Impending climate and energy primer

Good news. Since Peter Ridd became a public face of climate realism he has been repeatedly asked about entry level reading matter. The good news is that the Lower Neutral Bay Climate Realists are on the job, writing a primer on climate and energy, supported by the indefatigable Jim Simpson and the Five Dock Climate Warriors.

The First Reader is my sister, a primary school teacher. She did four years of science in high school and that is the level of HSC students and practically everyone in the western world nowadays. There are some great books available; Peter likes Roy Spencer, we both like Ian Plimer and the IPA books but they are not pitching at the median voter. They call for readers with six years of reasonably good science teaching or a lot of private study and we need to get to people with four years of patchy science often enough in the distant past. Besides the book has to treat the impending disaster in the electricity supply in Australia because that is the thing that is really going to create a demand for an explanation.

Lynne Balzer has got close to the mark with The Green New Deal and Climate Change although it is pitching a bit too high and it targets US readers. It is heavy on footnotes reflecting great research and it is light on bold diagrams. AT 180 pages it is bigger than our proposed contribution. We will go shorter, lighter on science and bigger on visuals both pictures and charts.

Can we get to the median voter? Time will tell, that will depend on the quality of the product and also PR and marketing. The MSM will be closed and also the bookshops that refused to stock Andrew Bolt’s books or hid them down the back.

The bookends are the first chapter on the damage that is being done by the Climate War and last chapter on the reason why your power bills keep going up and the lights will soon go out more often. The first chapter aims for the moral high ground by demonstrating that people who really care about the welfare of human beings and the planet will call a halt to the climate madness. The second, on the German Trifecta of Failure, proves that there is no way to have affordable and reliable power and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time (just in case you are concerned about CO2). The last chapter shows how our power system is being gutted by injecting unreliable energy and there is no way to reduce the supply of coal-fired power unless we substitute with nuclear power.

Most of the book is written and it has to be road tested with readers from the target population to be sure it is clear enough and covering the things they care about or want to know.

We will produce a series of short videos to cover the main points. There will be an electronic companion with masses links to reference material, that can be a work in progress to keep up with developments. Not a substitute for the book, it will have minimal text and provide maximum source material without the expense of paper and distribution costs.


The seldom-counted costs of “carbon mitigation”

Human costs. Lives lost (biofuel effect), lives not saved for want of clean power to replace lethal “biomass” burned indoors.

Environmental costs. Birds and bats, forest converted into woodchips for power in the EU, ecosystems destroyed for solar fields and wind factories, the looming crisis in toxic waste from solar panels and the dead forests of windmills.

Social costs. Complexity of regulations in the power industry (3000 pages for laws and regulations to establish the RE grid in Australia), ramping up the nanny state (no plastic straws), corruption of public debate and the political process, undermining the image of science and the integrity of education. Impact of power on family budgets and employment.

Economic costs. Subsidies (but most of the cost ‘off the government books’ and shifted to consumers), impact on family budgets (highly regressive, especially rooftop solar), GDP reduction and job losses (Fisher report), Lomborg on the worldwide cost and the opportunity cost in death and illness in developing nations from spending on carbon mitigation instead of hydrocarbon power and public health.

The German Trifecta of Failure.

The Upside of Warming and CO2.

Benefits – lower heating costs, better crop growth and less cold weather-related death and illness.
The greening of the planet.
The Nordhaus/Tol calculations that benefits of warming exceed costs for another two degrees of warming.
Life in the Little Ice Age.

Propaganda and lies of alarmism.

Dishonest images – black smoke from chimneys, miserable polar bears
Corruption of language – carbon pollution, science deniers, climate deniers.
Follow the money. Corporate funding of green activists.

No evidence of Big Oil funding skeptics after 2005. Heartland Budget approx. $7M.

Top US charitable donors to climate-related lobby groups 2011 – 2015 (total of 500 million)
Energy Foundation $95m (actually a regranting body), Hewlett and Kresge $70m, MacArthur $53m, Doris Duke $42m, Rockefeller Brothers and Schmidt Family $28m, Skoll $26m, Bloomberg $23m (Bloomberg spends much more than that on his personal anti-coal activities worldwide), Packard $23m, Climate Works $18m, Surdna Foundation and Heinz Endowments $15m, McKnight $14m.

Top beneficiaries (Where is Greenpeace? OK, no charity needed, Greenpeace Aust Pacific, income $19M).)
Sierra Club $49m, Alliance for Climate Protection $20m, Nature Conservancy $19m, The Partnership Project $17m, National Resources Defence Council $14m, Environmental Defence Fund $13m, New Venture Fund $13m, Bipartisan Policy Centre $10m, Wildlife Conservation Society $10m.

The fake “consensus”.

How much warming? and the role of CO2.

What damage from warming? False alarms all the way down.

The Barrier Reef, Acidification of the oceans, Extreme weather, Polar ice and glaciers, Sea level, Food and starvation of millions, Human health, Species extinction.

The Politics of the IPCC. Politics drives fake science and fake news.

Why Unreliable Energy Cannot Work.

Appendices. The Way the Developing World is Going (fossil fuels & nuclear). And An alternative policy for Australia (courtesy of Taxpayers and Five Dock Realists).

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21 Responses to Impending climate and energy primer

  1. Boambee John

    Much needed Rafe.

    Will we be able to purchase copies for families and friends?

  2. cohenite

    This is great news. Jim Simpson is a champion.

