Great news from Hornsby Council. Locals resist loonies demanding a climate emergency resolution.

Don Aitkin brings the news about Hornsby Council in an email from a local resident circulated by the Taxpayers. Hornsby is on the upper north shore line so it is full of green loonies and they packed the gallery while the council debated a motion to declare a climate emergency.

This is the message, slightly shortened.

‘Last Wednesday, I attended a council meeting at Hornsby shire. Up for debate was a motion that some of you might be familiar with — that the council should declare a “climate emergency” in response to the impending threats posed by climate change.

The room was stacked to the brim with activists in “Stop Adani” t-shirts and there wasn’t even enough space for everyone to sit.
One activist began shedding crocodile tears as she told us about how she had developed a drinking habit because of anxiety over the ‘climate emergency’. I certainly needed a drink after listening to her…

It seemed inevitable that Hornsby Shire council would become the latest to succumb to the global push. But it didn’t. The council declined to declare a climate emergency.

So what happened? A passionate band of vocal residents spoke up against the motion. They included scientists, engineers, men and women with families who believe in their community and believe in the future of this wonderful country. I was proud to stand with them.

Not one of us denied that the climate is changing…Not one of us were “climate science deniers”.

We spoke out because the science is not settled on the issue of “emergency”. Only 1 of the 32 models collated by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has accurately predicted the trajectory of global temperatures thus far. And it does not predict an alarmist scenario calling for rapid action or de-industrialisation within the decades to follow.

We spoke out because a vague and meaningless term like “emergency” with no details is tokenistic virtue-signaling at best, and an excuse for draconian, expensive and reactionary spending programs at worst.

We spoke out because most of us wouldn’t necessarily oppose financially prudent initiatives that green the area or make it more walkable and livable. Or, even better yet, environmentally friendly ways to more cost-effectively deliver council’s core services of “roads, rates and rubbish”.

Yet these “climate emergency” motions come with no such detail.

After all, state and federal governments already throw billions a year into emissions reduction funds or subsidies for renewable energy and we don’t need to see more of that at the local government level.

But if there is one takeaway from all this, it is that the voice of the silent majority will prevail if we are not afraid to counter the vocal minority who are not afraid to speak out or to quickly mobilise into action.’

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  1. Rob

    This is the push-back we need but is sadly very slow in reaching the level required.
    “Silent” needs to become noisy, even aggressive.

  2. Some History

    Kudos to Hornsby Council. I notice that the Mayor is Philip Ruddock.

  3. Lee

    “it’s a climate emergency because I say so!”

    Facts and reason needn’t apply; emotion and ranting do.

  4. Misha

    The intention was to acknowledge that we need to act now, not wait until the ‘silent majority’ wake up. Our youth see it and soon they will be the majority, at which time climate consequences may have taken a much larger toll, cost billions more economically and killed thousands more. I am yet to understand why the ‘silent majority’ don’t get it. The word is yet still out if they are indeed silent majorities or possibly minorities and the thousands in the streets protesting may be a better indicator that they are indeed the majority, especially when most of us cannot get out to protest.

  5. Mark M

    Brave or naive? Conservative Wagga surprises with climate emergency declaration –

    Wait. What?

    “Families have kept weather records on their farms … that go back often 100-120 years.
    And looking back through that they’re seeing the droughts and flooding rains.

    Funnell’s family were among the first European settlers in the district.
    “I damn well know what’s going on in the climate,” he told Guardian Australia.
    “If you look back historically, it’s very similar to what we went through right through the 20th century.
    Every decade there were droughts.”

    Neither brave nor naive. Stupid, incompetent and due diligence accountable climate grifters.

  6. Megan

    Local catastropharians tried ot on at Banyule Council close on two years ago. Surprising the good councillors, like those of Hornsby, declined to play. Did not stop them committing to replacing the council fleet with all electric vehicles though. Stupid is as stupid does.

  7. Mark M

    If any level of government needs to trial electric vehicles, they can check with the CSIRO if it is economically and environmentally advantageous and feasible before spending OPM.

    CSIRO goes electric with ‘green’ fleet

    Surely the CSIRO has made a cost benefit analysis-experiment of them, and is not just driving around virtue signalling?

    How many extreme climate events have they prevented?
    If none, how many cars/kms must they be driven before an observable difference is achieved?
    How much to run electric vehicle (ev) verse an internal combustion engine (ice) before an observable difference in global warming is achieved?

  8. classical_hero

    The fact of the matter is that climate in the past has been worse. Hiding the hottest month.

    Also that year was the worst famine in history where 50 million people died. But tell us now of a climate emergency.

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    Tell councillors they are there to ensure rubbish removal ,health inspection ,footpaths and some streets and ensuring their developer mates get planning aproval for an Aldi bag with something made of paper in it . They are elected to keep their real estate agent owners happy and wealthy .
    You will notice the abscence of wind turbines in woke council areas ? All that parkland and not one bird chopper !

  10. calli

    Hero, your New Scientist link couples the C19 drought with climate change and links to another article on hot weather in Texas.

    None of it makes sense. What “greenhouse gases” were present in the atmosphere in 1878? It’s pure, unadulterated stupidity.

  11. PB

    Most people develop their drinking habits to deal with having to listen to stupid, shrill, hysterical women bleating on…and on…about Climate emergencies.

