Liars and swindlers

The left is always dishonest. Everything they do is tactical in pursuit of power. I used to be among them and for much of my career worked to defeat them, mostly in dealing with the union movement, many of whose leaders were as deranged as Jeremy Corbyn, in the same way as pretty well the whole of the phalanx of Democratic Party candidates for president is right now. These people are only viable because for most people it is virtually unbelievable that people can be so openly deceitful, nor can they believe that such great intellectuals who populate the opinion pages of our newspapers, or run national broadcasting operations like the ABC, are actually as ignorant as they really are.

Do you ever see Venezuela in the news? Who, besides people like me, ever bring it up as the cautionary tale it is? For myself, I never take leaders on the left as actually speaking their true beliefs, but only what they believe will actually gull enough people into giving them power. If being kind to refugees, high taxation on the wealthy, free stuff for everyone, is what works, that is what they’ll say. If you do not already know the left’s attitude to World War II from September 1939 until June 1941, which then just changed in an instant when the Soviet Union was attacked, then you really ought to look into it. It is how the left always operates. Remember Kevin Rudd the economic conservative?

No leftist government has any idea how to run an economy, or maintain a free society. Put them into power and they will ruin you. And like Maduro in Venezuela, or Lenin/Stalin in Russia, or Mao in China, once they are in and democratic options are finally suppressed, you will never get them out. Which leads me to this, which is from Powerline reporting on a poll conducted by The Sun in the UK, reporting what the members of the Labour Party in Britain believe. A complete disaster, but even as insane as all of this is, they only put it up because they believe it will bring them political power. And they believe it because some wildly large proportion of the people who live in our democracies actually believe these kinds of policies are optimal. Add in saving us from climate change and you can see where we are at.

If, like me, you have wondered how a left-wing loony like Jeremy Corbyn can remain in control of the Labour Party, this poll, reported in the Sun, suggests the answer: Labour is a party of left-wing loonies.

Marxist zealots have seized control at every level since Jeremy Corbyn became leader — and are poisoning the debate with their hardline views.

For example: only a small minority of Labourites believe that a country has any right to control its own borders.

Labourites are overwhelmingly ashamed to be British:

Members of the party don’t think Labour has an anti-Semitism problem. Most believe that idea is a creation of the press, or of Corbyn’s political enemies. There could be a reason for this: a majority of Labourites say that if Brexit goes ahead, the U.K. should do no trade deals with Israel (Russia fares considerably better), and, in a not unrelated finding, most Labourites are tolerant of terrorism. In fact, only 29% blame terrorism on terrorists:

It goes on and on. An overwhelming majority think a general strike would be a terrific way to bring down a Tory government. Any Tory government. And by 51% to 40%, Labour party members, in this survey, want the government to “take broader control of broadcast media.” Of course they do.

It is a frightening picture. Labour must never again be permitted to govern the U.K. One wonders, though, how different a comparable poll of American Democrats would be.

This is the kind of brew we found ourselves dealing with at our own election in May. I’m not so sure that Malcolm didn’t have pretty well the same attitudes. We in the West are at an ideological death’s door but we haven’t gone through, at least not yet.

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  1. stackja

    The left manifesto acceptance by the gullible never fails.

  2. Rococo Liberal

    These lefties are bizarre people. They want the State to control just about all of life, but also want open borders. It doesn’t add up.

  3. Fisky

    Iampeter would agree with most of those views!

  4. Fisky

    The Left only came round to open borders when it became clear the white working class wasn’t going for Communism. So the Left needed to import a revolutionary proletariat from overseas. Very odd that “libertarians” support this too!

  5. Up The Workers!

    At least the barking- mad Corbynistas of deepest, darkest Pomland have sufficient points of working I.Q. all flying in reasonable proximity to one another, to enable them to correctly spell the name of their own Party – which is a damned sight more than you can say for AnAl the Brothel-Hoppers’ scurvy mob of low-browed illiterates and comical innumerates.

    Labor(sic) – they have no place for “U”!

  6. Louis Hissink

    Another Left inanity is creating hate speech laws when their own skills at messenger shooting, or hate-speech, is the primary driver of the hate speech laws.

    They simply can’t think.

  7. OldOzzie

    A Comment on the following article

    Pelosi Sends Letter To Congress About Whistleblower Complaint

    Sums up the Liars and Swindlers in America – US Democrats and US MainStream (Fake News) Media

    BakersfieldRedneck • 4 hours ago
    This was the Democrats plan all along.

