Tuesday Forum: July 30, 2019

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  1. JC

    I never realized this until now, because when I lived in the US and needed to make a payment, I operated with cheques. I began to use E-payment after I came back here.

    Well I opened a US bank account to help pay bills. I found out after dealing with the bank that you can’t make a regular pay-anyone e-payment like we can here. You can make a wire transfer which costs 25 bucks. The other two methods is to allow the other side to draw on you account through a specific approval for which you leave the details and the amount on your account. The last method is you post the payment details and the bank sends out a cheque on your behalf. How quaint.

  2. Sinclair Davidson

    JC – the American banking system is archaic. I’m sure I told you this before.

  3. Knuckle Dragger

    This is because women on Tinder generally go for punters who say they’re whip smart and big earners (whether they are or not), and then get the hooks in once they’ve done the maths and can spot an existence of lying by the pool at midday bitching about the turnip head running the yoga class.

  4. JC

    And if you do it through the last option.. the banks sends out a cheque.. your account isn’t reduced by the amount until the cheque is drawn (on your account). This is mildly better for the customer, because unlike here, once you make an e-payment, the account is reduced by the amount, but the payment hits the payee next day or even later. This means the Aussie bank has a free float.

    The US system is very quaint.

  5. Knuckle Dragger

    Which, by the way, is fine. Bless their cotton socks.

    But they don’t tell you that. Instead you wander into the kitchen wondering how long it takes to make a goddamn cup of coffee and them riffling through your bank statements and bills.

  6. mh

    JC – the American banking system is archaic. I’m sure I told you this before.

    Every industry would be archaic if they were allowed to produce money out of thin air.

  7. JC


    I was making a payment earlier which went through described as a “check” (cheque). I then had to call because I was having an issue with another “check” payment. Talking to the dude, I then realized “check” actually meant the bank physically sends out a freaking cheque and that it won’t be an E-payment. Weird as.

  8. notafan

    I was amazed in the US by how many people still used cheques.

    Used to get US customers trying to send me cheques in Australia. Long explanations about massive bank charges ensued.

    Thank goodness for PayPal.

    Though I never minded USD cash in the mail, which I used to get fairly regularly.

  9. Knuckle Dragger

    But I’ve outsmarted them, which admittedly isn’t hard.

    While cleaning out the joint some time back I found a pile of old statements dating back as far as eight years when I had considerably more cabbage sitting around in various accounts than I do now. I hand picked about half a dozen and left them in a pile on the bench, putting the recent ones in a cupboard.

    It’s amazing how many tarts you’ve just met suddenly want to go on overseas holidays with you if they think they’ve found out you’re a bit comfortable. Good for another roll or two in the hay at least, and with them obviously bringing their A game to the table as well.

    Check, you mercenary skanks, and mate.

  10. Knuckle Dragger


    The stupid pillocks never check the dates, because their greedy little optics go straight to the bold numbers at the bottom.

  11. JC

    You know, in a just and fair world, the D’rat party should be left with no more than three reps across Federal, state and local governments. They are absolute canutes.

    In the past few days the California communist party demands the likely unconstitutional requirement a candidate of any party submit their tax returns in order to appear in the primary.

    Today, there’s this.

    Trump Organization Subpoenaed for Documents Related to Stormy Daniels Hush Payment

    Manhattan state prosecutors have subpoenaed the Trump Organization for documents related to a hush payment to a former adult-film star during the 2016 election, according to a person familiar with the matter, the latest investigation to examine the company’s involvement in the payment.

  12. cohenite

    Winston Smith

    #3121610, posted on August 2, 2019 at 5:43 pm

    It’s fairly obvious in the picture of Greta there is a degree of mongolism – it shows up in the eyes.

    Definitely. This is a young girl with many problems, psychological and physical. The left, and alarmism is the defining issue of the left, in using her in this way, not that we need reminding, define themselves as total bastards. This will not end well for her and as usual no consequences will be delivered to the pimps who are using her.

    Still, it’s a cracker of a yacht she’s going in. With a bit of luck she could hit a month’s worth of doldrums. I wonder how Trump will deal with her.

  13. areff

    pegs for the clothes line.

    or from the the clothesline

  14. JC


    What do you think of this:

    Massive Greenland ice melt after heat wave

    The heat wave that smashed high temperature records in five European countries a week ago is now over Greenland, accelerating the melting of the island’s ice sheet and causing massive ice loss in the Arctic.

    Greenland, the world’s largest island, is a semi-autonomous Danish territory between the Atlantic and Arctic oceans that has 82 per cent of its surface covered in ice.

    The area of the Greenland ice sheet that is showing indications of melt has been growing daily, and hit a record 56.5 per cent for this year on Wednesday, said Ruth Mottram, a climate scientist with the Danish Meteorological Institute.

    She says that’s expected to expand and peak on Thursday before cooler temperatures slow the pace of the melt.

    More than 10 billion tons of ice was lost to the oceans by surface melt on Wednesday alone, creating a net mass ice loss of some 197 billion tons from Greenland in July, she said.

    One billion tons of ice loss is equivalent to about 400,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools, the Danish Meteorological Institute said . And 100 billion tons corresponds to a 0.28 mm rise in global sea levels.

    The current melting has been brought on by the arrival of the same warm air from North Africa and Spain that melted European cities and towns last week, setting national temperature records in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Britain.

    In Greenland, the melt area this year is the second-biggest in terms of ice area affected, behind more than 90 per cent in 2012.

    A lot of what melts can later refreeze onto the ice sheet, but because of the conditions ahead of this summer’s heat wave, the amount of ice lost for good this year might be the same as in 2012 or more, according to scientists.

    What do you think as the venerable climate scientist at the Cat.

  15. Atoms for Peace

    I see dead people and on a good day, I see CO2.

  16. Bruce of Newcastle

    Massive Greenland ice melt after heat wave

    Bollocks JC.

  17. Geriatric Mayfly

    Massive Greenland ice melt after heat wave.

    It must be a heat vortex.

  18. Bruce of Newcastle

    I see dead people and on a good day, I see CO2.

    You must be a lefty then Atoms.

