Bird Strike

Gentlepeople – as some of you are aware we have been experiencing Bird Strike over the past couple of weeks.

Consequently I have taken a very conservative approach to approving new threadsters.

Apologies if you’re trying to join any of our conversations and you’re not Bird and unable to join in.

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28 Responses to Bird Strike

  1. stackja

    Thank you for all your time and efforts.

  2. Frank Walker from National Tiles

    Gentle people

    Let’s have the third parties judge this, fella.

    Time to get off the bully boy altar Sinclair.

    What we need is an open and fair debate about drinking bi carb soda for health.

    Let’s hope Sinclair isn’t a dumb science worker like Edney that pig fuc….

  3. JC

    like Edney that pig fuc….

    Whatever happened to Edney. He was good value. He was a mere science worker from what i recall.

  4. Whalehunt fun

    Someone has to do the pig effing. Those sows don’t inseminate themselves with that expensive semen imported from Denmark or the US. It is a very important role and deserves respect. Same as whoever eventually defunds the ABC and deports all the staff and their families to Yemen with offensive religious cartoons tattooed on their foreheads.Pig effers are just as important as ABC persecutors.

  5. Mak Siccar

    Prof Sinc. Your time, vigilance and effort is greatly appreciated. Long may this blog continue. I, for one, have learnt a great deal from all the contributors for which I am very grateful.

  6. Dr Fred Lenin

    This is the best blog I know very informative ,fair and sometimes amusing ,particularly Toms cartoon roundup , more ppwer to you Sinclair ,great job you do , still one expects that from a Scots academic ,dont one . I ignore the lefties and Vietnam vets .

  7. Ellie

    You have the power, Doomlord, Master, Sir.

    Bird doesn’t.

    No to Bird’s anti-Semitism and homophobia. Plus his creepy stalking of our Lizzie.

  8. Ironbark

    And I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

  9. Gab

    But I thought the war was over?

  10. calli

    And here I was waiting for a fancy Fatwa.

    I’ll have to settle for a Nothingkebab.

  11. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Oh, has Birdie been around again? Sad for him. Ellie, maybe he is stalking me now, maybe not.
    He just used to like to chat with me once, in his own loony way, when he was fun and whip smart not bad and off the planet, and I didn’t mind that. Not nasty like some of the others were.

  12. Percy Popinjay

    Poor ol’ Boidee.

    This means that the syphilis semenblogger’s pathetic excuse for a webshite* will now cop the Avian’s full attention for the next few weeks.

    *Example of a bog post: Photos of a Brisl*mabad sewerage plant – yes, it is that sad:( .

  13. mem

    Known as the country that ate itself, Nauru is – along with the islands of Banaba (Ocean Island) in Kiribati, and Makatea in French Polynesia – one of the three big “phosphate rocks” of the Pacific.
    Almost the entire surface of the island was once covered with a thick layer of guano, sedimentary bird droppings that accumulated over several millennia. The high level of phosphorus in Nauru guano made it an ideal raw material for fertilizers and explosives. Exploitation of the island’s guano reserves started at the turn of the last century.
    The business became so lucrative that by the time Nauru achieved independence in the 1960s, the country had the highest per capita income in the world. Unfortunately, after a century of exploitation, the phosphate reserves have been almost entirely depleted.
    Anyone remember Nauru House in the top end Collins street?
    It all started with a pile of bird shit.

  14. Frank Walker from National Tiles

    Reading Shitfer’s utterly stupid blog makes me realise most if not all of my views are righteous, Percy.

  15. amortiser

    What was Bird’s handle?

  16. Ironbark

    Too many in jokes for me. Alas I have never been “cool enough”…

  17. Mother Lode

    Was OmPoida one of the Bird incarnations?

    I would guess not – OmPoida was a bilious little shyte from day one. Not Bird’s style. But others seemed to suspect him.

  18. Mak Siccar
    #3170812, posted on September 29, 2019 at 6:05 pm
    Prof Sinc. Your time, vigilance and effort is greatly appreciated. Long may this blog continue. I, for one, have learnt a great deal from all the contributors for which I am very grateful.

    Fully agree. As a long time lurker on this site, I too have learnt a great deal over the years. Long may it continue and many thanks to Sinclair.

  19. calli

    Ironbark, the “fatwa” thing was from a strike a few weeks ago. It went on fox about six hours, with the message “the fatwa is over”. It was obvious who was doing it. But weirdly entertaining.

    Unfortunately when it gets too much, all the comments go into the Memory Hole of Deletion, so it’s a genuine “you had to be there to get it”.

    On being “in”, read up on C.S. Lewis and the Inner Ring. It’s very instructive.

  20. classical_hero

    All it takes one person to shit on everyone.

  21. Chris M

    What was Bird’s handle?

    Iampeter and Frank Walker… (hee hee)

  22. Beertruk

    #3170892, posted on September 29, 2019 at 7:19 pm
    But I thought the war was over?

    Apparently he is having flash backs and is still doing the 01:00 to 03:00 shift in the gun pit he dug in his back yard.

  23. Frank Walker from National Tiles

    Chris M
    #3171776, posted on September 30, 2019 at 8:03 pm

    Monumentally weak sauce. You should do a podcast with m0nty and Steve from Brisbane.

  24. Nob

    Mem – Nauru House is still there.

    Just harder to spot now that it’s surrounded by taller buildings and this mess, I mean Landmark Building:

  25. John A

    Nob #3171865, posted on September 30, 2019 at 9:29 pm

    Mem – Nauru House is still there.

    Yes, commuters on Collins Street could quote from The Gondoliers:
    “I can give you the address.
    I see it every day.”

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