    Plan A. Collude with Hillary, GPS and the Russians to win the election.
    Plan B. Sway the Electoral College votes
    Plan C. Nullify the election by framing Trump with Russian collusion
    Plan D. Have the Deep State take Trump out using the 25th Amendment
    Plan E. Impeach Trump for firing Comey
    Plan F. Impeach Trump for Campaign Finance violations
    Plan G. Push Back: “If you see anybody from that cabinet…..get in their face”
    Plan H. Impeach Trump for Obstruction of Justice
    Plan I. Demonize Trump’s S.C. Justice nominee
    Plan J. Impeach Trump for Money Laundering
    Plan K. Impeach Trump for Treason
    Plan L. Impeach Trump for revoking security clearances of people no longer in the government.
    Plan M. Obstruct everything Trump attempts to do in congress
    Plan N. Impeach Trump for violation of the Emoluments Clause
    Plan O. Throw tantrum over Trump’s tax returns we will never see
    Plan P. Give sixteen year olds the vote
    Plan Q. Eliminate the Electoral College
    Plan R. Let imprisoned convicts vote
    Plan S. Mueller Report findings….
    Plan T. Mueller’s 9 minute summary of Weinstein’s 400 pg op-ed
    Plan U. Impeach Trump for “racist” Tweet “if you don’t like it here, go home”
    Plan V. Mueller’s testimony before Congress.
    Plan W. Moscow Trump Tower
    Plan X. Tie Bill’s buddy Epstein to Trump
    Plan Y. Exclude Trump from Kaliforia’s Primary Ballot
    Plan Z. Convince voters we are headed into a recession
    Plan AA. Recruit Establishment Never-Trumpers to run against him
    Plan AB. Dox Trump supporters
    Plan AC. Have Silicon Valley conspire to shut down any and all Conservatives
    Plan AD. Have the Coup Conspirators generate a fake whistle blower story


    (from poster at GP)

    Given That there is NO Whistleblower perhaps Pelosi’s Letter should be renamed

    Pelosi Sends Letter To Congress About Rumourmonger Complaint

    The only problem being… there is no whistleblower.

    Per CNN: “The whistleblower didn’t have direct knowledge of the communications, an official briefed on the matter told CNN.”

    By definition this person is not a “whistleblower” with provable evidence ready to be turned over and deserving of legal protection.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle

    You only have to look at the top ten candidates for the Democrat Presidential campaign. All of them are expousing crazy disastrous policies. Even the top twenty, since the other ten that didn’t qualify for the debates were as bad or worse.

  9. Robber Baron

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

    Time has arrived.

  10. I_am_not_a_robot

    …. Labour’s membership fell from 564,000 at the end of 2017 to 519,000 at the end of last year [2018] … (

    The Labour Party has still by far the largest party membership but under Corbyn they would self-selectively represent the most extreme left of the country with a total electorate of 48,000,000 or ~1%.
    Question 1, 48% = 250,000, Question 2, 66% = 345,000, Question 3, 28% = 145,000.
    I’m not surprised, a similar poll with adjusted wording of the ALP membership would probably yield a similar result percentage-wise.

  11. Dr F red Lenin

    I can put up something that contradicts these“figures,”
    Nations can decide who lives in them , 83 percent yes,
    Are you proud of Britains history over the last 500 years ,88per cent yes ,
    Muslims are responsible fir terrorism,94percent yes,
    Do you intend to vote for corbyns communists 94per cen no,
    Do you wish to leave the EU without a deal , 66 oer cent yes ,
    Do you believe in climate crisis 70percent no .
    Thats how easy it is to show supportfor a cause.

  12. lotocoti

    The Abolish Eton crowd attract all the right-on sorts.

  13. Roger

    These lefties are bizarre people. They want the State to control just about all of life, but also want open borders. It doesn’t add up.

    The propose of open borders along with multikulti is to dilute the mainstream culture.

    When the previously orderly and largely unified culture breaks down, greater government control is required to maintain public order.

  14. Iampeter

    The left is always dishonest.

    Who do you mean? People that want to regulate trade, immigration, tech companies, etc, etc?
    I don’t think “the left” means what any of you confused leftists here seem to think it means.

    So, are you being dishonest?

  15. Elderly White Man From Skipton

    One of the most predictable preambles: “The left is always dishonest. Everything they do is tactical in pursuit of power. I used to be among them “

  16. AlanR

    Numerous studies have discovered that approximately 86% of Australians are dissatisfied with the current political system. Only 15% of the population pay close attention to the day-to-day machinations of politics. A further 15% pay absolutely no attention to politics at all, leaving a massive 70% of the population who only take a fleeting interest come election time. This means that at any given time outside an election, probably 85% of Australians are not engaged with politics.

    Why is it so? (To quote an old scientist some may remember.)

    I believe it is because of the behavior of politicians. And please note, I mean ALL politicians, those on both the left and the right. To claim that it is only the left who are

    “… always dishonest. Everything they do is tactical in pursuit of power…”

    is a lie itself, thus rendering those who perpetuate it no better than those they claim to oppose. (Let’s be honest here, Donald hasn’t exactly been loose with the truth has he?) In order to be taken seriously and promote your position, honesty is required. This means admitting that everyone can / has to lift their game. To do otherwise only diminishes your credibility and does nothing to advance your argument.

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