    Kristen Stewart Says She Talks to Ghosts: ‘There Is an Energy That I’m Really Sensitive To’ (30 July)

    “I talk to them,” Stewart, 29, said of ghosts. “If I’m in a weird, small town, making a movie, and I’m in a strange apartment, I will literally be like, ‘No, please, I cannot deal. Anyone else, but it cannot be me.’ Who knows what ghosts are, but there is an energy that I’m really sensitive to. Not just with ghosts, but with people. People stain rooms all the time.”

    Well yes, they do. You should stop staying in seedy hotel rooms lady. Bodily fluids and all that.

  19. Frank Walker from National Tiles


    Are Men Intimidated by Highly Educated Women? Undercover on Tinder

    Never Mind I’ll Find Someone Like Me: Assortative Mating Preferences on Tinder

    What Makes You Swipe Right? Attractiveness, Personality, and Tinder Success

  20. Arky

    Who knows what ghosts are, but there is an energy that I’m really sensitive to.

    Ghosts are real.
    I was attacked by one.
    Don’t knock it if you haven’t experienced it. There is weird shit abundant in this world.

  21. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    It’s amazing how many tarts you’ve just met suddenly want to go on overseas holidays with you if they think they’ve found out you’re a bit comfortable.

    Or suddenly start hinting about moving in…

  22. Knuckle Dragger

    Todd Woodbridge hosting the criggit, fresh from plastic surgery and media classes apparently hosted by Andrew O’Keefe.

    Lenny Pascoe and Funky Miller were unavailable, obviously.

  23. Knuckle Dragger



    I was also going to say invited on a cruise but I don’t want to scare Pedro away.

  24. Top Ender

    Hill? Hill? Who mentioned young Benjamin?

  25. Black Ball

    And the circle jerk commences with Shaun Burgoyne. Bruuuuuce leading the way of course.

  26. Black Ball

    What the actual fuck Dragger? Woodbridge fronting the cricket?

  27. Atoms for Peace

    Bruce, I am more focused on the .23 mm ocean level rise with the Greenland melt. .23 mm , for Democrat greenie liberals is a Viagra measurement. For the rest of us, it means the end of our dicks get wet. It’s a Cochrane study.

  28. Knuckle Dragger



    Apparently England’s 3-2 up in the second set after a tiebreaker.

  29. Bruce of Newcastle

    Ah I see Dot has discovered Tinder.
    Hopefully by the time he has discovered Grindr he will be fluent in Chinese.

    Chinese parent company of gay dating app Grindr plans to list after US drops opposition (30 July)

    What is the word for “qwerty” in Mandarin?

  30. Leigh Lowe

    Black Ball

    #3121673, posted on August 2, 2019 at 7:37 pm

    What the actual fuck Dragger? Woodbridge fronting the cricket?

    Didn’t know who it was at first.
    But it was obvious he knew fuck-all about cricket.

  31. Black Ball

    Well eye for an eye. Get Warnie to front the tennis coverage, although keep him away from the likes of Wozniacki and Bouchard. Might get awkward

  32. mh

    I’m seeing a pattern

    German City Rocked After Kazakh Man Hacked to Death by Syrian Migrant in Broad Daylight


  33. Roger

    Kristen Stewart Says She Talks to Ghosts: ‘There Is an Energy That I’m Really Sensitive To

    Is this another Democrat presidential candidate I’ve never heard of?

  34. Leigh Lowe

    Woodbridge is a late replacement.
    Peter McNamara is unavailable and Mark Phillipousis isn’t returning calls.

  35. Atoms for Peace

    Z2KA..the smart ones troll ATMs for discarded balance receipts

  36. Bruce of Newcastle

    Roger, she is a very famous Hollywood actress…

  37. Leigh Lowe

    What is the word for “qwerty” in Mandarin?

    Re-education camp.

  38. Isumbras

    Infidel Tiger
    #3121231, posted on August 2, 2019 at 10:15 am
    If you want to see cheating st sport at its zenith, watch an All Blacks match.

    Yes, however their ability in this area has gone downhill since Sir Richie retired his Cloak of Invisibility.

    Perhaps if McCaw had spent more time chained to a Blue Gum fracking on about G ay Marriage he would have been more acceptable rather than his horrible habit of playing to the edge of the rules at high speed

    In 3 weeks I have 3 days to attempt to teach 2 Australian nephews and 1 niece to ski… they’re all sporty kids, so that’s good… and they’re half Kiwi even if they don’t like to admit it, so that will help…. but I’m pondering – the Wallabies have been playing rugby for almost 100 years and the backline still hasn’t grasped the concept of being offside… I’m concerned that the chances of moving beyond the snow plough over 3 days are slim.

  39. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Z2KA..the smart ones troll ATMs for discarded balance receipts

    That’s a piece of information I didn’t need to know..

  40. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    How do you measure a 23 millimetre sea level rise with instruments with a stated accuracy of plus or minus ten CENTimetres?

  41. cohenite

    What do you think as the venerable climate scientist at the Cat.

    What BoN said. In addition whatever ice loss is occurring is natural and due to cloud cover variation. Stop reading junk news outlets head prefect.

  42. Knuckle Dragger

    Peter, I’m surprised at you.

    You do the maths, and find the measurement that’s going to get you the most grant money and overseas junkets.

    And that’s the one you sign off on.

  43. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    Wasn’t Viner in England predicting the Greenland ice cap would be all melted away in twenty years, about the same time he was preaching that “in ten years children just won’t know what snow is”.

    Back in about 2008 IIRC.

  44. Roger

    Roger, she is a very famous Hollywood actress…

    That explains my ignorance.

  45. Knuckle Dragger

    Bancroft has yet to go under the lid at short leg. This is a captaincy dilemma.

    If he goes in, every time he goes near the pill let alone touches it the crowd roar will disintegrate the stands and be heard atop Mt Everest.

    If Paine keeps him away from the position and puts someone else in, or nobody, it tells the Barmy Army and the cricketing world he’s not to be trusted. What to do, what to do…….

    I know. Play Harris instead of Bancroft altogether. Bullet dodged.

    Oh wait.

  46. Frank Walker from National Tiles

    How can you not love this mad fucker?

    People forget that David once, perfectly straight-faced, cited the Carpenters as one of his major influences. Everyone thought he was kidding at the time, but nah, this is totally in-character for him.

  47. Roger

    Nein are saving money.

    They hired Woodbridge to do the tennis.

    Things aren’t what they used to be in FTA TV.

  48. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    Sorry Knuckles. I was forgetting the power of “consensus” science.

