Rising seas. Going backwards in Sydney Harbour! And more

Breaking news. Global warming about to bite in SE Australia. Behind the paywall of course but you get the idea. Pity about the fires in N NSW!

Thundersnow, damaging winds, blizzards and bitterly cold temperatures are set to batter southern states for several days as part of a “smorgasbord” of extreme weather events created by a polar blast due to hit the country on Thursday.

Severe weather warnings for dangerous winds and snow are expected to be issued in several states, as the two strong cold fronts driving the storm move from Tasmania and Victoria into SA, NSW and the ACT, with a heightened risk of fires in northern NSW and south east Queensland as the cold air pushing against the south east of the country drags warm air further north.

Somewhat against the tide of popular opinion! The mean sea level at Sydney in 2019 is 6 centimetres lower than the mean sea level at Sydney in 1914 when the Bureau Of Meteorology commenced recording Mean Sea Level.


Not surprising, the land in some parts of the world is rising, in some places it is falling due to deep movements and in others it is the compaction of reclaimed land under major urban developments. Strangely little said lately about the parts of Venice that were under threat years ago, maybe they just had to slow down the traffic on the canals.

See Judith Curry’s recent comprehensive survey of seal level data. The bottom line: no change in the rate of change over a century or so. And the latest Pacific atoll studies. Growing not shrinking.

And the cooling persists in the northern summers. From the site located by Anon Mahna who posted a rejoinder the wolves story (below) in Comments.

The ethanol gravy train rolls on in the US. The special interests win and everyone else loses.

* As large shares of domestic corn and soy crops are now diverted from food use to fuel production, poultry, beef, pork and fish producers (and consumers) face volatile and increasing prices for animal feed.

* Ethanol wreaks havoc on the engines and fuel systems of boats, motorcycles and lawn equipment, as well as many automobiles, which are not capable or allowed to run on E15. Repair and replacement costs are a major issue for marine and small engine owners (as I personally discovered when I owned a boat).

* Consumers and taxpayers must pay increasing costs as biofuel mandates increase under the RFS.

* Millions of acres of native prairie and other ecosystems have been turned into large-scale agricultural developments, because the RFS encourages farmers to plow land, instead of preserving habitats. This endangers ecosystems and species, exacerbates agricultural run-off and degrades water quality.

* Biofuel demand promotes conversion of natural habitats to palm oil and other plantations overseas, as well as domestically. Their life-cycle carbon dioxide emissions rival or exceed those of oil and gas.

* Expanding markets for corn ethanol by increasing E15 sales ignores and exacerbates these problems – while benefiting a small subset of the US economy but negatively impacting far more sectors, including the general public and the industries and interests represented by signatories to the Pruitt letter.

Alan Jones 1: Karoly (climate scientist) 0. Bella d’Abrera on climate change in the HSC syllabus. Why scientists remain silent 8 minutes.

Rewilding the Yellowstone National Park. Not immediately on topic but a fascinating demonstration of the balance of nature and the way human interference (hatred of wolves) could screw things up. The wolves went back and the whole ecosystem regenerated. The beavers came back too! Beautiful animals, builders of dams and community spirit.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q Factchecking. from Anon Mahna in the comments how the wolves don’t change rivers. I should have warned that the original piece was breathlessly told told (a la Attenborough) by George Monbiot, a rabid greenie. Still I gave him the benefit of doubt, greenies like broken clocks (with hands), can be right twice a day.

Thanks to our stalwart colleagues at the IPA a compilation of the 20 posts that I did on Climate Change: The Facts 2017. A Golden Oldie, the thread with 678 abusive comments when I first dipped my toe in the murky waters of the climate debate on the “centre left” Club Troppo blog in 2011. Predicting that the ALP could crash and burn on the climate issue, not realising the extent of the disease in the Coalition.

Donna Laframboise on the way the IPCC uses and abuses scientists to promote the climate caper.

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14 Responses to Rising seas. Going backwards in Sydney Harbour! And more

  1. Geriatric Mayfly

    Rewilding the Yellowstone National Park. Not immediately on topic but a fascinating demonstration of the balance of nature

    Have been watching the salmon running the falls in Katmai Nat. Pk in Alaska on a live webcam installed there. Even here the balance is finely tuned. There are bears by the bagful gorging themselves, and gulls picking up the scraps. The salmon, it is said, bring in mineral and other nutrients, which are recycled and assist plants in these relatively poor sub arctic soils. Note: The run is now nearly finished, but the bears have yet to twig.

  2. nb

    ‘6 centimetres lower’
    Don’t be ridiculous. They just haven’t adjusted the record yet. One call to the BOM for a how-to, and it’ll be fixed in a jiffy.

  3. Herodotus

    The media and in the tank scientists have been spruiking rising sea levels for so long (and so often) that the multitudes who aren’t really paying enough attention to weed out the misinformers now take it as gospel.

  4. Beachcomber

    Do you think these facts will rate a mention on the ABC’s Sunday-night Attenborough sermon? – Climate Change – The Facts

  5. Rafe Champion

    Thanks Anon, looks like a good site for my Roundup list.

  6. I_am_not_a_robot

    In the US introducing ‘climate skepticism’ into school science curricula has been likened to introducing ‘intelligent design’ alongside natural selection when in fact it is the opposite.
    IPCC ‘science’ has more in common with ID as both are teleological beliefs, ‘design and purpose in the material world’, because it postulates an ideal global average temperature, a temperature that is meant to be within fractions of a degree C, despite that it has varied widely over every time scale without human help.

  7. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Good on you Rafe. Fighting the good fight from the start of this nonsense.
    Slowly, slowly, further information is coming in that shows what lunacy is being talked by the CO2 modelers with their reliance on wonky models and shonky data. More recognition of doubt on their side would be a welcome change from the doomsaying certainties we have been frightening children with so far.

    Little Greta could go home and go back to school to prepare for a future that helps her to cope with her disability not one that preys on it.

  8. Mark M

    Then there is the oldest sea level marker on the planet, the Lempriere-Ross mark, 1841.

    Captain Ross also placed a sea level rise marker in the Falkland Islands a year later.

    Both are still there.

    If they weren’t, the 97% would be all over them like a fat kid on a pink iced donut, squealing like stuck pigs.

    Testing the Waters

    A Report on Sea Levels for the Greening Earth Society

    by John L. Daly


  9. duncanm

    Key point against the wolves-change-rivers from Anan Mahna’s link

    Native people determine(d) the distribution and abundance of elk, deer, and other ungulates—not carnivores

  10. a happy little debunker

    Australia’s mean sea level varies between the cycles of El Nino and La Nina, along with the Indian Ocean dipole & no doubt some as yet undetermined Southern Ocean influence.

    Proof of the pudding comes from The Guardian which is rather ironic.

    The longest measure of tidal change in the Southern Hemisphere (1841) comes from Tasmania which runs at around .8 mm per annum +/- .2 mm per annum.

    Not the emergency that is constantly claimed

  11. Luke

    Well then it’s just time for an ‘adjustment’ of the record then because clearly they weren’t measuring it correctly in 1919.

  12. Garry Stannus

    How do we already have a mean sea level value for 2019? Could someone provide a reference for the table which appears in Daniel Fitzhenry’s ‘Rising Sea Levels – The Climate Debate’. [see this in the Fort-Denison-Story link, (above)].

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