Jacinta Price on tour!

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price: Speaking tour of South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland: August and September 2019.

Entitled, ‘Mind the Gap – Bridging the Indigenous Divide,’ Ms. Price will explore and unpack the current divisions between Australia’s two cultures, focusing on the distractions that are preventing real change, whilst also posing potential solutions for a brighter future (for all).

Ms. Price will deliver a stimulating and exciting event, with a Q&A followed by a meet and greet for all ticket holders.


JACINTA PRICE ON TOUR MIND THE GAP – Bridging the Indigenous Divide

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, renowned indigenous Alice Springs’ town councillor and now Director of Indigenous Program at CIS, frequently comes under media fire for expressing her opinions. Citing offence caused to her fellow indigenous citizens, media criticise her bold opposition to moving Australia day to another date, and for her criticism of certain of her fellow Aboriginal/s (community members) who, she states spend too much time and energy in a state of perpetual aggrievement and victimhood, instead of confronting the real and critical issues facing the community.

The daughter of former CLP politician Bess Price, Jacinta brings over 20 years’ experience in delivering cross-cultural education. A multi-talented woman, she won the 2011 NAIDOC Awards Artist of the Year, her singing and her songs reflecting her life and that of her fellow indigenous Australians.

Following the wake of the growing ‘Change the Date’ movement, Jacinta will also address other divisive issues that distract from bridging the indigenous divide. But most importantly, she will portray her vision of what a connected future would bring in lieu of her unique and impressive insights on the Uluru Statement, the ‘Change the Date’ movement, and other indigenous issues that trap Australia’s most marginalized.

Aboriginal people are being told by those removed from traditional culture that assimilation is a dirty word and that being part of the mainstream is bad, while these same people take advantage of the modern world. It is the right of any human being to be able to be part of mainstream society and what it has to offer. JNP.

Jacinta Price Tour Schedule:
AUG 26th – Adelaide/ AUG 28th – Mildura / AUG 30th – Bendigo/ AUG 31st – Melbourne/ SEP 2nd – Albury-Wodonga/ SEP 3rd – Canberra/ SEP 7th – Sydney/ 9th – Newcastle/ SEP 10th – Coffs Harbour / SEP 12th – Brisbane/ SEP 13th – Toowoomba.

Brought to you by True Arrow Events, founded in 2017 with Dr. Jordan Peterson on his first speaking tour to Australia.


Our vision: “To spark debate on tough, contemporary issues in order to facilitate meaningful, effective outcomes!”


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  1. mem

    I like to think that we are all one and that separate representation will create more problems for all of us. I hope this is the message. Good luck Jacinta!

  2. Cumborah Kid

    Is she not coming to Western Australia??

  3. a reader

    Wish I could go but alas I’ll be overseas. Bugger

  4. Dianeh

    Already booked my ticket.

  5. Ken

    What about including Perth in your itinerary, I would love to hear you speak

  6. Beertruk

    I am going to her turnout in Toowoomba on the 13th Sep.

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