Sinc vs the mob


At CPAC Sinc is on stage following Renee Gorman and downstairs a mob is banging on the glass doors.
A strong contingent of boys in blue is on site.

Nigel Farage was sensational!!!

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  1. mh

    The fascists are at the door.

    Pretending they are anti fascists.

  2. Tel

    The Left are always first to use violence, and first to blame someone else at the same time.

  3. Lee

    Conservatives and right wingers should protest violently at the left’s meetings and conferences.
    It’ll never happen; we actually believe in freedom of speech and assembly, unlike these a…holes.

  4. Tom

    Rafe, please post video of Snic and Farage at CPAC ASAP.

  5. Shy Ted

    I wonder if any of the presenters are any of us Cat posters. Could DrBG be just a cover for Nigel Farage? Can’t be in Oz AND Cuba. And no photos despite tantalising tales… Coincidence?

  6. Geriatric Mayfly

    Is Keneally there chaperoning the snowflakes and mopping triggered brows?

  7. Dr Fred Lenin

    Socialists arre notorious for creating fascist gangs ,Mussolinis blackshirts ,Hitlers brownshirts Lenins red guard .Maos red guard and now the antifafascists ,if you cannot get what you want by legal means resort to violence against all opposition ,and prevent them from exposing your extremism .

  8. Dr Fred Lenin

    Shy Ted ,Dr Beaugan might be his CIA legend ,taken from a tombstone ,the real doc being deceaed ?
    CIA copied the old KGB ,going throuh cemetaries picking out names to use for their agents .

  9. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Nigel Farage labels Malcolm Turnbull a ‘snake’ during CPAC speech

    By Luke Costin
    19 minutes ago August 10, 2019

    Nigel Farage has labelled Malcolm Turnbull a snake as he celebrated Australia and Britain’s shift from “trendy, metro” leaders to real conservative leaders.

    Introduced as “quite possibly” the next British prime minister, the Eurosceptic and right-wing figure on Saturday addressed a crowd of about 500 at the Conservative Political Action Conference Australia in Sydney. Mr Farage told the adoring crowd Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s election victory in May seemed impossible, after the recent hijacking of the Liberal party by “the other side”.

    “Malcolm Turnbull … pretended to be a conservative but actually turned out to be a snake,” he said, to applause.

    “You’ve now got someone conservative, mainstream media (and) those in the middle of Melbourne and Sydney may not like him,” he said of Mr Morrison. “But out where real people live, they voted for him.” He said he had thought “the greenies had taken over this country”, especially after heading to Melbourne and having 600 people rally against him. The UK member of the European Parliament for the past two decades was a crucial figure in the 2016 Brexit referendum’s Leave campaign.

    From the Oz.

  10. Some History

    … addressed a crowd of about 500


  11. Tom

    Some History, I don’t know if it’s just me, but for the past week or so your imgurs have been blanks.

  12. Some History

    Some History, I don’t know if it’s just me, but for the past week or so your imgurs have been blanks.

    Just checked, Tom. Image is fine.

  13. BrettW

    That mob banging on the glass door. Are they trying to get out due to the Doomlord talking about Blockchain ?

  14. bollux

    How will Nigel categorise Malcolm Morrison?

  15. Dr Fred Lenin

    I. Suppose morro is a half con ,unlike turnbull who was a concon,(con man pretending to be a conservative )
    Nigel had tthat snake worked out ,but then he knew May, who was a concon too .

  16. Oh come on

    I see CPAC Aus has its own YouTube channel. Hopefully videos of these presentations will be uploaded there in due course.

  17. Ellie

    Nigel Farage was sensational!!!

    As was Sinclair Davidson!

  18. mem

    #3128169, posted on August 10, 2019 at 4:35 pm

    Nigel Farage was sensational!!!

    As was Sinclair Davidson!

    Can you be a little more explicit or are you occupied at the bar or now in the middles of a big dinner?
    I would have loved to have been there but couldn’t leave he who has dodgy heart in this cold weather.

  19. AndrewWA

    Most accurate description of Malcolm Turnbull provided to date.

  20. Robber Baron

    Turnbull a snake?

    Farage was very diplomatic and gracious.

  21. Ellie

    Can you be a little more explicit or are you occupied at the bar or now in the middles of a big dinner?

