C.L. : Now subeditors are stealing dreams

Enraged Greta fetishists in the media are on the brink of seven-decker headlines.
Luckily, cooler heads prevailed today:

Five years from now the Daily Mail will publish photos of her bending over at the beach.

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49 Responses to C.L. : Now subeditors are stealing dreams

  1. Caveman

    Let me be the first, I’m outraged.

  2. Genghis

    Greta Garbage,
    Loved your press conference after your UN lecture. You couldn’t answer a simple question just shows how much ‘training’ you got! Pity you cannot read, for if you could you could read numerous scientific papers debunking the ‘Climate Disaster’.
    PS Any idea of the cost and CO2 used in building your lovely boat and how many boats would be needed to travel around the world? At least you can go home faster by aircraft.

  3. pbw

    Here’s a headline:
    Greta: I should be in school

  4. Helen

    Aah, poor lass, soon enough she will have to struggle with her own irrelevance as the green new deal moves onto it’s next puppet.

  5. Tintarella di Luna

    Greta is an actress, that is all.

  6. Zatara

    Forget her waffle talk. The image I can’t get over is the one of her sitting in a Eurorail car munching bananas for brekky.

    Where do bananas come from and how did they get to that plate so nice and fresh? My nieces and nephews were visiting this weekend and that’s the first thing they picked out of that picture.

    I have hope for the future.

  7. 8th Dan

    Poor Rod Lynn, away up in the Coffs Harbour boonies. He’s suffering attention deprivation. It’s been a while (2009) since he grabbed a headline about his dislike of public schools.

  8. notafan

    Greta is outraged

    thanks to climate change she was actually eating locally sourced organic carbon neutral Swedish bananas!

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    Pbw,in a school special need class ,this is not a normal healthy child ,she has mental issues that will influence her life hugely,and she will be a burden on society.I would imagine she would suffer huge out of control temper tantrums kids like her normally do . To use an afflicted child like this is about as low as you can get ,her groomers could walk upright under a snakes belly.
    The left knows no morals thunberg anti brexit ,Trump impeachement ,there is no low act they will not stoop to ,these rats are the scum of the earth,vermin

  10. Zatara

    Greta will be wearing a burka within 2 years and enjoying it.

    Stockholm is in Sweden isn’t it?

  11. The Fifth Bike Rider of the Apocalypse

    The American Spectator has dubbed Saint Greta ‘Scoldilocks’ in an article published on 25 September.
    The heading on Scott McKay’s article reads:
    Scoldilocks, Or the Story of Greta Thunberg
    A pair of Scandinavian leftists pimp out their Asperger’s-suffering daughter to push global warming, and chaos ensues

    This was too ‘hot’ for Bolt’s moderators.
    A milder version also bit the dust:
    A certain American publication referred to a certain young person as Scoldilocks.
    The article also suggested that the certain young person’s parents were to blame.
    No further details are available as they may upset certain snowflakes.

  12. This was too ‘hot’ for Bolt’s moderators.

    The entire news.com.au and associated lot is only mildly right of Their ABC and the Age. They pretty much repeat everything that the latter spew out, with no counter arguments whatsoever.

  13. None

    She won a 200 k prize last week. Greta’s minders are pushing for a nobel.

  14. bespoke

    At some point the use of children shields will have no effect on anyone, and that’s when the horror starts.

  15. None

    I think Roger Franklin also called her scoldilocks at Quadrant.
    [Edited. Seriously. WTF? This is a 16 year old child you’re talking about. Sinc] Gives interviews and dares to lecture the world. Scoldilocks it is.


    Absolutely disgusted with parent Trevor Crawford

  17. Dr Fred Lenin

    Bespoke , using children as shields , the Swedes must have picked up that habit from the islamofascist heroes they allow into Sweden ,its an old cpowards ploy .

  18. Mother Lode

    I am absolutely disgusted by Trevor Crawford.

  19. Mother Lode

    Five years from now the Daily Mail will publish photos of her bending over at the beach.

    It’s funny ‘cos it’s true.

  20. None

    Who is this Trevor Crawford? Absolutely disgusted with him.

  21. feelthebern

    Ol’ Trev.
    Well known around Coff’s for ghosting when it’s his shout.
    Also rumours of him being a notorious double dipper when he sees the old french onion at the P&C meeting.

  22. stackja

    Donald J. Trump
    Today, I was proud to sign the Autism CARES Bill! We support research for Americans with Autism and their families. You are not forgotten, we are fighting for you!

  23. Chris M

    Sounds like a good school!

    This little kid is definitely a nutter. Budding cat lady.

  24. Chris M

    The Bible disagrees with disgusted Trevor, he might need to switch to a warmie school:

    Genesis 8v22 “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

  25. Roger

    Parent reportedly “absolutely disgusted” by newsletter.

    A purely emotional response.

    It si hoped the principal can educate him about Greta’s many falsehoods.

  26. Nob

    Coffs Harbour bakeries report booming trade in doomsday waffles

  27. Twostix

    The Daily Mail always goes after the isolated everyman. They do it on purpose, it has a long MO of doxing people from the hinterland to send a message.

