Contra Schadenfreude and a Rogues Gallery

This must be the quote of the year.  NSW Labor Opposition Leader Jodi McKay, when describing the handling of the $100,000 cash donation by NSW Labor General Secretary Kaila Murnain:

My heart goes out to her. She has made a serious error of judgement and she is paying an enormous price for that.

Serious error of judgement.  Hmmm.  What about the selection of Kristina Kenneally to be the Labor Senator for NSW?  What about the selection of Michael Daley as the Labor Leader of the Opposition?  What about the mentorship of Sam Dastyari.  More like a series of serious errors of judgement.

The SMH infographic tells you all you need to know about the NSW Labor Party.  Throw in Eddie Obied and Ian McDonald and you get a real sense of what is going on.

Bu the most interesting part of this ALP saga has been …. the absolute silence from not just the Liberal and National Parties, but also the Greens.  You’d think that this would be a time for sticking the political knife in.  Could it be that but for the grace of God go they?

How about the good old directors duty question?  Murnain was for all intents and purposes the CEO of NSW Labor.  Where was her board?  Where was her supervision?  Why are they not being prosecuted?  What about corporate governance?  Is there gender balance on the board?   Is their racial balance on the board?  Who is on their audit and risk committee?  Who is the chairman?

The response of the Political Industrial Complex has been to propose a ban private donations and to publicly fund elections; another transfer of power from the people but this time to the political parties.   You see, compliance with the law is too hard for politicians and political parties.  Interesting response from the people who write the laws that put people in jail and confiscate property.  For these people it seems that laws are but a guide and when broken, it is done with best intentions.

And yet millions are spend on a CSIRO report to tell us that Australians are losing confidence in social institutions and the only way to remedy this is to give more money and power to the political class.

A pox on all of them.

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24 Responses to Contra Schadenfreude and a Rogues Gallery

  1. Percy Popinjay

    Da Strayan’ Labore Pardee, peoples!

    Bluddee magnificent.

  2. Pyrmonter

    I’m given to thinking that economic and political actors ‘learn’ – they respond to incentives. What does the fact that 48% of the population will vote for (or, at least, prefer) these folk say about the state of the electorate? (TBF, there are some who have a few concerns about some of their opponents)

  3. Roger

    And yet millions are spend on a CSIRO report…


  4. Not Uh oh

    And what did Jodi know? And what did Kristina know?. And………

  5. candy

    Why are they not being prosecuted? What about corporate governance?

    I suspect because of her gender and being of the Left she is almost untouchable. Any criticism will be labelled sexism, so I think she’ll survive easily enough and won’t be burdened.

  6. Chris M

    It’s always a ‘mistake’ or an ‘error’; the only one was being exposed. Greens want to return to the old ways, no cars just bikes, horses, hand grown crops and windmills.

    Perhaps Conservatives could also start to embrace this – tar, feathers and railroad track ride out of town not to be seen again.

  7. struth

    The story here isn’t the labor party for it has ever been thus.
    It’s the silence of the LINO lambs.

  8. Old Lefty

    Anyone heard from Bambi Keneally about all of this? I suspect not.

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    Aussie labor and the US decromats have been corrupt for generations ,its traditional culture among socialists ,you should be rewarded for your altruistic sacrifices on behalf of the wukkas ,and the filthy capitalists pay you for it , Sussex Street ,Tammany Hall,Trades Hall full of aspirants to jointhe millionaires , Hawke, Keating etc.

  10. Anyone heard from Bambi Keneally about all of this? I suspect not.

    Er.. you missed her solution?
    “Bambi” doesn’t begin to cover her level of understanding:
    She says it will all be fixed by moving the ALP HQ from Sussex Street to elsewhere.

  11. struth

    An error may occur when you are counting the money you criminally aquired.
    Taking money you are not allowed to is not an error.
    It’s a crime.

  12. Real Deal

    Anyone heard from Bambi Keneally about all of this? I suspect not.

    Well Nobody’s Guyurl’s solution is apparently to move ALP headquarters from Sussex Street. Loved by the media but in reality a low functioning idiot.

