Arky’s Unethical Investment Fund.

I have just ordered the missus to sell our holdings in Southern Co.

This is an American utility we purchased $3000 worth of last year, on the basis that they are building two nuclear reactors. Cool!

A small profit of $1100 has ensued.

Which leaves me with over $4000 to reinvest! Closer to $4500 with the saved dividends! Super cool!

Which makes me think: This could be the beginning of something beautiful. Arky’s unethical investing fund.

Coal? Tobacco? Oil? Munitions? Scold’s bridles? What are your unethical investing ideas?

With the rise of ethical investing and the stupid generations who think that everything can be 3D printed from pixie dust, there must be stuff out there vastly under valued.

Basically anything Norwegians won’t buy:

Norway’s massive sovereign wealth fund may soon rip up to $3.7 billion out of Australian fossil fuel companies after the Norwegian Parliament passed a tightened set of ethical investment rules.

The laws were adopted late on Tuesday night and mandated Norges Bank to divest the equivalent of $17.3 billion from its Government Pension Fund Global portfolio, which is better known as the “Oil Fund”.

While this amount is just a small portion of the trillions of dollars that the fund manages, it captures 11 high-profile Australian companies, according to a Norwegian government website.

-Fin Review

I have been scanning annual reports looking for companies that don’t gibber on about the climate or how many sheilas they hire.

As that which big corporations seem to think of as “ethical” is anything that would find applause from a progressive lunatic ten years prior, the question is:

What would a conservative ethical investment fund look like?

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  1. Tel

    As that which big corporations seem to think of as “ethical” is anything that would find applause from a progressive lunatic ten years prior, the question is:

    What would a conservative ethical investment fund look like?

    Anything that would find applause from a progressive lunatic thirty years prior.

  2. stackja

    What would a conservative ethical investment fund look like?

    Any fund that concentrates solely on capital gain and regular payouts.

  3. 132andBush

    What would a conservative ethical investment fund look like?

    Hire and fire based on competence,
    and what stack said above.

  4. Scott Osmond

    Brothels, alcohol, Tabaco and weapons. Even in a depression people root, drink and smoke and there will always be those who need killing. Don’t ever bet against human nature. The perfectible man is a leftist pipedream that has seen hundreds of millions killed and several billion enslaved.

  5. Oh come on

    What would a conservative ethical investment fund look like?


  6. mh

    Ethical investing is the antithesis of masculinity.

    Donald, please bomb Norway.

  7. Chris M

    What sort of money are you talking… can you invest in building us a big nuclear plant? And missiles too?

  8. JC

    I had Monsanto until it was sold. That was seriously unethical. Thank God Bayer came along and bought it before the phony lawsuit.

    You have to say

    Coal, oil&gas, earth moving equipment like the Cat, mining. .. how about suppliers to the miners etc (Cat again). Pharma, refineries, nuclear of course, which you talked about. Here’s one, aircraft makers and particularly private jet manufacturers. The list is endless. You know about tobacco, but that’s not even worth mentioning for obvious reasons.

  9. JC

    Boeing is fine. Stop being a worry wart.

  10. John Constantine

    Got to be careful about things that can be hit with lawfare.

    Once a company is cut out from the mob and financially bankrupt activists retain morally bankrupt vulture lawfirms to start running death by a thousand cuts legal actions, shareholders come last.

    Things that have ‘moats’, not just protection from being copied in China, protected from State bastardry, but protected from Lawfare.

    Say, not the fast food diner chain, not the ethical vegan slow food diner chain, not the frankenmeat false food sludgemaker, but service providers that can service all of them?.

    DTS dragontails has done alright, it is the robot artificial intelligence provider that provides cameras to fast food places to check all the toppings go on the pizza and it looks right and that nobody spits in your food. this has already had the first rerate so not a tip, just the sort of filters that are handy.

