PDT the day after the second Democrat debate

The greatest political orator of our time. Not a dead spot anywhere. PDT arrives around 53 minute in.

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  1. Tim Neilson

    Has m0nty been on this site since Mueller’s Congressional testimony?

  2. Karabar

    No Monty but Iamrichardcranium shows up quite regularly.

  3. Frank Walker from National Tiles

    #2778943, posted on August 2, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    You reckon Trump is a Crime Lord (TM) who acts like “The Commission” of “dis ting, we have”?

    Trump Tower is a cesspool of mobsters. US banks barred him years ago, he turned to the Russians for funding. It may be hard for you to believe Dot, but it has all happened before with Nixon. Yes, presidents can orchestrate crime syndicates.

    #2778965, posted on August 2, 2018 at 12:58 pm

    Okay, please outline what Trump has done as a mobster and not as a victim of extortion and racketeering, but also what Nixon did beyond Watergate (which involved a lot of civil servants as well who were involved in government criminality such as MK Ultra).

    Victim LOL. Yeah right, Nixon was a victim too. They’re all victims.

    At least now you lot are admitting there were crimes. You’ve moved on from the “nothingburger” talking point and now it’s all about Trump as a poor innocent bystander. This will last about as long as it takes for the evidence to come out that Trump knew all about it from the beginning, and encouraged it.

    #2778982, posted on August 2, 2018 at 1:13 pm

    The point was that Nixon was involved, literally with what would be called “deep staters”.

    This is incorrect. There were no serving agents of the FBI, NSA or any of those organisations convicted over Watergate. The criminals were all political appointees or operatives from the Republican Party, not public servants. Howard Hunt and James McCord were ex-CIA but acted privately, not as part of the state.

    What organised crime activities has Trump been involved with?

    I look forward to finding out in the coming months as Mueller rolls out the indictments! What fun.

  4. Tom

    Blind Freddy could tell you the Democratic Party has already ceded the 2020 election to Trump. There’s no way back before November next year from the electoral madness that has gripped the DNC, which is heading for a generation in the wilderness. Democracy’s a real bitch if you don’t want to play by the long-established rule that Middle America decides these things.

  5. Zatara

    Anyone else notice that not a whisper was heard in the Dem debate tonight about Russian collusion, Mueller, etc.? Last debate they couldn’t go 2 minutes without mentioning it.

    Perhaps the light suddenly came on and they realized that disgusting political sham is rebounding onto them with the voters.

  6. a happy little debunker

    When all the relevant ‘talking points’ are Republican ‘talking points’ & the Democrats refuse to discuss those ‘talking points’ – then the Democrats have declared themselves irrelevant.

  7. Mother Lode

    You know, I begin to think that the outraged journalists, all the bumbling Democrats, all the gravitas craving foreign dignitaries, and all the preposterous celebrities are all just collateral damage of a single campaign Trump is prosecuting dedicated to simply embarrassing Monty.

  8. Dr Fred Lenin

    The media ,the socialist billionaires ,holywood muppets and interlekchools are blissfully unaware of the dammage their unquestioning lying support for global communist fascists in the decrorats is doing to the US opposition party , the fracturing of multiple can DUD ates shows the party aparat has lost control ,just remember the way the squashed the communist sanders against the criminal clinton ,he dropped out so quick;y it looked like they had the goods on his past crimes . Its going to take years to rebuild this shambles of self seeking muffins into a proper opposition party . Our own beloved political leadership is just as disengaged from reality ,a total purge is needed a sort of Ausexit party to drain the swamp, if we dont we are bloody doomed to a Venezuela future with our cities looking like Baltimore under the glorious socialist fascist globalists ,bought and paid for by soros and co.

  9. Percy Popinjay

    dedicated to simply embarrassing Monty

    Load, there are more profound factors in play here – the main being m0nty’s ability to influence the space time continuum in such a way that if he predicts a particular event or course of action, the exact opposite inevitably occurs.

  10. Rafe

    That is the Al Gore effect.

  11. Chris M

    Democrats are shrewd and in it for the long game – they know that middle class white voters are going extinct and being replaced with the blacks (those that escape being aborted and shot), Hispanics, Moslems and assorted other third world poor class welfare seeking immigrants.

    Trump just upended the board game and tipped the minority groups into play leaving the communist Demo’s scrabbling about and wailing. Soft coup failed, long term game is failing – will they turn violent now?

  12. Chris M:
    A bit late on that call, Chris.

  13. Chris M

    WS – yes indeed, but I was thinking more would they stoop to an assassination attempt? They would have to take out two people and even then the political backlash would likely be crushing and no guarantee of any Democrat victory.

    But they really hate him. Really really vehemently hate him.

  14. the not very bright Marcus

    How good is that guy … whilst being all sycophantic…We are lucky to witness such greatness ..

  15. tgs

    #3121506, posted on August 2, 2019 at 4:21 pm

    Steve, get a room.

    I know, right?

  16. Fat Tony

    #3121585, posted on August 2, 2019 at 5:19 pm
    That is the Al Gore effect.

    Perhaps it should be renamed the Monty-Gore Effect?

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