Political Purpose

There is a saying … some people go into politics to do something, others go into politics to be something.

Well. From yesterday’s Australian is a description of the “office opening” of the new Senator from the great state of NSW, the Hon. Andrew Bragg:

“How good is NSW?” asked Bragg, channelling our PM, as is customary these days.

Frydenberg was also impressed with the array of donated drinks and food from the Premier State.

Premier State being the advisory shop of one Michael Photios.

Playing on loop on the TVs in the office: Bragg’s maiden speech.

You’ll be hearing more about this ambitious senator.

According to his personal website, registered in 2015 just in case, Senator Bragg:

started his career as an accountant at Ernst & Young and went on to work in senior roles at the Financial Services Council and the Business Council of Australia.

Lots of relevant political experience gained at the FSC and the BCA.

Yes.  We’ll probably be hearing more about this ambitious senator.  The only question is for whom is his ambition?  Make your own assessments.

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4 Responses to Political Purpose

  1. Bazinga

    Is this too cynical? Photios aligned = Photios and self interest. Not Photios aligned = possible self interest

  2. miltonf

    Mark Latham’s certainly got their measure in the NSW LC- he calls it the cross party cabal.

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