  11. John Constantine

    Uranium stocks are always potential lawfare targets, so really only trade things not set and forget things.

    SLX silex has spent twenty years hoping to have its tech used to recycle spent radioactive waste from dumpsites into usable nuclear fuel, but i keep getting stopped out of this.
    Been a great story but a lousy stock–another twenty years is too long to wait for it to come good.

  12. John Constantine

    The ‘worried well’ stocks.

    Not cures for cancer, not spectacular cures for rare childhood diseases, but treatments that make people with a bit of money feel slightly better each day.

    Their left hate the unfairness of stocks selling scans to people that can afford early intervention, or monthly supplements that help later life be more sprightly.

    Their left hate family pets, but pet services and pet biotech and pet monthly medical treatments will be a bigger niche as individual pets get treated as part of the family [ like they deserve.]

    Pet cannabis stocks were a good trade recently.

    Pet coca stocks would be a niche, but not just yet.

  13. American gun stocks but you would need to bring Obama back.

  14. bespoke

    What would a conservative ethical investment fund look like?

    HR infest everything eventually. I doubt most conservative/libertarians would like to choose between economy or couture but its one that they will be forced to make soon.

  15. Crossie

    Norway’s massive sovereign wealth fund may soon rip up to $3.7 billion out of Australian fossil fuel companies after the Norwegian Parliament passed a tightened set of ethical investment rules.

    What hypocrites? The only thing they produce is oil and it makes them wealthy enough to indulge in this nonsense.

  16. Rafe Champion

    What Crossie said, Norway floats on oil and gas exports but very ethical with 98% hydro power.
    Perfect! export your emissions in return for cash. We could do a bit of that too.

  17. lotocoti

    General Dynamics.

  18. John Bayley

    Here’s an investment fund which would fit in well with your thesis, and IMHO is likely to make a fortune in the coming years.
    As an added benefit, it’s guaranteed to cause massive head explosions among any left-leaning ‘friends’ you may have over for dinner.

  19. Rafe

    Thanks John. Sometging for my next climate Roundup!

  20. Simon

    In mid-1990s in Hong Kong investment manager friends established a “sin” fund for PA (personal account) trading. This fund invested globally in all the kinds of things suggested above including “controversial” weapons manufacturers, luxury goods , tobacco, liquor, gambling etc. Any outperformance above the MSCI World index was donated to charity.

    Claimed they did more good for the world with this approach rather than the ethically-screened investment strategies that were starting to become trendy at that time.

    Technically this outcome should be expected: through the virtuous divesting from sinful companies the cost of capital for those companies rises (that’s after all the point of divestment). But this results in higher expected returns for the owners of those sinful companies – they need to “bribed” to hold them.
    You might like hedge fund billionaire, Cliff Asness, for more on this topic

  21. Bruce

    A possible investment would be some “honest politicians”.

    How can you identify an “honest politician”?

    When they are bought, they STAY bought.

    Seriously; forget gold and other sparkly things.

    Long-life food, water purification equipment, food preservation and storage systems, reliable fire-starting systems, a wide range of non-perishable pharmaceuticals, first-aid stores, ammunition and small arms, not forgetting cleaning, maintenance and repair gear for same, top-quality bladeware for game preparation, culinary and “social” use, portable solar power / charging equipment and top-quality outdoors wear, especially boots and cold / rain wear and quality, weatherproof HF, VHF, UHF radio gear, receivers and “two-way”, and suitable power arrangements.

    A SMALL band of utterly trustworthy, like-minded and similarly-equipped friends for mutual support and to help move all this stuff. This last one is the HARDEST thing to arrange and maintain.

  22. Arky

    Thanks for the ideas.
    Even the dumb ones.
    American outdoor brands and Whitehaven going on the watch list.

  23. John Constantine

    Guns and bullets for personal prepping.

    Instead of physical gun and bullet factories as investments though, virtual shooting ranges such as esports listed companies.

