Trump’s speech to the UN

It’s 36 minutes long. Here is a report on the speech. Here’s a part of that speech.

“We are here to advance the common good while upholding our shared humanity and values,” the secretary general said. “That vision united the founders of our Organization.” However, Secretary General Guterres’ concept of the UN “vision” today is of a globalist institution, which was not the founders’ original vision at all. The founders’ vision for a new United Nations was much closer to the one that President Trump has articulated. The United Nations was founded to bring sovereign nations together for the purpose of cooperating in the solution of common problems and taking collective action where warranted against aggressors’ threats to international peace and security. The United Nations Charter specifically recognizes the sovereign status of the member states. It stipulates that the United Nations does not have the authority “to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state.”

But if you have time, watch it through. It will also do very well as a re-election speech. It was also a warning to anyone thinks they might take the US on. This is a new form of diplomacy/ Puts it straight to the Chinese and invites Britain to leave the EU and join in a trade agreement with the US. He even discusses Venezuela which no one else does. “Socialism is about one thing only, power to the ruling class.” He really gets it, means it, and says it.

An incredible moral force. An astonishing speech.

And for another perspective on PDT in the world of diplomacy, this is the transcript of his conversation with the President of the Ukraine. Not only no wrong-doing, there is much right-doing.

He makes his enemies look smaller and more repulsive with each passing day.

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24 Responses to Trump’s speech to the UN

  1. Black Ball

    Watched it just now, a tour de force. No teleprompter, no cues. Just straight up. If President Trump is gone, so is the West.

  2. Howard Hill

    I don’t know how much truth he speaks? Politicians have over the ages convinced us never to believe a word they say, but this guy just triggers so many nerves/senses and sound so sincere you can only but listen and wish to hell that his words are truthful. Because at the end of the day, it’s all we real and caring human beings want from the world.

    I’ve never really voiced my opinion of Donald Trump and kept a close eye on what he says and does. I’m still not convinced he’s the real deal, but every day, every speech, in front of countless parasites, I lean closer to believing him. I just hope he’s for real or there’s going to be the biggest shit-fight you’ve ever seen!

  3. Tom

    If you’re uncertain about what America is doing under Trump, this 35-minute video defines the Trump doctrine in a carefully considered, scripted manifesto.

    The fact that it is so different from the prescription of the Washington foreign policy establishment is a measure of how radicalised the West has become in the past 20 years. Capitalism has been so successful since the fall of the Berlin Wall that the Marxist white ants in the education system have found a ready socialist recruiting ground among children deliberately misinformed about communism and the 100 million people killed in its name.

    But the rot really set in with communist China’s admission to the World Trade Organisation in 2001. The UN told us it would open up the Chinese economy to the world and revolutionise the way China did business. As Trump recounts, it did the exact opposite: China simply used its WTO membership to game the world trading system, while stealing the West’s intellectual property.

    Essential viewing.

  4. None

    Oh wow. If only we had an Australian PM who was that clear-sighted and committed to Australia. Brilliant speech by Trump ( doubling up as an election pitch too, good on him)

  5. Win

    God Bless Donald Trump.Now wehaveto ensure that he stays alive to give us the courage to confront the communists parading as democracy in our countries. To finally have a leader who says and does what we plebs have been sayin* for years.
    If Scott Morrison is as friendly with Trump as has been portrayed we should expect to see some improvement.Something is bound to have rubbed off.

  6. Tel

    Touch dishonest to get all buthurt about Iran’s support for the Houthis while conveniently forgetting all the American military equipment supplied to Saudi Arabia, and the fact that they have been bombing three shades of shit out of that country for the past 4 years. Most of the suffering in Yemen has been caused by the bombing and the blockade preventing them importing food.

    Trump is right that Iran has sponsored terrorism … but hey who shipped all those weapons into Libya, Syria, etc? What about Saudi sponsorship going to various head-chopper radical Sunni groups? Pot calling the kettle black, and I think most of the UN delegates know about that.

  7. Tel

    That thing about the USA withdrawing from the Arms Treaty was kind of interesting.

    Australia and the USA were both signed up to that treaty, at exactly the same time we were both shipping weapons into Syria for rebel groups to overthrow Assad. Think about that for a minute or two.

  8. May God guard and guide both Donald Trump and Riccardo Bosi.

    Both deserve our support and prayers.

    For our own nations and families benefit, lets give it!

  9. notafan

    Wasn’t it Clinton and Obama supplying Syria?

    We told them not to.

    But did they listen?

