facebook has become so ingrained in society that it’s almost impossible to ignore or stay out.

    I have stayed out of it, but when everyone around you is on Facebook, you have to be prepared to be a pariah if you stay out. I chose the latter. I also never wanted to sign up with Google, but if you want to manage a website and be able to use YouTube, you have no option. For those that might suggest alternatives such as Vimeo for the later, you might as well not bother as Vimeo is like an obscure cinema ferreted away in some alley in St Kilda.

  22. candy

    The ABC is really not known to most Australians.
    Once upon a time there may have been excellent dramas and comedies that the average person would not miss. The average person won’t know what Q&A, 7.30 report are now.

    It’s a nothing station now but followed by say 10% of people – Greens/elite-ish, Liberals, wealthy type people, but not by your average person. It’s in a zone all of its own without connection to most citizens and their interests.

  23. Pyrmonter

    @ Tim Neilson

    SBS is at least better than the ABC: better value for money, and frankly, more balanced. Give me Insight over Q&A any day. Oh, and SBS has Portillo, who is a hoot.

    More generally … where exactly has the ACCC been hiring? Sydney Pol-Economy 2nd years? This stuff is descriptive not analytical.

  24. Alan

    This Inquiry is classic Nick Xenophon populism in return for assisting Liberal-National Party media reform legislation passed late-2017. Well, he’s gone now.

    Of course, the ACCC wants the Govt to give them more money, power and scale (see all Report references to “Recommendation 4”). This is not surprising at all! Typical Rent-seeking.

    Access Now, in their submission, hit the nail on the head – see their last 2 pages.

    I recommend an excellent detailed rebuttal from the George Mason University School of Law.

  25. teamv

    Bemused: Use Brave browser.
    Created by the guy who stareted firefox after he was booted from Brave for not being a SJW.

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