  49. P

    Former Award-Winning NOAA scientist Dr. Rex Fleming declares his climate dissent – Converted from warmist to skeptic – Reveals suppression: ‘I had to go to Europe to publish a paper’

  50. Black Ball

    Nah, put Shayna Jack at short leg.

  51. Old Lefty

    On the manufactured hoo ha about Folau’s cousin:

    What he did is equivalent to a Wanda’s employee saying ‘Qantas is a crap airline, the maintenance is bad, he service is terrible, the management are a pack of crooks and thugs, and you should all fly Virgin’s. I’d even defend the toxic leprechaun if he sacked someone for doing that.

    By contrast, Isi’s comments (which, by the way I think are wrong-headed) have nothing to do with his employment.

  52. Black Ball

    Marnus should be silent. Pattinson is a star.

  53. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Indigenous advocate tours Australia to tell ‘militant’ city activists their anti-racism campaigns ‘are doing more harm than good’ to remote Aboriginal communities

    Indigenous advocate tours 11 cities to help urban activists understand the bush
    Militant anti-racists are ‘dividing the disadvantaged from those who could help’
    Says: no more ‘Political Correctness’ and no more ‘Identity Politics’
    Wants practical help in education, land reform and domestic violence
    Remote indigenous people want to thrive in the modern world, not be left behind

    Daily Mail. Jacinta Price is going “on the road.”

  54. John Constantine

    Smith takes the chance.

  55. Knuckle Dragger

    CT Bancroft c Root b Broad 8 – CHEAT


    UT Khawaja c †Bairstow b Woakes 13 – RANATUNGA WITHOUT THE LEG SPEED


    TM Head lbw b Woakes 35 – KEEPER

    MS Wade lbw b Woakes 1 – KEEPER

    TD Paine (c) † c Burns b Broad 5 – KEEPER/CAPTAIN FOR NOW

    JL Pattinson lbw b Broad 0

    PJ Cummins lbw b Stokes 5

    PM Siddle c Buttler b Ali 44 – VEGAN

    NM Lyon not out 12

    Extras 15 (lb 13, w 2)
    TOTAL 284 all out (80.4 Overs, RR: 3.52)

    Not a lot of heavy lifting left. Pattinson and Cummins should be inflicting wedgies left right and centre.

    (h/tips John C and LL)

  56. Knuckle Dragger


    That’s Shane Jack now. In anything other than togs it looks very much like Hannah Mounsey.

  57. Frank

    That David Byrne vid above, would third generation violinists develop recessive chins?

  58. Black Ball

    Very much like your critique of Khawaja Knuckle Dragger. Succinct, accurate.

  59. Knuckle Dragger

    Can’t take that one BB. It’s all John Constantine, and rolled gold it is too.

    In relating that description to various people today, I forgot about that bit though.

  60. Black Ball

    Fine work John Constantine. Either way, perfect description. Has Alistair Cook retired or injured?

  61. Leigh Lowe

    Be handy if someone could bag that Cessna 172 with a shotty.

  62. Knuckle Dragger

    ‘bag the Cessna’

    Phil the Greek’s never around when you need him.

    Props to that man.

  63. Pedro the Ignorant

    This used to be a fun blog.

    Many witty and interesting people and yarns from all corners of Oz. Some sad, some plaintive, but mostly topical, relevant and humorous which usually prompted a lively and interesting conversation that often sailed off into strange and unexplored aspects of life, everywhere from inner city concrete jungles to remote cattle stations, from yesterday’s news to ancient history and all points in between.

    Then along came a troll with a set of numbers as his nick, dropping contrarian shit all over the place and sucking in the normally sane and witty people into engaging the fool.

    The obsessive and repetitive crap about evil “tory” governments enslaving him as a conscript 50 years ago became the overarching topic, hour after hour, day after day, ongoing for weeks that seems to be drawing into months now.

    Despite the oft aired posts and pleas to ignore the fuckwit, Cats continue to engage with the cackling old fool who is no doubt delighted that he has managed to destroy yet another supposed right wing blog. Catallaxy is not his first rodeo.

    Open Freds are now filled with ranting and angry bile filled responses to hand grenades thrown by the fuckwit to stir up those he considers to be conservative scumbags.

    Enough is enough.

    I might come back one day when that dickhead from Toowoomba has tired of his sport and the Cat returns to some semblance of its previous interesting and entertaining corner of the Interwebs.

    Night all.

  64. Leigh Lowe

    7:15 am during Ramadan.
    Khawaja to his mum, “When is it sunset, mum?”

  65. Rockdoctor

    FFS what sort of culture are we breeding in our sportsmen/women? Shayna Jack, you have been caught out inadvertently or not so just be a grown up & take it on the chin. Tip have a look at sandpaper boys who copped it & the ban, built a bridge even though in most of our opinions they got off light…

    I am a big believer in the saying life is tough, so what I’m alive. You learn strength through adversity and if you use this as an opportunity you will be better for it. My 2c worth that she will probably never see anyway…

  66. mh

    Titania McGrath
    Thrilled to see that the written part of the solicitors exam is to be replaced with multiple choice to support minority candidates.

    The assumption that ethnic people who want to work in law should be able to read and write is about as racist as it gets.

  67. Bruce of Newcastle

    Pedro – Every righty blog has one. Weird that. Almost like it has been arranged.

  68. Leigh Lowe

    I reckon Khawaja would have had a stash of Tim Tams under the pillow during Ramadan.

  69. Frank Walker from National Tiles

    Pedro the Ignorant
    #3121719, posted on August 2, 2019 at 8:51 pm

    This used to be a fun blog.


    What about the Mueller indictments!?

  70. Ellie

    I’m in an uber with Mohammed. What are the chances!

  71. Ellie

    I’m in an uber with M*hammed. What are the chances!

  72. Cardimona

    Not into marching against abortion holding a placars?
    That’s cool; I’m not either, plus I’m too far away from most places…

    But we could sign Barnaby Joyce’s petition and share the link widely.


    Human life is not just some property right.
    The indivisible right to life occurs long before birth. These rights should not be removed by Parliament.

    But this is the exact proposal put forward by activist MPs in the New South Wales Parliament.

    The extreme laws before the NSW Parliament will allow late term abortion.
    All life is sacred, particularly those of children. Our representatives should be protecting life, not sanctioning the opposite.