    Korean over Australian?.

    Wokeness hates gamers and cosplay, and is writhing to get gender and communism into gaming but their left has gone so insane in their rangelaunch to genocide Incel Nazis that there is geniume pushback from gamers.

    Their left hates esports and gaming because it is a space where incels can ‘ get away from’ Nagwhale wymynsys and dream of cosplayers.

    Even if australia goes full woke against gamers, Asia will not.

    Esports blockchain companies employing cosplayers to market company issued tokens to incel millionaires.

    Good sin niche looking forward.

  24. hzhousewife

    to help move all this stuff


  25. Robber Baron

    Nagwhale wymynsys

    Yes. Unfortunately the survive on land.

  26. Buccaneer

    Watch for these guys to list. The ecoloons hate them because they might make plastics “sustainable”. It’s an Aussie invention that is already being used around the world, but caught up in green tape here. Also, could go some way to helping alleviate our issues with fuel insecurity.

  27. Bruce

    That Licella site is interesting. I have flicked links to it to a few mates who are rock-doctors, industrial chemists etc. ; way out of my field, but I have a bad feeling on this one.

    I recall that in WW2, the Germans did some nifty things with synthetic fuels and lubricants, so it is not surprising that seventy years later, someone is running with a similar idea.

  28. Buccaneer

    Apparently, the Licella tech was created by CSIRO. Not that this means it will meet it’s promise. But there are mountains of plastic being stashed all over the place.

  29. Bruce

    The US Parks service uses a LOT of recycled plastics

    The plastics are “recycled into “fake” wood. If you go to places like Yellowstone, there are slightly-elevated walkways in and around a lot of the popular scenic spots. Because of the steamy atmosphere, as commonly found in active geo-thermal regions, real wood, especially typical North American stuff, just about rots while you watch.

    So, someone, somewhere figured out a way to take shredded / pelletized plastics; polyethelene, polystyrene, ABS, PVC and who knows what else, and process it into extrusions that sort-of look like CCA-treated, open-grained timber. It can be cut and shaped with normal carpentry tools and screwed and nailed like the real deal. The increased slipperiness of the wet plastic surface is overcome by the simple expedient of stapling panels of chicken mesh over the elevated walkways and step treads, in exactly the same way that other parks services do all over the world with timber structures.

    I first saw this use of recycled plastics in the US, Yellowstone, in fact, in 1997. I guess it doesn’t fit the narrative of the eco-nazis.

  30. Buccaneer

    My understanding is that recycling of any plastic means that the base material needs to be clean and separated into like materials ie ABS with ABS, poly ethylene with poly ethylene etc. Most plastic that’s recycled does not fit into neat categories and although there are other solutions like using it in roadbase all recycling is just tinkering around the edges.

    Even recycling glass is no longer economic at least in Aus.

    Get ready for a push to provide more government subsidies to recycle product.

  31. Tel

    I’ve been thinking about the “Get Woke, Go Broke” angle on this … and I have a proposal.

    Go to the ASX website and start thumbing through the “research” section … most of the big-wigs of any company you care to name are on there … so start a spreadsheet and put some names down against the stock ticker codes. Call that step one.

    Now, virtue signalers can’t help themselves … they need to be noticed and loved … God bless ’em. When push comes to shove if it’s shareholder value or a cocktail party invite they will trash the shareholders every time … but how to detect this BEFORE the disaster happens? There’s got to be some “tells” if you know how to use a search engine.

    I’m sure Arky has the experience with various personality types from his old schoolroom days, so build your own secret checklist and scoring system. Work through one name at a time and then start a monthly report, “The Arky Index” where you scientifically calculate the risk of a well known public company being converted into a Gramsci cultural battering ram at massive expense to the shareholders. Once it gets popular, sell subscription to get the report two weeks ahead of the cheapskates.

    In these uncertain times … careful investment prep-work can be worth a motza.

    Could it work?

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