Check under the sofa cushions

United Nations could run out of money in a few weeks, Secretary General warns.

In a letter intended for the 37,000 employees at the UN secretariat and obtained by CBS News’ Pamela Falk, Guterres said unspecified “additional stop-gap measures” would have to be taken to ensure salaries and entitlements are paid.

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28 Responses to Check under the sofa cushions

  1. Some History

    37,000 employees!#?!!!

    Wha… Wha… Wha… WHAT!

    Appropriate response – from 33 sec mark

    United Nations could run out of money in a few weeks, Secretary General warns.

    If only. The UN is a most destructive [unelected, unaccountable] organization.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    Socialism continues until they run out of other people’s money. Then it stops.

  3. Caveman

    There is always go fund me..

  4. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    Call uncle soros?

  5. Turtle of WA

    Four fifths of fuck all

  6. duncanm

    Member States have paid only 70 percent of the total amount needed for our regular budget operations in 2019. This translates into a cash shortage of $230 million at the end of September.

    The U.S. contributes more to the U.N. budget than any other nation: 22 percent of the regular budget ($5.4 billion) and 28.5 percent of the peacekeeping budget ($8.27 billion).

    .. but its Trump’s fault.

  7. Delcon

    United Nations could run out of money in a few weeks

    With a Socialist in charge?

  8. Howard Hill

    How can we all make it run out faster?
    True question, there must be a way?

    Oh yeah, asking a friend

  9. Bruce in WA

    “It’s good news week …”

  10. Fisky

    Iampeter will be devastated!

  11. struth

    Trump letting them have a taste of what our pollies are too gutless to do even to the ABC.
    Have the liberal party found just one group of socialists they won’t fund?
    One group they won’t bow down to?

  12. Colonel Crispin Berka

    There is only one firm, decisive action that must be taken in response to this grave threat.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    The Parties to this agreement,
    Recognizing the growing existential threat posed by the impacts of UN Income Change to low-lying small island nations,
    Recognizing that the higher the UN Income stabilization level achieved, the lower the consequent impacts of UN Income Change,
    Stressing that all actions to address UN Income Change and all the processes established under this agreement should ensure gender equality and intergenerational equity, take into account the protection of the integrity of Mother Earth, and respect human rights, the right to
    development and the rights of youth and indigenous peoples, as well as the just transition of the workforce and the creation of decent work, in accordance with internationally defined development priorities and strategies,
    Recalling the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties,
    Have agreed to further enhance the full, effective and sustained implementation of UN boondoggles by a series of junkets to be held in warm sunny beach hotels in locations to be decided at our next meeting in…blah blah…

  13. Ian of Brisbane

    37,000? Find the one doing some good and sack the rest!

  14. I guess those at the top will take the hit first to show their dedication?

  15. Terry

    Ian of Brisbane
    #3181025, posted on October 11, 2019 at 3:20 am
    37,000? Find the one doing some good and sack the rest!

    So, 37,000 sackings then.

    I would settle for getting rid of those doing harm – same number and result though.

    Then again, I would just withdraw all Australian funding. What they do with the rest is their business I suppose.

  16. One thing Trump is absolutely right about and that’s Europe taking the US for mugs.

    NATO, UN, the list goes on where the US has been giving the most money and support for decades. And despite all of this, the EU, UN etc just keep bagging the US at every opportunity.

    Much the same applies to Australia.

  17. Bruce J

    Best news in more than 50 years! What do they expect when they spend billions to achieve nothing?

  18. Have a look at their salaries.

    They are very, very well compensated.

    Let them all beg, I could not give a single fark.

  19. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Let’s be fair here. At least fire only half of them every week and turn the downselection competition into a reality TV show. You’d just have to find someone with high level political experience who also has experience running a reality TV show where people get fired. A rather rare combination of skills.
    Who could that be??? 🙂

  20. Dr Faustus

    To cut costs, Guterres mentioned postponing conferences and meetings and reducing services, while also restricting official travel to only essential activities and taking measures to save energy.

    What? Postponing conferences and meetings and cutting back inessential travel?
    The horror.

  21. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Redundancies are such a good idea here. Cut by 25% a year for three years and then proceed to wind up what’s left in year four. Amazing how focused and efficient places can be when this is done. Why they may find that by year four they are actually doing useful things that might be worth keeping and that nations might be prepared to fund. I wouldn’t bet on it though with the current ideologues around still.

  22. Dr Fred Lenin

    The employees might have to wait to get the dole from scomos government ,maybe as long as two weeks .
    As I have always said the way to detroy socialist fascist globalism is to defund it .love to see them bludge off that nazi bastard soros ( schwartz) till they blrrd him dry.

  23. Boambee John

    Frank Walker from National Tiles
    #3181228, posted on October 11, 2019 at 9:24 am
    Have a look at their salaries.

    They are very, very well compensated.

    And it is all tax free!!!

  24. jupes

    The UN passed its use-by-date decades ago.

    It is now one of the most evil organisations on earth. It is socialist, racist and self-serving. The moral thing for any western government to do would be to leave it immediately and burn every one of the stupid ‘treaties’ signed by previous governments.

  25. nb

    ‘United Nations could run out of money in a few weeks.’
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Now, what were we talking about?

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