    But the New South Wales Parliament is trying to rush through radical abortion laws without proper consultation.

    The hour of birth is an arbitrary point in modern medicine, and as a society, we should cherish and hold true the protection of human life – particularly the most vulnerable. And the most vulnerable people in our society are the children that are unborn.

    Every life is a miracle. Every life is miraculous.
    The legislation put forward in the New South Wales Parliament is among the most extreme in the world.

    This debate cannot be rushed. This debate cannot be stifled.

    We, the undersigned, are urging the New South Wales Parliament to establish a Parliamentary Inquiry into the proposed abortion legislation – including consideration of adoption processes in New South Wales to reflect the realities of families and their individual circumstances – before putting it to a vote.

    Show your support for life by signing this petition.


  73. Cardimona

    Placars = placard

    keyboard dying…

  74. Black Ball

    Yes Bruce of Newcastle. You can’t tell me that the presence of numbers and others of his ilk is innocuous. Be plenty of background work to shut down the site. Including getting email addresses.

  75. Knuckle Dragger

    Asked in 1967 whether he would consider visiting the Soviet Union, Phil the Glik replied with:

    ‘I would very much like to, even though the bastards killed half my family.’

  76. MatrixTransform

    Don’t forget the Pakis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankan either. They all look the same, you know.

    lemme think … Sri, Yogesh, Upul, Prakash, Tunish, Jay … They all look like Cricket players

    Daisy, Chufan, Iori …all like ninjas

    Notaclue’s appeal to higher authority …the senior Law-ish, partner judge hero mate doesnt seem to wash.

    Exactly where are these Kolkata slum dwellings full of disheveled, desperate but brilliant sub-continentals Nota?

    Nota … you actually know or keep the company of any recent immigrants?

    I know a guy that flew helicopters in the Sri Lankan Army … and Im pretty confident that he’d say you were full o shit too.

    [email protected] of steel

  77. Knuckle Dragger

    Crying baby jeepers these umps are having a howler.

    Garry Lyon stiffed not having Burns given. Hawkeye says gorn.

    Lucky my phone’s charged.

  78. cohenite

    More joy from the world of RoP. The kraut street murder by a mentally disturbed (puke) RoP with a sword is graphic:


  79. Leigh Lowe


    #3121721, posted on August 2, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    FFS what sort of culture are we breeding in our sportsmen/women? Shayna Jack, you have been caught out inadvertently or not so just be a grown up & take it on the chin.

    But, but … muh dream.
    Really keen to see what sort of bullshit story she comes up with, and what sort of fall guy comes out of the woodwork.
    A body-builder at the gym who used to make the protein shakes after training sessions and got them mixed up?
    The good old Contador beef sandwich?

  80. Knuckle Dragger

    She’s gone to regroup Matrix.

    Didn’t like not having the CCFHMS sistaz yelling over her shoulder.

  81. Bruce in WA

    This used to be a fun blog.

    Indeed. As a group, we (and I include myself) seem more inclined to tear into each other over real or imagined slights. Much of the humour and the intelligent discourse seems to have vanished. I now consider, reconsider and then consider again before I post anything. There’s a much more adversarial air about the Cat than when I first joined. And to be honest, I think we are being goaded, provoked, into that response.

    Well, I’m going to do my level best to NOT be provoked into that response. This blog will only ever be what we let it be … and if we let someone taunt, tease and push us into a response that tears it down and ultimately destroys it … well, maybe we deserve that fate.

  82. MatrixTransform

    she’s off researching new opinions to have.

  83. JC

    #3121728, posted on August 2, 2019 at 8:59 pm
    I’m in an uber with M*hammed. What are the chances!

    Why did you get in the car if you’re asking such a question?

  84. Black Ball

    James Sicily a truly awful footballer.

  85. MatrixTransform

    Did i ever mention the 2x M*hammad that rented my Brunswick flat off me for a year?

    both master’s students … one a genuine Bedouin prince

    crazy bastards were dumbstruck when we had my 50th dress up as country and western.

    I made sure the Irish bastard came as a Mexican.


  86. Leigh Lowe

    James Sicily a truly awful footballer.

    Truly ordinary bloke.
    I have seen 50 metre penalties handed out for about 1/10 of the serve he gave the ump.

  87. zyconoclast

    Japan to strike South Korea off trusted export list as rift deepens

    The decision to strike South Korea off its so-called “white list” puts fresh trading restrictions on the country.

    South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday condemned Tokyo’s “selfish” act and threatened possible retaliation.

    The trade spat, which includes curbs on tech supplies, has sparked fears over risks to the global electronics sector.

    The escalating dispute has been fuelled by diplomatic tensions over compensation for wartime labour.

    Japan has said the measures are based on national security concerns, and also address Seoul’s inadequate export controls.

  88. zyconoclast

    AGL delays closure of Liddell power plant after battle with government

    AGL has delayed the closure of the Liddell coal-fired power plant in a bid to shore up grid reliability, while global mining giant Rio Tinto warns it might seek government intervention to keep its energy-intensive aluminium smelters viable.

    The AGL plant in NSW’s Hunter Valley was scheduled to end operations in 2022, taking 1680 megawatts out of the grid. AGL has come under intense pressure over the plan, with the government warning the company to renovate the plant or sell it to ensure ongoing energy reliability.

    On Friday, AGL announced it would push back the closure of the 50-year-old plant to 2023 to meet energy demands over the summer months.

    “AGL has today informed [the Australian Energy Market Operator] that the first unit at Liddell will close in April 2022,” the company said in a statement to the sharemarket.

    “However, following an independent engineering assessment, AGL has determined that the remaining three units will close in April 2023, supporting system reliability throughout the 2022-23 summer months.”

  89. Knuckle Dragger

    Ooshies are, apparently, some sort of plakky toy that you’d find in a McHappy Meal. Woollies flog them or give them away or something and there are several that are said to be quite rare and therefore valuable to Ooshie fans.

    Couple on the land in country Vic get hold of a super-rare Ooshie called Simba. Stamped 001.

    Decided to try and sell it for $5K to help them out on the farm with water. Advertised on FB, got offers from 20 cents to $25K.

    And then cut the Ooshie’s head off on the teev to teach ‘someone’ a lesson because cyberbullying. No specifics provided of same.