  3. egg_

    Jim Simpson and the Five Dock Climate Warriors

    Great stuff.

  4. Rafe Champion

    Every Cat will be expected to get 10 copies for friends and relations, high schools, public libraries and local members and candidates. We will run with minimum royalties to keep the price down.

  5. Fair shake of the Sauce bottle

    Please keep it simples for the sake of the children …. and me.

  6. Old School Conservative

    But….but….but… haven’t mentioned using 16 year old girls as human shields in the climate wars.

  7. Alessio

    This concept is long overdue. People’s eyes glase over when you get into the detail so we need to keep it simple at level one but be able to drill down as required. I am a retired CEO mostly of companies selling high technology in highly complex and highly competitive markets. A hint to the authors – address the readers questions first. Let me explain the Feel, Felt, Found concept of influencing people’s decisions. To sell a concept you need to acknowledge how the reader may FEEL then explain how you FELT, probably similar to the the reader, then explain what you FOUND. There is a lot of confirmation psychology in this, like empathy, collaboration then rational, empirical decision making.

    For example – I understand how you feel about global warming’s effect on rising sea levels, I felt the same until I found that the NASA data used on sea level rises by many of the advocates of global warming was conflicted and contradictory, even in the one report. Then refer to the report in question, in this case one reported at JoNova.

    There are better examples but this one comes easily to mind.

  8. Herodotus

    Can we get to the median voter?
    No, not as long as everyone from the PM down keeps referring to da emissions as if the theory of CO2 causing warming is spot on, correct, incontrovertible.
    No, as long as the bulk of the news media keep up the constant barrage of misleading alarmism.
    No, as long as most popular radio and TV presenters and their carefully chosen guests continue to spruik the wrong stuff.
    No, as long as celebs do their airhead thing.
    Books ain’t gonna do it.

  9. sfw

    I don’t know anyone called Gab much less my libertarian friends, when will they build a site for all of us?

  10. mem

    Date: 26/09/19 Dirk Maxeiner, Achse des Guten
    “Our group would like to counteract the out-of-control climate madness with fun.”
    Many new outlets may get excited about Fridays for Future, yet on Facebook the Petrolheads are ahead. The Facebook group Fridays for Hubraum, founded on September 22nd, managed to playfully pass their ecologically correct counterpart Fridays for Future with 74,484 members to 74,102 followers within a few days, and they added: “The fun of cars with a lot of cubic capacity is in the foreground, those who don’t tolerate Greta jokes should avoid the group”.

  11. egg_

    Can we get to the median voter?

    As BoN says, voters get their baseball bats out for the climate warriors at each election.
    Tits lost the unlosable election.

  12. old bloke

    Economic costs. Subsidies (but most of the cost ‘off the government books’ and shifted to consumers),

    Highlight the illegality of this. The constitution prohibits the government from taxing the population to benefit a third party.

  13. Wil

    I commend your effort and look forward to a copy, but I am afraid I must agree with Herodotus.
    No one, who should, will read it.
    Believe me, I am associated with library services, and I find that the attention span and the clear thinking of the bulk of the population is about one minute!
    Only slogans, with little or no meat in it, will get attention. Ask Trump. Or the media.
    When you get their attention, then attack.

  14. Gbees

    Wondering why the Hon. Dan Tehan MP hasn’t intervened in the JCU/Peter Ridd case and told JCU to cancel the appeal and stop wasting taxpayer funds. If they don’t he should withdraw their funding forthwith. The appeal is about nothing but hurty feelings and is political. The whole saga is a disgrace.

  15. min

    The people who would benefit from reading this book will not, even if it is given to them.
    A picture book for littlies to look at before their minds become brainwashed by teachers may be worthwhile .
    Having tried to debate alarmists for years none want to hear facts or do own research ,nowadays ,I just smile sweetly and ask how are their solar panels going . Very very few have solar panels. Huge bills and ongoing blackouts ,that is suffering some discomfort is what will challenge their thinking.

  16. Rafe Champion

    Yes min, this book will have text supported by bold diagrams and charts. I am toying with the idea of going down another level to a comic format with pictures supported by minimal text! But I need a resident cartoonist. This has been done before with health education messages in the US and to a lesser extent in Australia.

  17. mem

    I am toying with the idea of going down another level to a comic format with pictures supported by minimal text!

    Excellent idea.

  18. JohnL

    I may be wrong on details and would be grateful if someone could correct the following or provide some actual quantities:
    75% of the planet’s surface is covered by oceans. Oceans are made mainly of water – H2O. That leaves 25% covered by dry land. Some of this dry land is covered by ice – South and North Polls, high peaks and mountain ranges. Ice is made by converting water – liquid H2O to ice – solid H2O. This is done by cooling water. This conversion starts at 0*C when the ice starts forming and further cooling converts the liquid into solid – ice. Appart of converting water into ice, cooling also alters the volume occupied by original liquid. From 0*C to -4*C the volume contracts, by further cooling below -4*C volume expands, I believe by 11%.
    Could someone please calculate or estimate (maybe it was alraedy calculated) following:
    1) What is the total volume of liquid contained all oceans (and seas)?
    2) What is the total volume of ice on the planet?
    3) What is the total volume of liquid gained if all ice on the planet is converted – melted into liquid?
    4) What would be the rise in oceans levels if this liquid gained from melting the ice was “poured” – spread over all oceans?
    5) What would the temperature need to melt all of the ice?

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