  10. Empire 5:5

    Trump is right that Iran has sponsored terrorism … but hey who shipped all those weapons into Libya, Syria, etc?


  11. Tel

    Wasn’t it Clinton and Obama supplying Syria?

    The Libyan war was 2011 and supposedly some arms went from there into Syria not long afterwards. Rand Paul openly accused Hillary of using the Benghazi operation to help them funnel the arms to anti-Assad forces. Hillary pretended to know nothing about it, but some of her leaked emails suggested otherwise. The embassy was destroyed in 2012.

    Dilyana Gaytandzhieva found paperwork of a different arms supply going on diplomatic flights diverted from Eastern Europe. The report came out in 2017 but it had already been going on for years before it was discovered.

    That Arms Treaty was signed off in 2013 so they were doing the business even while signing it, and continued the same thereafter. However, they have threatened to use the same treaty disarm law abiding US citizens.

  12. Confused Old Misfit

    Excellent content, from an American viewpoint, which of course is right and proper, but the soporific delivery put me off a touch.

  13. Old School Conservative

    That was the best 36 minutes of my week.

  14. Jo Smyth

    But how many ‘ordinary’ people will watch it or listen to it. When you have the majority of the left media spinning a completely different, biased, one sided story to the masses, it seems impossible to get the message across. He will still win in 2020 though.

  15. struth

    If you think no one is seeing it Jo Smyth, you’re not sending it to enough people.

    We owe this bloke some activism.

    This is our chance.

    Finally ……finally people are waking up to the Ching’s unelected arseholes in the UN like Guterres, global commos and socialists all who have chained the west while letting substandard ching shit get sold to the world using our coal to make it.

    For those of you who say we can’t compete against China due to population, get your head out of your arse…….because it’s complete bullshit.
    It’s that they’ve getting a boost up while unelected global socialists have pushed us down.

    Any politician in Australia now saying that Australia will keep it’s commitments needs to explain who they have committed to.
    We do not make commitments to the likes of Guterres as if it is some sort of commitment to the world.
    It’s a commitment to a corrupted irrelevent undemocratic evil and has nothing to do with world representation.
    Ask a lefty today about Guterres.
    I guarantee that on the slim chance they’ve heard of him at all they won’t know what he is.
    A commo with desires for global control and typically as thick as two short planks.

    God Bless Donald Trump.

    Get active.

  16. Empire 5:5

    US-Ukraine crime fighting treaty signed by 42. Oh the ironing.

  17. stackja

    Voters who believe MSM don’t know, don’t care.

  18. Jo Smyth

    Ok struth, but what’s the plan, when most of the brainwashed world isn’t listening.

  19. Iampeter

    An incredible moral force. An astonishing speech.

    Wow. What an honest and measured way of describing what has been effectively a corrupt and democrat president.
    What’s the plan for Trump supporters after Trump?
    It’s not like you can ever oppose democrats or “the left” again…

    And for another perspective on PDT in the world of diplomacy, this is the transcript of his conversation with the President of the Ukraine. Not only no wrong-doing, there is much right-doing.

    Pretty sure that even if there was a tape of Trump handing over a bag with a dollar sign on it to the Ukranian President and receiving a folder with “Dirt on Biden” written on it in big black letters, Kates and other Trump cultists would still conclude, “not only no wrong-doing, there is much right-doing!”

  20. Rafe Champion

    My mole in the state dinner with Trumpie sat opposite Morrison’s chief of staff and close to Trump’s chief of staff. He said everyone got some face to face with Donald and Melania, both of them really friendly and impressive, sharp, intelligent and relaxed. He was there carrying the handbag for his wife who is a world leader in quantum computing at UNSW. Actually he is a star in is own right as well but of course all the woke people now want to be female world leaders in science and maths.

  21. Bronson

    Yam are you making a point or blithering again? Yes I get you don’t like Trump fine but just posting your bile isn’t doing you any good or advancing any argument other than your own increasing instability. Go for a walk, get some air.

  22. Empire 5:5

    WB report was released by the WH to the House Intel Comm today and will be made public shortly.

    The claim centres on one phone call, the one for which the transcript was declassified and released earlier today.

  23. Empire 5:5

    How anyone can fall for this shit in 2019 is beyond me. Hypergullibility.

  24. Old School Conservative

    but the soporific delivery put me off a touch.

    Yep, the American would be better off under a man with highly regarded oratory, soaring rhetoric, electrifying public speaking skills and a master communicator.
    Oh wait……that was Mr Teleprompter and we all know how disastrous he was.

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