    As a species, we can no longer outsmart a lemming on a cliff.

  90. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    379 signatures already…

    You come across to me as an intelligent, switched on Lady Cat.
    That being the case, I suggest you have a good, long think about what you are supporting.
    Things are not always what they seem to be at first glance.

  91. Cardimona

    Peter, Barnaby’s petition against abortion is a bad thing?

    Please explain…?

    And if I’m a chick, you can wax my [email protected]

  92. Cardimona

    For those who don’t subscribe, Ed Berry,,,.


    According to simple physics and common sense, the percent of human CO2 in the atmosphere equals the percent of human CO2 in the inflow. It is like a recipe. What you put into a bowl is what is in the bowl.

    So, get your calculator and do the math. The total of 4.5 ppm per year and 98 ppm per year is 102.5 ppm per year inflow into the atmosphere. The human contribution is 4.5 divided by 102.5 or 4.4 percent. Therefore, the contribution of human CO2 to atmospheric CO2 is 0.044 times 410 ppm or 18 ppm.

    Therefore, reducing human CO2 emissions will not reduce atmospheric CO2 enough to make any difference in the climate. Alarmism is junk science. There is no climate emergency.

  93. mh

    Donald J. Trump
    Really bad news! The Baltimore house of Elijah Cummings was robbed. Too bad!

  94. Old School Conservative

    Knuckle Dragger, it’s time to let go.
    Smith, Bancroft and Warner have done their time. Lost their reputation permanently, their livelihood for 12 months, and suffered the indignities heaped on them by Australian fans and a PM.
    Now the Pom spectators are giving them curry, it is time to get behind our players to offset the nasty crowds in England.

  95. Knuckle Dragger

    Really, Zyco?

    A ‘suicide unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)’?


  96. zyconoclast

    Change in New York State law to usher in ‘tidal wave’ of child s3x abuse lawsuits

    On Aug. 14, the Child Victims Act takes effect, giving people one year to sue over allegations of sexual abuse, regardless of when they said it occurred.

    Under the law signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in February, New York has gone from one of the toughest states to bring a case because of its strict statute of limitations to one of the easiest, potentially unleashing decades of unresolved claims.

  97. Knuckle Dragger

    Sorry OSC.

    But as Rambo, John J. once opined, ‘you don’t just turn it off’.

    Bugger their reputations and their livelihoods. They should have thought of that before rubbing a brightly coloured sheet of sandpaper on a pill in front of millions of people, and then their spokesman said bad luck, we got pinged, now let’s move on.

    You might as well shoot a man’s dog or stack his ute.

    That trifecta of mongs should never be allowed near a cricket match anywhere in the world, at any level, for the rest of their lives, let alone participate in it, let alone paying their bills by doing it.

    The widely-held belief that left handers should also be banned, and that rangas should be banned is purely coincidental.

  98. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    Peter, Barnaby’s petition against abortion is a bad thing?

    Barnaby’s petition is NOT against abortion. It is against one specific aspect of abortion – late term abortion. This is a STATE matter. Barnaby is a FEDERAL politician. The FEDERAL Coalition has no say in what terms and limitations a STATE government can impose on abortions.

    Medicare funding however, is a FEDERAL matter. Any time it wants the FEDERAL Coalition can change the terms of Medicare funding for abortions.

    But it won’t.

    Understood in that light Barnaby Joyce is just doing what politicians always do – grandstanding for their own electoral benefit.

  99. mh

    KD is watching the cricket while wearing a Steve Smith cry mask.

  100. Knuckle Dragger

    Right now mh, I’m watching Norf hang on against Hawthorn. Tipping is 1/1.

    Factoid: James Sicily is related to David Warner.

    Well if he’s not, he should be.

  101. Infidel Tiger

    Any cricket person who is in up in arms about Bancroft, Warnwr and Smith has outed themselves as a complete numpty with zero appreciation of the game and its history.

    They did nothing wrong except get caught. If you don’t understand that, then you’re a sad person with no idea and have outed yourself as a pretender.

  102. Black Ball

    Shaun Higgins a jet. Largely forgettable match, Malcolm Blight could kick 15 against these minds.

  103. Cardimona

    Peter, respect, man; but seriously?
    That’s it?
    He ain’t doing it right?
    You’re kidding, aren’t you?
    WTF is any other conservative polliemuppet doing about it?
    Don’t you think this “not in my purview” [email protected] has gone too far?
    If it’s wrong, it’s wrong, Pete.
    Doesn’t matter if any given polliemuppet’s technique doesn’t score a bank of cards reading “10”.
    What matters is that they fight.
    Even a few bullets flying toward the enemy is better than sticking one’s butt in the air in abject surrender. And I’ll bet you my entire fortune that Barny is against abortion – and I’ll even raise you the kids that prove it.
    FFS, man, I’m here as a student.
    Don’t force me to educate you.

  104. Black Ball

    FMD Tiger. Wouldn’t have given 2 fucks if the flogs were never to play cricket again. They have served their ban, doesn’t mean they are immune from slagging.

  105. Knuckle Dragger

    Oh I understand, IT. I got it reeeeal good.

    A goodly portion of my enduring rage is that the mongo triplets were stupid enough to try such a blatant method in front of millions when they knew they were in the frame for something from the Saffie cameras, combined with the untold arrogance that they expected to be given a pat on the head and asked not to do it again when the inevitable happened and they were busted.

    Endless bags of big old multi-flavoured dicks await their stomachs.

  106. mh

    David Lloyd telling Mark Taylor that the stumps now are total bullshit. Says the grooves are too deep.

    Root’s off stump got hit high up yet the bail didn’t budge. Taylor says the stumps now have to be firmer in the ground due to the technology in the stump, like the stump microphone.

  107. Bruce in WA

    As much as we don’t want to, we will grow old.

    I’m riding our motorbike across Australia one more time before I sell it …

  108. Bruce in WA

    Without comment …

  109. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    As much as we don’t want to, we will grow old.

    I used to spend my money on whisky, gambling, fast cars and attempting to seduce young ladies in nightclubs.

    I now spend my money on comfortable walking shoes, anti arthritis medication, scratch resistant reading glasses and private health cover. There’s been a change, somewhere along the line..

