The deep roots of Extinction Rebellion

Climategate all over again.

From the “A miracle has occurred” department. It appears that the same people who are dumb enough to glue themselves to pavement to protest climate, apparently have no clue about online security of their own organization.

From what has been discovered so far, it seems they ran their entire worldwide organization online, but apparently left all the document security settings “public”, so anyone can read them. The XR group seems completely oblivious to the fact that hundreds of their most secret internal documents are readable by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Almost ten years ago, we had Climategate, in which scientists were found to be playing fast and loose with data and techniques to achieve desired results in climate science. Now, it’s the activists turn with ‘XRGate’.

XR is mostly UK based, and UK journos have been looking at the publicly accessible documents. James Delingpole and Paul Homewood of the UK both have done investigative work. Excerpts of both articles they have written today are below.

Major donors are said to include Vivienne Westwood’s son Joe Corre (the saucy underwear and dildo tycoon, worth $48 million); the European Climate Foundation (which funnels money from far-left American philanthropic foundations to European climate projects); Greenpeace; the far-left Tides Foundation; and a little known Swiss asset management company, called Furka Holdings, founded by a banker with Russian links, which gave £50,000.

Here are some of things that the eco-fascist protest group has achieved for its sponsors so far:

Prevented a man from saying goodbye to his dying father because their roadblock prevented him getting to hospital in time.
Exposed the police to ridicule after one officer was filmed skateboarding to show how down with the green kidz he was during a protest at which Extinction Rebellion had blocked an entire London bridge by turning it into a mini-Glastonbury.
Cost the taxpayer at least£16 million for extra policing, plus untold millions more for the cost of dealing with the 1200 Extinction Rebellion activists arrested in 11 days of protests.
Threatened to ruin the summer holidays of thousands of travellers with a plan (happily nixed) to use drones to shut down Heathrow Airport.
Cost London businesses upwards of £12 million in lost revenues.

Short of actually killing someone – they claim to be non-violent, though let’s see how long that one lasts – it’s hard to imagine what Extinction Rebellion could do that they haven’t done already to show what very nasty pieces of work they are.

So why would anyone wish to give such a wickedly unpleasant organisation money?

One reason, perhaps, is the gulf between how Extinction Rebellion presents its aims publicly and what it actually believes privately.

As was noted in a recent report by Richard Walton – former head of the Metropolitan Police’s Counter-Terrorism Command – Extinction Rebellion is a hard-left extremist organisation with anti-Semitic associations.

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10 Responses to The deep roots of Extinction Rebellion

  1. stackja

    Typical leftists going by a new name. CND only wanted unilateral Western disarmament. Who knew?

  2. Roger

    Extinction Rebellion is a hard-left extremist organisation with anti-Semitic associations.

    I trust QPOL, who made no arrests in their first encounter with this group, have learned their lesson.

  3. Notice how all of these groups seem to only to be active in Western countries?

  4. Karabar

    There is only one reason George Sore Ass gave them an undisclosed amount.

  5. Karabar

    This is one of their three “aims”.
    “To build structure, community and test prototypes in preparation for the coming structural collapse of the regimes of western “democracies” – now seen as inevitable due to stored up crisis. Thus preparing a foundation to transform society and resist fascism / other extremes. This includes creating Rising from the Wreckage- a Citizens Assembly based on sortition”

  6. Lee

    I saw a British guy from Extinction Rebellion being interviewed on UK TV, via YouTube, very recently.
    His sneering, patronizing “I know what’s best for the planet, and I don’t care what any dissenters thinks” attitude was extremely insufferable – perhaps the worst I have ever seen.
    No wonder the host had no time for him.

  7. yarpos

    Odd they dont get invoiced/sued for the costs they generate, if the disruption is so clearly identifiable as theirs. You would think someone would go them. I thought it was funny they attacked the Drax HQ with their stupid antics only to find they had the wrong address. Not the sharpest knives in the draw it seems….if you can say that in the UK these days.

  8. Politenessman

    Of course they will go violent, they are so extreme they will get little popular support and in their eyes they are saving the planet – the omelette will get made regardless of the price.

  9. Odd they dont get invoiced/sued for the costs they generate…

    They never do. Remember the Leftist assaults when it came to conservative speaker events in Melbourne. The organisers of the events were billed by Victoria Police for protection money. The protesters get a free ride to create mayhem while innocent folk have to foot the bill. I think the event organisers did tell Victoria Police to get stuffed.

  10. Benused:

    I think the event organisers did tell Victoria Police to get stuffed.

    Yes, the courts told Vicpol to do the same.
    Sounds like the Judges Union wants to distance itself from the Police Union.

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