More bad news on wind turbines in Bass Straight. Grid-wrecking bird killers

Wrecking the grid with the Robbins Island turbines.

A wind farm on Robbins Island will simply extend the variations in power supplied to the mainland while making no difference to the correlations of wind through the states in the wholesale market. Thus more backup would be required from gas and hydro sources. Loy Yang B with 1,000 MW would clearly become uneconomic to operate since more wind farms are also planned for Victoria…

And a disaster for threatened raptors and other species. Find a Green environmentalist who cares.

Local farmer and bird lover Hamish Cumming has been raising the alarm for almost a decade. In September 2014, he wrote to all federal MPs: “The AGL Macarthur wind farm is slaughtering raptors at an alarming rate and no one seems to care, especially the Greens.” He asked Brown for help: “Dear Bob, I think the Greens in Victoria (and nationally) have forgotten what they are supposed to be protecting,” he wrote. “They refuse to help me make AGL adhere to their permit conditions just because they are a wind farm.” Cumming says he got no reply.

When the Macarthur wind farm was approved, AGL estimated it would kill two birds per turbine a year. However, post construction monitoring showed the project was killing 13.4 birds per turbine a year, more than six times the pre-construction estimate. The AGL permit application claimed a raptor kill of three a year across the wind farm, yet a post-construction report estimates a kill of 430 raptors a year, 30 per cent of bird deaths at the wind farm.

The experience in northern California is an 80 per cent decline in golden eagles numbers with none nesting near the Altamont facility, although it is a prime habitat.

In the USA, beating up fake news about wind topping coal in Texas. But gas still rules by a wide margin.

Wind works fairly well in Texas for exactly one reason: Physical geography. There’s just one slight problem here: Wind is seasonal. Wind beat coal by a decimal point in three windy months out of six. See how it goes for the rest of the year!

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13 Responses to More bad news on wind turbines in Bass Straight. Grid-wrecking bird killers

  1. Roger

    “The AGL Macarthur wind farm is slaughtering raptors at an alarming rate and no one seems to care, especially the Greens.”

    Why should they?

    The Greens were never about conservation.

    Those who joined their ranks based on their concerns for the environment were only ever useful idiots.

  2. Dr Fred Lenin

    Are there draconian fines for slaughtering wildlife ? Is yes , are they being enforced? If not ,why not ? What is the penalty for shooting eagles, hawks ,fruit bats ? If these apply people , why not rentseeking carpetbagger companies ?

  3. Up The Workers!

    Save the planet;

    Save the raptors;

    Ban the Greens!

    Bob Brown is Unsustainable – ban him too!

  4. Lee

    “The AGL Macarthur wind farm is slaughtering raptors at an alarming rate and no one seems to care, especially the Greens.”

    Why should they?

    The Greens were never about conservation.

    “Conservation” for the Greens is just a means to an end (Trojan horse) – the ultimate introduction of communism.
    I have never, and would never vote for the scum in a million years.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    Remember that electricity company which went bankrupt in California after causing a wildfire last year?

    S. Washington blaze caused by wind turbine that caught fire now 30% contained (23 July)

    A southern Washington wildfire caused by melting sections of a wind turbine that fell to the ground after the turbine’s generator caught fire is 30% contained, officials said Monday morning. The wildfire started Saturday and was previously reported to have grown to between 350 and 500 acres by that evening.

    Luckily the windfarm appears well away from any forests, but it must only be a matter of time.

    Meanwhile PG&E is being rescued by California because weirdly the Californian government would like the lights to stay on. But there’s a price…

    Cali wildfire bailout results in electric rates 70% higher than national average (21 July)

    California’s proposed $26 billion bailout of bankrupt PG&E’s wildfire liability will push the state’s average residential electric rates to 70 percent higher than national average.

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill on July 18 that supposedly will share equally between Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) shareholders and its customer the estimated $21 billion liability for 2017 and 2018 wildfire losses.

    The State of California has implemented a series of disastrous policies since the 1990s to slash utility profit margins, demand conversion to much more expensive sustainable electricity generation, and shriveled spending money on forest management.

    Well done Calistanis, you now understand what greenery costs you.

  6. Jim Rose

    Tasmania is about the only part of the country we wind power makes any sense. Because most of their electricity is from hydro, the wind power takes pressure off the hydro lake levels. Hydro lake levels is the only cheap way of storing wind power

  7. Nob

    Wind beats coal in Texas by small margin one quarter.

    But that’s only because coal is already beaten by gas, thanks to fracking. I mean well beaten.

    Boasting about wind beating coal in Texas is like boasting about electric cars beating horse and cart.

    Barnett and Haynesville produce huge amounts of gas, and there are more rigs drilling in West Permian than all of Western Europe, UK and Australia combined.

  8. Up The Workers!

    Bob Brown and the whole Brown Movement were never about Conservation; they are only about Aggravation!

  9. Linden

    Next door to the Macarthur AGL wind farm there was a very fine farm of a different kind. It was a sheep farm that proprietors owners had developed into one of the finest (bar none) Marino wool fleece in Australia. Their fleece was highly sort after by international buyers. The wind farm during its construction and subsequent operation sent them broke and it is now gone. Nothing said about that, there was a very good story about it written in the Weekly Times a few years back. But hey, so long as sacrifices as being made to the Green Deity, what else matters.

  10. Linden

    Except when they run the lakes dry, which did happen a while back.

  11. PB

    I don’t think the Greens have forgotten what they are protecting. It just isn’t what they say they are protecting.

  12. John A

    Uh, “strait” as in narrows, not “straight” as in without deviation, please.

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