  110. Bruce in WA

    The ad that should only ever be shown in full …

  111. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault


    I’m not stating a personal opinion. People have been fighting against Medicare funding for all abortions almost for as long as there has been a Medicare. It has been presented to Parliament many times by Independents and representatives of small parties.

    EVERY time, regardless of which party is in government, and which is in opposition, the Coalition and Labor have joined forces to defeat the proposed legislation. I’ll stand corrected, but I’m pretty sure that includes Barnaby Joyce when the Coalition were in opposition.

    The precedent already exists for limiting Medicare funding, and several avenues are available. For instance a woman could be limited to ONE only abortion claim on Medicare. Such a precedent already exists elsewhere eg – aids to quit smoking. Or the Commonwealth could limit funding to abortions performed in the first twelve weeks. If you want an abortion after that, you pay for it yourself.

  112. Bruce in WA

    I used to spend my money on whisky, gambling, fast cars and attempting to seduce young ladies in nightclubs.

    Yeah, me too.

    I wasted the rest!

  113. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Don’t normally go much on tribute bands, but this is one of the bettr ones.

  114. Bruce in WA

    It took three months to produce, though pieces had been used in a large number of other projects prior to Gorilla. The “fur” of the suit is composed of knotted yak hairs. The exposed facial features are silicone, and are moved animatronically, through 27 remote-controlled motors and several levers. Two technicians were needed, in addition to the actor inside the suit, to produce the range of motions displayed in the commercial. The suit was cooled by ice-water tubing and a handheld fan pointed at the mouth between takes. While much of the suit had existed prior to the project, several adaptations were made, including custom-made hands for the drum sequence, foam muscle around the chest and shoulders, a new styling for the pelt, and the addition of a gold tooth, grey hairs, and a studio earpiece to give a more “wizened rock star” appearance.[15]

    Shooting took place over several days at Music Bank, the famous rehearsal studios in London. Actor Michael spent forty hours practising the drumming beforehand, but with vision inside the suit limited to a camera feed piped to a small screen inside the head, precision was almost impossible. Many takes ended with the wooden drum sticks broken against the rims, sending shards of wood flying off-camera. This, combined with the difficulty of choreographing the delicate movements of the gorilla head with Michael’s acting, meant that 35 takes were required to produce the final 90-second scene.[15]

  115. Leigh Lowe

    David Lloyd telling Mark Taylor that the stumps now are total bullshit. Says the grooves are too deep.

    Bails cast in lead.
    I’ve seen it happen a couple of times on the field. Funnily enough it seems if it clips near the top the bail has a better chance of staying on. The bail sort of gets compressed between off and middle and just stays there, but this one hit hard and the bail actually popped up.
    Once it happened when I was keeping and I tried to pinch the caught behind. Ump wasn’t having it and reckons it missed the lot. At the end of the over I showed him the tell-tale brush of red varnish on the pegs about an inch from the top.

  116. egg_

    saw an Indian bloke driving a car?

    Is “driving” the appropriate term to use in this instance?

    Usually results in skid marks – in one’s own attire.

  117. egg_

    Archer Danger Island has to be the best series yet.

  118. cohenite

    For those who don’t subscribe, Ed Berry,,,.


    The only issue I have with Ed’s in and out analogy is that he overestimates the human contribution of CO2: from the EIA:


    The human contribution is not 4.4% but 2.9% which translates to not 18ppm but to 12ppm.

  119. mh

    US job growth remains steady in July with 164,000 added

    U.S. employers added 164,000 jobs in July, right in line with Wall Street’s expectations — a fairly unnoteworthy number, but evidence that the record-long economic expansion is continuing to chug along at a healthy pace.

    The unemployment rate remained steady at 3.7 percent, while the labor force participation rate was also little unchanged at 63 percent. Average hourly earnings, meanwhile, rose by 8 cents to $27.98. Over the year, average hourly earnings have increased by 3.1 percent, slightly beating expectations of 3.2 percent growth….

  120. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    I used to spend my money on whisky, gambling, fast cars and attempting to seduce young ladies in nightclubs.

    Yeah, me too.

    I wasted the rest!

    What was the nightclub on Wellington street, next to the big Telecom building, and across the road from the entertainment centre? They used to have amateur strip nights there, which the Perth coppers had banned as obscene? The bouncers there beat up two cops, in uniform, on the beat, and the Commissioner of Police was supposed to have personally led the raid that had them nearly closed down?

  121. Knuckle Dragger

    Jesus wept.

    Aleem Dar cocks up again. There are undiscovered ape creatures in Brazil that pricked their ears up at the sound of Root’s inside edge onto the pad.

  122. johanna

    More lying from the dementedly TDS ABC here:

    Donald Trump says Baltimore is ‘rat and rodent infested’ but his White House may be far worse

    Yup, the headline says that the White House is worse than the slums of Baltimore.

    Except, the article doesn’t say that. It says that the Washington DC area (mostly black, run by Democrats) has a serious rat problem. That’s probably true, but nothing to do with Trump or the White House. And, it says that:

    According to a 1990 report in the Houston Post, a rat swam past first lady Barbara Bush in the White House pool. It was then drowned by the President George HW Bush.

    Jimmy Carter was reportedly upset by the stench when rodents died and decayed in the walls.

    Note that these ancient ‘reports’ are unverified, and even if they were true, they have nothing to do with Trump. Oh, and a reporter says he saw a rat in the grounds once.

    Gosh, Baltimore is looking like Singapore compared to Trump’s White House, which according to TheirABC, ‘may be far worse.’

  123. JC

    Only 3% of Total Annual Emissions of CO2 are actually created by Human Activity, which comprise 1/400th of a percentage point of the annual Global Increase in atmospheric CO2

    3% on a day in a stock is a decent move. What’s your point, Cronkite? That information is useless to inform us what is the impact of the extra gas in the atmosphere. This is a version of the useless plant food argument – that because c02 feeds plants more of it is good. Well, water is also plant food and too much drowns a plant. I don’t supports any alarmist position, but these arguments are stupido. Seriously, just silence from you would be good.

  124. Cardimona

    If you want an abortion after that, you pay for it yourself.

    If you are caught trying to kill a human being in utero you are taken into protective custody until the child is safely delivered.
    Then you are billed for your care.
    And the child is adopted out to a loving family.
    This ain’t rocket science.
    It’s basic humanity.

  125. Zyconoclast

    Hugh Jackman was spotted emerging from a gym in Sydney on Friday, following what appeared to have been a strenuous workout.

