Holiday reading

Quadrant on line. Jennifer Marohassy introduces the next Climate Change: The Facts, an engrossing read!

Impeachment watch. A useful site for anyone interested in the underside of American politics and especially the insiders who undermined Trump.

London police get serious about Extinction Rebellion. A battering ram!!!!!?

Concrete as a sedimentary rock? Never mind, just a new Green fad.

Concrete is the most abundant anthropogenic sedimentary rock on the planet, the production process requiring the transport of component cement and aggregates on scales far greater than natural geological processes. A building material for over two millennia, the scale of production and mineralogical and geochemical distinctiveness of concrete since the mid-20th century makes it a prominent signal for the Anthropocene within terrestrial, and increasingly subterranean, environments. It will be robust over millennial scales, but over millions of years will recrystallize to common natural minerals and disaggregate, losing mineralogical evidence of human origin, though commonly retaining aspects of human-made texture and form.

RiteOn on the puppetmasters behind Greta Thunburg.

The looming cold spell. Don’t throw out your overcoat!

The sun continues to be very quiet and it has been without sunspots on 200 days during 2019 or 72% of the time which is the highest percentage since 2009. We have entered into a solar minimum phase of the solar cycle and sunspot counts suggest this could turn out to be the deepest of the past century. Low solar activity has been well correlated with an atmospheric phenomenon known as “high-latitude blocking” and this could play an important role in the upcoming winter season; especially, across the eastern US. In addition, one of the natural impacts of decreasing solar activity is the weakening of the ambient solar wind and its magnetic field which, in turn, allows more cosmic rays to penetrate the solar system. The intensification of cosmic rays can have important consequences on such things as Earth’s cloud cover and climate, the safety of air travelers, and as a possible trigger mechanism for lightning.

A heap of statistics about trends in worldwide energy use and emissions. The theme is the lies told by the US Democrats, not original but the information is useful for folk who like to have the big picture at fingertips.

Jo Nova on the relentless vandalisation of our weather records.

Lots of things can muck up a perfect thermometer spot, like shade, new roads, new screens, or old paint. In order to remove these annoying non-climatic effects, the BOM compares each station to those around it to look for odd changes. In theory this sounds like a good idea. In practice it’s more like hepatitis – bad news that spreads. It’s a rogue code, sweeping through records, trying to find undocumented changes, and enabling any amount of revisionism.

The BOM “detects” these mysterious shifts at each site through thermometers that may be hundreds of kilometers away, even across a mountain range or the Bass Strait.

Among other sites, Cape Bruny in far south Tasmania has been corrected with the help of Ballarat 812 km away on the mainland, over mountains and across the Bass Strait. In 1991 Cape Bruny was found to be “statistically” wrong, and adjusted down by over half a degree.

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4 Responses to Holiday reading

  1. Chris M

    Hey Rafe I have a suggestion to curb ‘global warming’ for those that think it’s a thing. Just get a chain of maneuverable spacecraft and suspend a large piece of shadecloth from them and head over towards the sun a bit in sync with earths orbit. So the idea would be to shade the earth parts in summer only, don’t want colder winters!

    As a bonus we can all fight over the thermostat controls.

  2. New Chum

    Rafe there an article at the web site
    about ROSENSTIEN worth a look.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    London police get serious about Extinction Rebellion. A battering ram!!!!!?

    Small gazebos and pink bean bags of the revolution! 😀
    Meanwhile the Extincters have competition from a new subfaction:

    Animal Rebellion: They’re the militant vegan wing of eco-warriors who shut down British cities and now plan to stop us eating meat, fish and dairy. As this undercover report reveals, HATRED is on the menu (5 Oct, via BCF)

    + Animal Rebellion is on a quest to force Britons into compulsory veganism
    + The group intends to bring parts of the capital to a halt over the next fortnight
    + A total of 20,000 activists are pledging to blockade London City Airport


  4. Rafe Champion

    Thanks New Chum, I will put that on the Holiday Reading list.

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