  13. Up The Workers!

    You wouldn’t find more grubs in an apple-farm.

    If this mob swapped places with the worst criminal degenerates in Prison, do you think anybody would notice?

    How could they possibly tell?

  14. iain russell

    The pox is curable so something worse. Leprosy, perhaps?

  15. Up The Workers!

    Jodi McKay?

    Never heard of her.

    I take it that she got the gig of Labor(sic) Leader in New South Obeid, because Ivan Milat has some health problems at the moment.

    Meanwhile, down in Mogadishu-by-the-Yarra, Premier Setka can’t wait to appoint Tony Mokbel with his excellent character reference from former A.L.P. M.H.R. (Member of the House of Reprehensibles) Kelvin Thompson, to Dodgy Dan the Office-Boy’s old job as soon as Mokbel and the 600 OTHER “little maaate” crims, druggies and murderers are all let out of Prison on the “Lawyer X” excuse. (I wonder if that means that 600 vastly lucrative unlawful-arrest lawsuits are coming the way of the Victorian taxpayers’ long-suffering pockets soon? Time will tell!)

    Things haven’t been smooth between the Premier and Dodgy Dan ever since Dodgy’s missus got totally let off the breathalyser test after crashing the family car, while Setka’s missus allegedly blew .282 (over 5 times the blood alcohol limit) and speeding at 126kmh with two young children on board, without crashing her car.

    Can’t have the wife of the four-eyed office-boy receiving bigger G. & C. favours from the monocular Labor Police Farce, than the wife of the real Premier!

    Labor(sic) – they’re as pure as the driven sewage.

  16. Overburdened

    Having been a visitor to the bolt hole in Sussex Street in the 1980’s and seen the alternate world that existed there where, it seems fair to say that the ethos has not changed.

    The Left is impervious to any pressure regarding its rationale and subsequent function.

    It is purely about top down power and control with a belligerent attitude to defeat the enemy and there are no legal or moral boundaries.

    To qualify as the enemy one merely has to not agree with the dogma.

    For students of history, the Peter Baldwin assault, Neville Wran and the brown paper bags and Graeme Richardson’s love boat honey trap are all good reference points.

    People have also forgotten about Roozenthal and Clements of later times.

    Branch stacking and intimidation, catspaw Unions… I could go on.

  17. Dr Fred Lenin

    Bambis suggestion of shifting from Sussex Street is a great idea ,how about they move to Silverwater with the other crims ? That would be great , we would always know where they were and the Chinese would have difficulty passing Aldi bags during visiting time . Yes that would stop the rot, good on yez Bambi yer bloods worth bpttlin .

  18. Rockdoctor

    he absolute silence from not just the Liberal and National Parties, but also the Greens.

    Probably because NSW Libs are just as bad… Manildra anyone? Artur Sinodinos & Sydney Water. It would be certain the ALP know where those skeletons lie hence the silence…

    However not just NSW. Qld it is endemic, Trad remains unscathed despite what she did, now the media have got it off the front page it will be forgotten. I have heard of 3 ALP aligned councils up the coast that have a corruption smell around them falling out from the Ipswich saga & Pisalli. Thats if the LNP ever get in & grow a set to cast a cursory eye over. Makes you wonder what the ALP have on the LNP…

  19. Old Lefty

    That was certainly how it used to work in NSW, Rockdoctor: we won’t expose your corruption if you don’t expose ours. Nothing has changed, I assume.

  20. egg_

    Looks like Murnain’s been thrown under the ALP bus.

  21. yarpos

    Matt Thistlewaite must feel great to be one that list. He doesnt appear to be a colourful identity like the rest of the rogues gallery.

  22. faceache

    Kineally has said that her catholic faith influences her adherence to Socialism. Has she ever read any of the Papal Encyclicals that are quite clear about the Church’s rejection of socialism and Communism? eg, Rerum Novarum? Has Pope Francis? These people are morally malleable as are socialists in general.

  23. Enyaw

    O/t…I know ..bu u ut ….What about Katholic Keneally’s take on the Abortion Bill..??

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