    The 50-year-old Hollywood actor was accompanied by his longtime personal trainer, Michael Ryan, with both men appearing sweaty and flushed following their session.

    But despite his undoubtedly gruelling workout, Hugh was all smiles as left the gym, clutching his phone and a beach towel under one arm

  126. mh

    According to pest control company Orkin, DC is the fourth “rattiest” area in America, beaten only by the more-populated Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

    The ABC lifted that from Breitbart, but have tried to spin it. In a very low IQ manner.

    DC is a Democratic city, the Republican vote is tiny.

  127. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    Now you’re splitting hairs, Cardimona..

    The point is, there are many, many ways the Federal government can seriously curtail the number of abortions. What Barnaby is doing isn’t one of them. It’s political grandstanding to make Barnaby look good to people like yourself, without actually committing him to any action whatsoever.

  128. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Fix it or we’ll throw Constitution into sea: Galarrwuy ­Yunupingu

    Paige Taylor
    An hour ago August 2, 2019

    One of Australia’s most respected Aboriginal leaders, Galarrwuy ­Yunupingu, has made what he ­describes as a final demand for substantive constitutional reforms, threatening that the Yolngu people of Arnhem Land will throw the nation’s founding document into the sea if change does not come soon.

    In a strident speech to open the Garma festival on Aboriginal land in the far northeast corner of the Northern Territory late yesterday, Dr Yunupingu issued his warning directly to the face of Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt, who was in the front row of the audience. The two men were facing each other and seated almost knee to knee — Dr Yunupingu in his wheelchair — when the Yolngu leader said, “Enough is enough”.

    “We are thinking of our Constitution, how we can change it and make it a real law for Yolngu people as well as Balanda (non-­indigenous) people,” he said.

    “We are doing that, asking for the rights to be accepted by the commonwealth government and by everybody else.”

    Dr Yunupingu’s father, Mungurrawuy, was one of the painters of the 1963 Yirrkala bark petitions protesting the loss of land — also known as the Bark Treaty — that hang in Parliament House and are regarded as a form of title.

    Yesterday, Dr Yunupingu said the Constitution rejected his people. He told the crowd at the annual celebration of indigenous culture that Mr Wyatt had agreed to tell the government what his people wanted.

    “If they don’t come to us with an answer, we will tell you what we going to do, what the Yolngu people going to do,” he said.

    “We will dismiss the Constitution … we thrown it out of Australia into the saltwater,” he said.

    “It will be wonderful. The Yolngu people will stand on the land and see if that document will float away into the ocean. That’s what is going to happen.”

    From the Oz.

  129. JC

    The rats in Baltimore argument is a little silly. The upper east side of Manhattan is loaded with the fuckers. You can’t get rid of them. US$50 million brownstones have rat problems. I saw a little fucker making its way into the innards of an expensive Brownstone in the 70s one evening on the way home.

    The problem with Baltimore is that it has two kinds of rats. The rodent little fuckers and the human variety in the form of D’rats.

  130. twostix

    Degenerate Romans engaged in casual infactinicde, they only didn’t do “late term abortion” because they didn’t have the ability to kill a baby half way out of the womb, and (this is the incredible bit – considering the degeneracy of the time) the mental gymanstics to have a man kill the child as its half way out of the womb and label that act as not killing a baby because its feet are still in the vag.

    That’s a new level of degeneracy. Congatulations millenium US Empire peoples, in 1000 years people will have morality tales warning of their people sinking to the degenerate level of us.

  131. cohenite

    3% on a day in a stock is a decent move. What’s your point, Cronkite?

    Stick to the stocks head prefect. If humans are only responsible for 2.9% of the increase in CO2 it doesn’t matter if CO2 does control climate because humans don’t control CO2. Now put up some real estate porn.

  132. mh

    Wasn’t Bruce Springsteen always singing about Baltimore?

    I bet he doesn’t live there.

  133. Zyconoclast

    Stimpson J. Cat
    #3121807, posted on August 2, 2019 at 11:10 pm
    I have to say, I really feel like a Whopper now.
    I hope we get these Burger King/Hungry Jack’s ads here.
    IT you will love this.

    Burgers for buggery.
    Makes sense to me.

  134. JC

    Cronkite, you moron, the additional amount of C02 humans have pushed into the atmosphere is totally unpersuasive for the reasons I explained. The argument to use against the alarmists is that every single prediction they have made about gerbiling is wrong as their predictive models are next to useless.

    Stop babbling about c02 being plant food or variations of that stoopid argument.

    Now put up some real estate porn.

    I haven’t seen anything that looks interesting, but how about you giving us some some of your Islam obsession.

  135. twostix

    Notafan is 100% correct about Indians in Canberra.

    The Stanhope government sent squads into India telling them Canberra and its institutions of learning were open for $$$$ (permanent residency shortcut) business.

    The result is a ridiculous number of Indians in Canberra and certain departments being absolutely stacked with foreign nationals who hold plastic Australian “permaneny residency”.

    Even the most spas libertarian must concede it cannot be good with departments of the national government is overrun by one particular newly arrived foreign group.

  136. JC

    Cronkite, you moron, the additional amount of C02 humans have pushed into the atmosphere is totally unpersuasive for the reasons I explained. The argument to use against the alarmists is that every single prediction they have made about gerbiling is wrong as their predictive models are next to useless.

    Stop babbling about c02 being plant food or variations of that stoopid argument.

    Now put up some real estate porn.

    I haven’t seen anything that looks interesting, but how about you giving us some some of your Iz lam obsession.

  137. JC

    I bet it’s because of you we can no longer use word “iz lam”, you obsessed fruitcake.

  138. Cardimona

    Now you’re splitting hairs, Cardimona..

    Pete, name another pollie-muppet who’s lifted a finger in defence of the unborn since this story broke.
    If Barnaby needs publicity it’s because he was forced out of his duly-earned DPM position for defending the life of an unborn baby*.
    Does that provide the needed balance?

    * A brilliant little kid, by the way.

  139. jupes

    Know an area by its dogs:

    Small cute lapdogs = safe, crime free, inner city area.

    Larger good-natured, well cared for dogs = safe, crime free, suburban area.

    Mean but well cared for dogs = crime ridden area.

