The modern face of white supremacy

All this support for Donald Trump from white supremacists everywhere.

Beto O’Rourke Campaign Claims Reporter Joel Pollak Ejected to Protect Black Students. “A Breitbart spokesperson hit back shortly after the O’Rourke campaign’s statement: ‘The false accusation that Breitbart is racist, or that its award-winning reporter — an Orthodox Jew, married to a black woman who serves in the military — is either racist or would make anyone at a black university uncomfortable is absurd. The irony of Mr. O’Rourke — who has stated himself that he is the beneficiary of ‘white privilege’ — purporting to decide for black students who should be banned from events that are open to the press, or what they should feel, is not lost on us.’”

And this, with the focus on Chinese (people, not the government of China) support for Donald Trump:

MSM LAUNCHES JIHAD AGAINST RIGHT MEDIA? Tuesday, it was The Epoch Times in the cross-hairs of the fact-free-zone newsrooms at NBC/MSNBC today it’s the New York Times going after Floyd Brown and the Western Journal. Anything contrary to the elitist MSM narrative is branded “disinformation,” or worse.

The people in those newsrooms call themselves “journalists,” yet, with few exceptions, that is no longer a credible label for what they do. Who will be tomorrow’s target, The Federalist? The Daily Caller? Washington Examiner? Washington Free Beacon? Instapundit?

And there is then this: 5 things to know about Republican candidate Catalina Lauf, who’s stormed national media

A new Republican candidate for Congress has catapulted herself into the national media spotlight, vying to displace Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. 26-year-old Catalina Lauf, billing herself as “Latina by heart, American first,”.

Who is she, and why is she exciting conservative media? Here are five things to know about Catalina Lauf:

1. Who is Catalina Lauf? According to the biography on her campaign website, Lauf was born and raised in Woodstock, Illinois. Her father is a small-business owner from Chicago, and her mother and grandmother are legal immigrants from Guatemala.

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12 Responses to The modern face of white supremacy

  1. a happy little debunker

    The only strategy that progressive leftists have left is to chuck around meaningless epithets in hopes of something, anything may stick.
    Sexism, Homophobia, Racism, blah, blah blah – these the last, most desperate attacks by baseless guttersnipes.

    In the UK, these gutterspines are calling for civil disobedience (if not civil war) over a 3 week prorogue – desperately ignoring that they have done nought but oppose every single measure for 120 legislative weeks.

    They want the revolution (because they are the self righteous chosen ones), but do not realise that history will be pissing on them in their graves.

  2. Entropy

    Youth is a prerequisite to get the really big bucks on a politician’s salary?

  3. Frank Walker from National Tiles

    Hot ethnic babes.

    The GOP is a lot sexier than Bernie and Hillary “Severe Pneumonia” Clinton.

  4. Miltonf

    So the old slag’s not going to have another go?

  5. Lilliana

    ‘Beto’ O’Rourke is such a dickhead that I can’t stomach even seeing his name. God that man is nauseating. I wish he would hurry up and drop out of the race so we can be spared the nonsensical blather.

  6. The Beer Whisperer

    Hot ethnic babes.

    The GOP is a lot sexier than Bernie and Hillary “Severe Pneumonia” Clinton.

    Frank, I have dog turds in the backyard that are sexier.

  7. Dr Fred Lenin

    This confusion of would be candidates could be a blind , they wont be able to find a real candidate and bring hilarity back as the chosen one , they are lefties you know ,if your plan doesnt work keep trying it untill it works , its an old socialist norm , been going on forever , usually they are bewidered when it doesnt work , AGAIN !

  8. Mother Lode

    Shallow person that I am, I am struck by the physical contrast between Catalina and that woolly-witted braying socialist Occasional-Cortex.

    AOC has the beauty of raw youth. It, like her, is brash, unsophisticated, untutored, and unaware of its nature. It is just ‘there’. She can use it, she can take it for granted, but in a way she does not possess it. It will follow its own course and when her youth passes so will her beauty. She will be left frustrated by the loss of attention and frustrated by how much harder it has become to get what she wants. She will begrudge the next generation of pretty young things.

    Catalina on the other hand has a calmer, more refined look. She will look after herself and age gracefully.

    It has often been noted that women on the right are better looking than on the left – this is why.

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    I really love being a racist , homophobic, anti globalist ,politically incorrect ,white ,priveleged ,ignorant conservative , sensible prole . Its fun ,I get a laugh at the naive stupidity and duplicity of the eelights ,making Leg Ends out of useless entitled bludgers . AOC ,hilarity ,pelosi, turnbull giliard ,the krudster, greta the retarded kid ,mocking and using the afflicted , and that applies to all of the above .
    I feel comfortable with myself ,knowing I am one of the vast majority of productive usefull people ,its a great feeling ,stuff the globalist eelights and their Leg Ends .

  10. John Brumble

    Quite, Mother Lode. A lot like the current generation of female newsreaders who only got their start over a much more experienced woman because of their youth and beauty now complaining if someone with less experience but more youth and beauty gets the nod. If they were actually good enough (like Yana or Mary K), it wouldn’t be a problem.

  11. None

    Unfortunately Catalina was very unimpressive in that last video. She was given softball questions that would should have had bread and butter answers.

  12. None

    Dr Fred Lenin

    #3143930, posted on August 30, 2019 at 9:41 am

    You’re a legend Dr Lenin. More power to your arm.

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