    Sinclair came on after Renee Gorman from the IPA, who was very negative about universities, and after a series of speakers who had been negative about universities and university professors. He managed that very well with wit and good humour.

  22. calli

    That mob banging on the glass door

    Curses! Safety glass.

  23. Mak Siccar

    My first viewing of the Good Prof. I have hair envy!
    Seriously though, I am a strong supporter of the goals of conferences such as this. It is way past time our young folk, with skin in the game (aka children), know more about solid values, i.e., the values that really matter. Well done all the speakers and many a pox on the door bashers.

  24. one old bruce

    Good for you Sinc. Lovely smile.

  25. stackja

    One arrested as protesters face off outside Sydney’s conservative conference

    “It’s disturbing, it’s concerning and it needs to be fought against,” protester Hersha Kadkol of the National Union of Students told SBS News.

  26. Some History

    With the banging on the door temporarily halting proceedings, Sinc, the trooper that he is, filled in with his other great talent – singing.

  27. Some History

    Sinc kept the enthusiastic crowd entertained with renditions of:

    “If You Can’t Live Without Me, Why Aren’t You Dead Yet?”

    “Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)”

    “I Bought the Shoes That Just Walked Out on Me”

    “She Got the Gold Mine, and I Got the Shaft”

    “If You Won’t Leave Me, I’ll Find Somebody Who Will”

    “If the Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me”

  28. one old bruce

    Just getting up on that stage and making sounds is helping keep the rest of us free to express our views, by making the ferals back off. I’m glad Sinc also has singing talent but have no idea what those ‘songs’ are.

  29. calli


    Sinc is looking very…shiny.

  30. C.L.

    Confirmed: Paisley is back!

  31. Candy

    The shirt and vest is very stylish. The green paisley colour is gorgeous. Well done, Prof. D.

  32. Chris M

    Even a snake can have some redeeming quality. Like they are tasty or good at what they do or something. Not Mal.

    Good for you Sinc. Lovely smile.

    Yes! It’s great, looks like he’s having a lot of fun.

  33. Leigh Lowe


    #3128272, posted on August 10, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    Confirmed: Paisley is back!

    The Northern Irish Protestant has resurrected?

  34. Leigh Lowe

    I can only conclude that the unionised baggage handlers at Mascot have stolen Sinc’s valise and he has had to buy an outfit in haste from Vinnies.

  35. one old bruce

    ‘looking very…shiny’

    – Kaylee’s favourite word in ‘Firefly’.

    ‘Kaylee Frye: Everything’s shiny, Cap’n. Not to fret.’

    You knew that right?

  36. Sinclair Davidson

    Many thanks to Hamish and Ellie for taking the photos.

  37. Tator

    One old Bruce
    We aim to misbehave

  38. jupes

    Hey Sinc do you now finally agree with Farage on Turnbull?

  39. Perfidious Albino

    It’s almost like Sinc was wearing the leather chaps of liberty (to match the shirt)! Kudos professor…

  40. areff

    I do hope the hotel had your Bombers game. It was something to behold.

  41. P

    Many thanks to Hamish and Ellie for taking the photos.

    Indeed. Thank you both, much appreciated. Onya Ellie!

    Sinclair Davidson IMO looked smashing, with the groovy shirt and vest.
    I’ve seen him before on TV but never before portraying such a dapper image.

  42. None

    Well done on the satorial splendour, Since. Very noice. Hope the speech was well received, too.

  43. Val Majkus

    go Sinc! Looking good!

  44. Entropy

    I am very sure ScoMo is anything but a conservative.
    The OPM tossing advertising agent is busy converting PM&C into a sort of supergovernment. Special task forces for this, “executive agencies” for that. All within PM&C. Back in the day it as about 80 people, now it has branch offices on multiple cities.
    There are about 60 ministers and assistant ministers with little real responsibility beyond taking extra from the taxpayer. All real decisions are made through PM&C.

  45. Percy Popinjay

    Someone needs to tell Farage that the gliberal party is still chock full of arseholes.

  46. Frank Walker from National Tiles

    Indeed Percy. 54 others voted for Mal. Abbott squibbed and ripped off his conservative and libertarian supporters.

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