    That’s it reason for existence.

  28. Nob

    The DM goes after anything that will get clicks. I heard it’s the most successful newspaper website in the world in that respect. It’s expanding when others are contracting.

  29. Twostix

    Mark Latham has been very vocal about this, let’s see the big brave daily mail writers write the same story about him.

    They won’t because they’re scared of him.

    They prefer to terrorise small town individuals in distant places who pose no threat to anyone.

  30. Radman

    How to outrage conservatives? Tell them a lie. How to outrage leftists? Tell them the truth.

  31. Empire 5:5

    Five years from now the Daily Mail will publish photos of her bending over at the beach.

    If she survives. Programmed child slaves do poorly in the life expectancy stakes. The abuse is brutal.

  32. Old Lefty

    Meanwhile complete silence about the conviction and 22-year sentence of Frank Valentine, state government ‘protector’ of the young and protege of Plibs’s ex-junkie partner.

    And complete silence about Strike Force Southwood, which has branched out from Cromer High and the Northern Beaches of Sydney and has now made arrests laid charges on the mid-North Coast. I assume the comrades concerned from the government teachers unions are not alleged criminals but leftist social liberators.

  33. Dr Faustus

    In 1984, Big Brother was the personification of the Party and Ingsoc. He was necessary to provide a human face as a focus for adoration, fear, and ritual obeisance to demonstrate total commitment. Those that do not love Big Brother are unpersons and damned beyond the pale.

    Eric really ‘got’ totalitarianism.

  34. Gab

    It’s all fake like a so-called “Reality” show.

  35. TerryJ

    I think all this backlash on Greta Thunberg is wrong. She is just a little girl who believes in something and is doing what she sees fit. She should be an inspiration. Now, I am not saying she isn’t maybe used by higher powers for political purpose, it is a possibility. But still I wouldn’t want to sound like i suffer from Politicophobia! And as @None commented above, “She won a 200 k prize last week. Greta’s minders are pushing for a nobel.” so yes, maybe I am just being paranoid! LOL

  36. Blair

    “White, middle-aged, Christan, private school”: The Principal had no chance.

  37. Youngster

    My kids go to that school. It’s fantastic. Rod is an exceptional principal and has a sense of perspective.

  38. Up The Workers!


    The only good thing that ever contained one (two, actually), was ABBA.

    Volvo and Saab both went flat broke, and for the life of me I cannot think of a single good recipe that contains one.

    The General Assembly of the United Nutters has just officially repudiated science, for a fairy tale told by an unripe Swede, and serve them bloody right!

    I thought that Krudd the Munificent missed out on his gig as U.N. Secretary-General, but it seems he must have got the job after all, thereby fulfilling his destiny.

    The name: “Kevin Michael Rudd”, is an anagram for:
    “Mr. U.N. – Evil Dickhead!” – Believe It Or Not!

  39. Up The Workers!

    Trevor Chapman has evidently made the mistake of sending the fruit of his loins off to a school which is forlornly attempting to “educate” his offspring, whereas Trevor evidently wants them specifically “Ignorantised” – Leftard-style, just like he is.

    Send the rugrat off to a left-wing anarchist training academy, and they will be thoroughly illiterate, innumerate, and running a trade union, a terrorist cell, or a Left-wing Party in no time.

  40. Crossie

    If Greta is really as intelligent as they say then she may turn out like Lomborg. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

  41. Crossie

    #3172665, posted on October 1, 2019 at 7:59 pm
    How to outrage conservatives? Tell them a lie. How to outrage leftists? Tell them the truth.

    Did Confucius say that?

  42. Andre Lewis

    It is widely claimed that this child has intellectual and personality issues which to some extent explains her demeaner and how she can be so easily manipulated by adults. But she is nearly 17, although dressed and groomed to look younger, so if the impairments claimed are not true or mild then she could be well aware of exactly what she is doing. That would make her an arrogant and pretentious scold in anyones language.

  43. PB

    The DM is basically a platform for irritating Instagram sluts and MI6 disinformation.

  44. Old Lefty

    More outrage from the GayBC on line:

    Before criticising Greta Thunberg, Rodney Lynn used his school’s newsletter to air other views
    The principal preached about Israel Folau and also described abortion as “the barbarism of our time”

    The man is a Class A thought criminal. Off to the slammer on trumped-up abuse charges!

  45. notafan

    Greta appears to be very small and undernourished for her age

    vegan diet might be bad for growing girls

  46. Amused

    The name: “Kevin Michael Rudd”, is an anagram for:
    “Mr. U.N. – Evil Dickhead!” – Believe It Or Not!

    How good is that?!

  47. Wozzup

    I wonder if the Daily Mail would care to explain why being “white”, “Christian”, “middle aged” and employed by a private school is in any way relevant to anything.

    Is this just more of their flatulent writing of the sort that they seem to regarded as normal “reporting”? Or are they just playing to the hideous biases of their pet left wing reader base. About the only slurs they left out of the description were “Far right” “Nazi” or “Zionist”. Perhaps they will correct that next time around by trying to work them into a story.

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