  12. BoyfromTottenham

    The hidden agenda of these ‘climate emergency’ activists is apparently that there is a legal defence called ‘necessity’ that can be used only if defendants (such as, you guessed it, ratbag anti-xxxx CAGW activists) can point to an ’emergency’ that justifies their otherwise illegal action. The activists have figured out that if they can scare a local or state government into declaring a ‘climate emergency’ for any possible reason (and as this post points out, without a skerrick of evidence), then they can glue themselves to roads, climb towers, block railway tracks, etc., etc. knowing full well that they can just point to Upper Bumcrack council having declared a ‘climate emergency’, and pull out the ‘necessity’ defence – literally a ‘get out of jail’ card. Very [email protected]@dy clever! Now, how do we stop this gross abuse of the legal system?

  13. Up The Workers!

    To Boy from Tottenham:

    I reckon that if you threatened to forcefully acquaint them – up close and personal – with a bar of soap, that might have the desired effect.

    Once the pores of their skin are freed from all the caked-on layers of B.O. sweat and stink, their personal “climate emergency” may fairly be declared to be in remission.

  14. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    A Council is simply a local body. Scott Morrison has already stated nationally that there is no climate emergency and that overselling climatic change to yoof is a very bad thing to do to them.

    I think that would probably take care of any ’emergency’ legal defense coming from the glued titty brigade. Regardless, we do need to make the voices of sanity about matters climatic heard more at the local level.

  15. cohenite

    The worst droughts in Australia all occurred before 1900 and the worst drought was from 1500 – 1522:

  16. JC

    The worst droughts in Australia all occurred before 1900 and the worst drought was from 1500 – 1522:

    How the hell would you know there was a drought from 1500 to 1522. This is the sort of bullshit, we crucify small stature bald males like Michael Mann.

  17. Nob

    “emergency” is the new tactic for all sorts of activists.

    All looking for an excuse for compulsion and coercion when persuasion has failed, despite the indulgence of the media and institutions.

  18. calli

    Tree rings, JC. Page 3 has the methodology.

  19. classical_hero

    calli, I know. I was rolling my eyes when it was mentioned that CO² was making droughts worse and yet that drought was far worse than what we currently see.

  20. max

    Not one of us denied that the climate is changing

    No one is denying that climate is changing

    what is denied is The anthropogenic global warming theory — which global warming morons changed to climate change –because it can mean anything.

  21. calli
    #3174261, posted on October 3, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    Tree rings, JC. Page 3 has the methodology.

    It seems to me that the GREAT MANN Michael Mann already laid claim to be able to measure tree ring widths and divine the TEMPERATURE of the World for thousands of years.
    Along come these upstarts who now claim they can divine RAINFALL from measuring the same tree ring widths.

    I’m waiting for the paper that will claim they’ve measured tree ring widths and can tell us how many kangaroos and koalas dropped dead (Drop Bears?) at the base of the tree, hence fertilizing it.

  22. duncanm

    I’m in Hornsby council area and we’ve had some pretty serious lobbying by the Greens and other nutters. I’ve been pinging the green member on her facebook page, but get ignored.

    There’s been one particularly active local who’s been posting notes at the local shopping centres – and after the (failed, but see below*) vote, he sent out a flyer with a list of councillors who voted against the motion.

    I immediately emailed them, and cc’d him, congratulating them on their sensible decision. The only response I’ve had back is the following from one of the councillors:

    Thanks for your note <duncanm>,

    Mr <nutter> has dropped his note across the Shire and so far we have only had emails back in support of our decision on the issue.

    I thank you for your email.

    * – I woundn’t call the crisis vote failure a real pushback. If you read the council minutes there’;s still plenty of pandering to climate change; but its a good start.

  23. Squirrel

    “Hornsby is on the upper north shore line so it is full of green loonies” – the further people are from the activities which actually pay Australia’s way in the world, the more likely they are to go in for the virtue-signalling bulldust – particularly when the system looks after them so nicely with money from mining etc. which is laundered into the comfy rackets and rorts of our metropolitan economies.

  24. John Barr

    I suggest that the Hornsby Council draw up a plan “Green Plan” for the Northern Beaches. On it they could put multiple Wind Power Generators on the Foreshores. Cover all buildings with Solar Panels & Have Wave Generators in the Bays.

    Then Ask the Northern Beaches people to come along & assess the plan & make suggestions.

    Wait fort it, Wait for it….

  25. Nob

    As Western countries deindustrialise, sensitive young folk get traumatised by the sight of heavy industry.

    They want more railways but no steelworks.

    Electric cars but no power stations.

    Aluminium stuff but no bauxite mining.

    The ignorance is appalling but, out of sight, out of mind and it will only get worse as they’re more coddled.

  26. Tel

    Since when did local council have any emergency powers anyway?

  27. Rafe Champion

    Yes Duncann not a push back just a respite like the return of the Coalition.

  28. Young Freddy

    Well done Hornsby!

    Unfortunately the Denmark Shire Council wasn’t so wise. In front of a packed public gallery (including a Climate Emergency myrmidon who made the trip from Fremantle to be lead speaker) a motion declaring a climate emergency was carried 7-1. Only one sceptic.

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