One video worth a million blog posts

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32 Responses to One video worth a million blog posts

  1. Rebel with cause

    When the revolution comes there will be jazz hands.

  2. Bronson

    Couldn’t organise a pissup in a brewery.

  3. BoyfromTottenham

    Well, there is obviously no need for me to waste any time worrying about these folk disrupting the USA. Back to sleep for me…

  4. stackja

    Chattering class language?

  5. Ben

    Defeat capitalism
    Gender pronouns
    Gendered language

    The “chatter hurts my brain” guy made the critical error of addressing the room as “guys”.


  6. wal1957

    You know it makes sense…’comrade’!

    These people should never have been let out of the asylum!

  7. The Addam’s Family with Cousin Itt, was ahead of its time.

  8. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    All those earnest little snowflakes…

  9. Jim Rose

    ?Oscar Wilde was right! Socialism takes up too many evenings.

  10. Enoch Root

    My gosh. Do these people want to win any elections?
    On the other hand: PDT might be laughing out loud!

  11. a happy little debunker

    All those earnest little snowflakes…

    No wonder they are so concerned about a bit of global warming

  12. feelthebern

    Those requests were very reasonable…

    @sarc off now

  13. Robbo

    Now I’ve seen everything. A room full of raving ratbags who want to defeat capitalism and the first two questions that wanky woman got where about “please keep the chatting down because it disturbs me” and ‘ “ do not use gender specific language”. I reckon they all wank themselves with two hands because you cannot get that stupid wanking with one hand.

  14. Dr Fred Lenin

    These are the potential ieaders of the new workers revolution even though there are no workers there , socialism has never been tried before ,welll! not since 1917, lasted 70 years then expired with a whimper ,still it will work this time ,right? Wonder if soros and the kock brothers are funding them ? That meeting would have cost a few bucks ?
    Reminds me of V Lenin when the bolsheviks took over Russia , someone noticed there was not one Real Worker amongst the whole praesidium , after much searching one was found from the ranks ,he had been a foundry worker at Putilov , St Petersburg , I cant remember his name , he was feted.l and made an official and stood on the platform with the leadership and was in featured as the symbol of the bolsheviks connection to the Workers ,untill soneone discovered he had been an agent of the Tsarsv Secret Police , they quietly vanished him in the cellars of Lubyanka ,he was never mentioned again and written out of the history books . Bit like Shortens concern “ for the wukkas , Setka perhaps ?

  15. Iampeter

    This sounds like the kind of speech most Cat posters would be cheering.

  16. Turtle of WA

    So how do European lefties do non-gendered language in languages in which virtually every word is gendered?

  17. I_am_not_a_robot

    There was a terrific book published ten years ago that told the neglected story of the thousands of US citizens, some members of the CPUSA but also many desperate unemployed tradesmen and their families, who migrated to USSR in the early ’30s lured by ads and stories of the ‘worker’s paradise’ spread by journalists like NYT’s Walter Duranty, also Henry Ford who in collaboration with Stalin set up a factory near Moscow.
    When The Terror set in a few years later many thousands were arrested as spies and never heard from again; as they saw their friends and colleagues disappear they would plead for the US embassy to renew their passports that were confiscated by the Soviets on arrival without success.
    A few survivors like Victor Herman released after Stalin’s death eventually returned to US.
    The idiots in that video have no excuse.

  18. Dr Fred Lenin

    Turtle that is a good question ,no neuter gender in Romance languages must make being politically correct a nightmare . Serves the buggers right .

  19. Chris M

    Well that’s splendid!

    I would like to join and quote scripture verses to comfort them.

  20. Oh come on

    LOL these mouth breathers would have been first against the wall when genuine communist revolutionaries were toppling regimes during the 20th century.

  21. calli

    The auditorium was half empty.

    To match the heads of the participants.


    * stolen from John C

  22. Leo G

    So how do European lefties do non-gendered language in languages in which virtually every word is gendered?

    They imply indifference to grammatical gender, but object to what they consider is inappropriate extension of natural gender which may suggest gender bias. The English language lost obligate grammatical gender in the Late Old English and Middle English periods when English emerged from French language domination, but retained many gender-implicit combining forms (eg -man) and singular pronoun gender contrasts that could be used by Cultural Marxists to disparage modern English usage.

  23. Geriatric Mayfly

    David Thompson takes this up with gusto. Comments on one link are a hoot.

  24. a reader

    Heard this with Fordo on the radio this afternoon. Freaking hilarious. I wonder how long this shit actually went on for.

  25. JohnJJJ

    I notice the Chinese mix up the genders when they speak English. Does anyone know if Mandarin or Cantonese is ‘gender neutral’?

  26. Jannie

    These people are not exactly the vanguard of the working classes. But they are our useful idiots, give them space.

  27. nfw

    I loved the poor dear who had trouble with others around him chattering asking for, wait for it, a Point Of Privilege. A privilege! If The Greens were to allow any outsiders into their Congresses, you know where the masses turn out to vote for the decision already taken, it would be the same as the video. I have to love that silly woman who went on about defeating capitalism while using all the technology and other benefits wrought by the capitalist system and never seen in the, oh that’s right not done properly so far, socialist failures to date. They are mindless.

  28. Lawrence Ayres

    Yep. They are all certifiable. With these people as the enemy winning should be easy unless of course conservatives start behaving as stupidly which unfortunately seems more than possible. I love the jazz hands, so idiotic.

  29. Iampeter

    Gotta love people who support regulating trade, immigration, tech companies, get all huffy and pack on their NPC talking points when it comes to a video of commies.

    Sorry Cat posters but given the general positions held on this blog that video may as well be of you.

    I can’t believe this needs to be pointed out.

  30. a reader

    I think I’ve worked it out: 1amp is a parody account

  31. Iampeter

    What you need to work out is that like most cat posters you are a politically illiterate leftist.

  32. Scotty

    These people are insane.

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