    Badly cared for mongrels = crime and poverty ridden shitholes

    Working dogs = rural areas.

  140. Top Ender

    The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been CANCELLED…

    On deployment into the Middle East the TV service was crap.

    But we could get the Fashion Channel.

    And about twice a week there was the lingerie show.

    Crowded TV rooms, even on Near Beer.

    Good times.

  141. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    Fair enough Cardimona.

    Barnaby is a great guy and we’ll just ignore the fact that, despite all the posturing, Barnaby’s Coalition government will go on funding NSW late term abortions no matter how “late” they legislate for.

    They’ll go on funding it because . . . well because . . . because something.
    Whatever that “something” is Barnaby will support it in Parliament because . . . because . . . well because barnaby is a great guy and a straight shooter.

    Oh, and he’s got a really cute little kid.

    I’m going to bed.

  142. JC


    Victoria has a secret fashion show?

  143. Lazlo

    Trying to understand your strong feelings JC.

    So, from a scientific rationalist point of view, I would agree that it is ridiculous to assert that the amount of CO2 humans are emitting can have any discernible effect on climate.

    You seem to be saying though that, in the court of public opinion, the argument is best won by highlighting ridiculous, falsified doomsayer predictions.

    Both points of view are reasonable.

  144. Overburdened

    Not fair why don’t I have groupies?

    The only groupies here a similar to the groupies at Dean’s pad inBlue Velvet.

  145. Frank Walker from National Tiles

    The Stanhope government sent squads into India telling them Canberra and its institutions of learning were open for $$$$ (permanent residency shortcut) business.

    That’s pretty dumb, so how did they end up in the APS?

    I go to Canberra a few times a year and I see whites and Chinese, and (some) Indians.

    What departments do they work in? If they’ve got bullshit degrees, then they’re not going to get a job with CSIRO or the AG (hopefully).

  146. max

    Beat-up little seagull
    On a marble stair
    Tryin’ to find the ocean
    Lookin’ everywhere
    Hard times in the city
    In a hard town by the sea
    Ain’t nowhere to run to
    There ain’t nothin’ here for free
    Waiting for a train
    Drunk lying on the sidewalk
    Sleeping in the rain
    And the people hide their faces
    And they hide their eyes
    Cause the city’s dyin’
    And they don’t know why
    Oh, Baltimore
    Ain’t it hard just to live?
    Oh, Baltimore
    Ain’t it hard just to live?
    Just to live
    Get my sister Sandy
    And my little brother Ray
    Buy a big old wagon
    To haul us all away
    Live out in the country
    Where the mountain’s high
    Never gonna come back here
    Till the day I die
    Oh, Baltimore
    Ain’t it hard just to live?
    Oh, Baltimore
    Ain’t it hard just to live?
    Just to live

    Songwriters: Randy Newman

  147. Frank Walker from National Tiles

    Yes Laslo that’s why the warmies don’t have me worried. They’ve got until 2030 for stuff to turn south very quickly.

    Forget doomsday predictions, they’ll be 35-40 years into the mythos with nothing happening, along with 25 years of intense lobbying for OPM.

  148. Top Ender

    Apparently Tony Abbott is about to be asked to fill a vacancy in the AWM management board…

  149. Lazlo

    Missing doomsday predictions has never stopped them Frank. Ehrlich had us all dead by 2000. He is now a member of the Royal Society.

  150. JC


    The argument that because the human addition to co2 in the atmosphere is so little and therefore cannot impact climate has no persuasive force. Zero. That’s because the thing that could through people’s minds is the question of potency. We don’t know if 3% is potent or not.

    What we do know and what people would be persuaded by are two things.

    1. Gerbil warming models have been useless.
    2. There maybe serious fraud in the temp record.

  151. egg_

    Hugh Jackman was spotted emerging from a gym in Sydney on Friday, following what appeared to have been a strenuous workout.

    The 50-year-old Hollywood actor was accompanied by his longtime personal trainer, Michael Ryan, with both men appearing sweaty and flushed following their session.

    Who brought the gerbils?

  152. Overburdened

    When I first started surfing aged 12, my mate Deano (RIP) and I dragged 10’ double Enders down the beach in winter.

    I have said this before and I apologise.

    The point is that the only thing on the beach that miserable day was a seagull and I called him Salty and told Deano that he would be my pet forever.

    It would be good to be able to post pics I have taken of Salty, loyally turning up at locations all over Oz and throughout the world since that day he became my pet. I have a lot of pics and Salty is a champ.

    And I don’t have to feed, water or worm him; or throw a towel over his cage at night.

  153. Steve trickler

    It is a cycle that will never stop. Fascinating to watch.

    A couple off boomers in Indonesia. It’ll spread North.

  154. Frank Walker from National Tiles


    Check out human population correlated to/graphed against average temperatures.

    Coldness kills!

  155. Top Ender

    Only fair:

    A radicalised inmate who carved an Islamic State-inspired message into the forehead of his cellmate has been sentenced to 34 years in prison for the “hateful and cruel” attack.

    ABC link

  156. Lazlo

    I get all of that JC. I agonise, because this is the defining issue of our time – “climate change” is now the 21c internal contradiction of capitalism (in 20c it was the oppression of the working class) necessitating its overthrow.

    I understand the argument that the theoretical basis for the scam is unpersuasive and doesn’t cut mustard. I challenged Cory Bernardi on this in the halcyon days of the ACs. He said that he and Ian Plimer agreed that “someone had to die on the operating table” to reverse public opinion. On the other hand, many reasonably intelligent people understand that there have been ice ages and are suspicious of green alarmism.

    That said, disproving the models does persuade the person on the Clapham Omnibus, and pursuing the data adjusters must be pursued with zeal.

  157. Steve trickler

    Goolag at work.

  158. twostix

    That’s pretty dumb, so how did they end up in the APS?

    Jeesus dot you’re dim at times, First during the 2000’s they were handed jobs in the APS because Diversity, then in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s after reaching critical mass in the ACT they took over lots of teams in many depts because Indians unapologetically hire and promote other Indians.

    This stuff isn’t hard, dot.

  159. twostix

    I get the distinct feeling that Drudge is a Never Trumper.

    Too bad, the sweeping away of the old order means that old conservative icons of that era go too.

  160. Steve trickler

    Absolutely astonishing watching real time censorship.Dutch live feed pulled by Goolag.

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