Greg Chapman: The Corbyn Conspiracy – How he intends to achieve Brexit and become PM

After the spectacular success (by ABC standards) of my previous Brexit predictions, I have decided to polish the crystal ball to see what new schemes are hatching.

Jeremy Corbyn wants to be the first communist Prime Minister of the UK but he faces a number of obstacles. First, no one wants him to be PM and second, he wants Brexit.

Wait…Corbyn wants Brexit? The EU is left wing, why wouldn’t he want to stay inside it?

Corbyn has wanted to be outside the EU for decades. His current love for it is a recent phenomenon.

While the EU is centre left, it’s not hard left. It’s controlled by France and Germany, and the latter is particularly fierce on economic discipline after the inflationary debacle of the 1930’s. It has caused leftwing governments to fall if they don’t follow its dictates, and as the financial underwriter of the EU, what it says, goes on such matters.

Corbyn, being of the hard left, fears Germany would crush a Marxist government in the UK for its financial indiscipline. Corbyn wants to be free to destroy the UK economy as he takes it towards a communist nirvana without outside interference. He can’t realise these ambitions within the EU. The EU courts may even override mass nationalisation without compensation of industries. It might be a bridge too far even for them.

So why is Corbyn supporting Remain now?

Well he isn’t really. At the Labour conference last month, a large proportion of delegates wanted to push for a referendum in which the party would support Remain, but only after a rearguard action by Corbyn, did it resolve to stay ‘neutral’ if one were held.

Corbyn is deeply unpopular even within his own party, having been installed by outside activists who definitely want to Remain. Like labor parties elsewhere, UK Labour is split between the old time socialist workers and the trendy progressives. While Corbyn is of the former he relies on the latter to stay as leader. If he came out as pro-Leave, he would be removed.

Corbyn has become a chameleon blending in with the environment until the environment changes. If an election were held while Brexit hadn’t been resolved and Labour was seen as an impediment, that is, before October 31 or later if an extension is granted by the EU, Labour would be annihilated since so many of their electorates voted Leave, and Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party would pick them all off one by one, and any Remain Labour voters will go to the one true Remain party, the Liberal Democrats.

Therefore Corbyn wants Brexit to happen, so it will clear the air and restore traditional voting patterns, with which he believes he can lead a Marxist Labour Party to power.

How will Corbyn ensure Brexit happens?

While Corbyn can’t openly support Brexit, he can sabotage Remain. There is only one way that Remain can be successful. This isn’t the Benn Act, aka the Surrender Act, which supposedly forces Boris Johnson to request an extension from the EU, and then the parliamentary majority can put forward a choice between becoming a vassal state of the EU with no voting rights and Remain. Remain would obviously win that, and then Labour would be punished at the following election. A victorious Conservative party could still Leave after an election. They would campaign on it.

Also there are a number of loopholes in the Surender Act. An obvious one is that the Act leaves the extension date for the PM to nominate. Boris could just request a 24 hour extension, which the EU would reject. Whatever Boris does will be left to the last minute when the possibility to stop him is impossible.

There is only one way to successfully request an extension, renegotiate and have a referendum, and that’s to form a government of ‘national unity’, a Vichy government, a puppet of the EU. However the largest group within a Remain Coalition would be the Labour Party which would have the final say in whom would lead it. Other parties know that having Corbyn as the face of this Vichy government would be a disaster for everyone associated with it. The Tory traitors would never agree to it and are insisting that one of their number would lead it along with a less divisive figure than Corbyn from Labour, but Corbyn will refuse.

Corbyn knows two things:

  1. If he steps aside, he will never be returned to the leadership of the Labour Party.
  2. If he refuses, there will be no Vichy government and Brexit will happen on October 31.


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20 Responses to Greg Chapman: The Corbyn Conspiracy – How he intends to achieve Brexit and become PM

  1. Genghis

    Fascinating. Only 16 days to go.

  2. candy

    He probably dreams of being PM and bringing socialism to the UK. Okay. Ambition is normal in a person, whatever side of politics you are.

    I wonder though if he is starting think he should have let Brexit through, for better or worse, and concentrated on what Labour can actually offer to people if they win government and waited his time rather than simply being an anti conservative anti Brexit.
    Kind of like Bill Shorten. So keen on disparaging people who save and invest and talking about the big of end of town, saying that climate change will kill us all, and forgetting ordinary folk and ordinary concerns, the people they claim to represent.

  3. Beachcomber

    Corbyn is deeply unpopular even within his own party ……..

    And yet, Treasonous May nearly lost an election to him. She was a disaster in every way.

  4. Dr Fred Lenin

    Like here there hasnt been a working class labour(labor)politician for years ,they are all tertiary educated with tiny “degrees ,” wouldnt work in an iron lung just as useless as the left libs and tories .

  5. Beachcomber

    Boris could just request a 24 hour extension, which the EU would reject.

    That would be beautiful, just beautiful; if only to see the chagrin in the face of the that odious little toad, the treasonous House Speaker Bercow.

  6. Dr Fred Lenin

    I hope bercow suffers retribution for his demeaning of the office of speaker ,severe retribution .
    As for a second referedum, thats an old EU fascist trick tgey have used before to ignore the will of the people its lime a team losing tge grand final by a point then demanding a replay with their own referee.

  7. 2dogs

    An obvious one is that the Act leaves the extension date for the PM to nominate.

    No, it specifically states 31 January 2020.

  8. Beachcomber

    candy at 9:02 pm

    Kind of like Bill Shorten. So keen on disparaging people who save and invest and talking about the big of end of town, saying that climate change will kill us all, and forgetting ordinary folk and ordinary concerns, …….

    But Labor-Green only lost the election by a very small margin. Very soon, the schools, the Universities and the Marxist-stream media will have produced enough Marxist drones and climate crisis cultists to to make Labor-Green unbeatable.

  9. Greg

    Another loophole is that the Article 50 under which the UK has said it would leave is EU law which over rides UK law, and the Surrender Act. I suppose the Remainers could appeal to the EU High Court, but not a good look, asking them to uphold UK law over EU law.

  10. Suburban Boy

    An obvious one is that the Act leaves the extension date for the PM to nominate.

    As 2 dogs pointed out, 31 January 2020 is specified in the Surrender Act. Section 1(4) of the European Union (Withdrawal) (No 2) Act 2019 (to give it its formal name) reads as follows:

    The Prime Minister must seek to obtain from the European Council an extension of the period under Article 50(3) of the Treaty on European Union ending at 11.00pm on 31 October 2019 by sending to the President of the European Council a letter in the form set out in the Schedule to this Act requesting an extension of that period to 11.00pm on 31 January 2020 in order to debate and pass a Bill to implement the agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union under Article 50(2) of the Treaty on European Union, including provisions reflecting the outcome of inter-party talks as announced by the Prime Minister on 21 May 2019, and in particular the need for the United Kingdom to secure changes to the political declaration to reflect the outcome of those inter-party talks.

  11. Karabar

    The Benn Surrender Act is null and void.
    See Article 51 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969.
    “Any coercion of a representative of the State in negotiating a Treaty makes the outcome of the negotiation null and void.”
    Such coercion is precisely what the Benn Act attempts to do.
    The VCLT overrides any UK law.

  12. Tel

    So why is Corbyn supporting Remain now?

    Because he recognizes that lending his support to any cause would be the most reliable way to obliterate any popularity for whatever that cause might stand for.

  13. Tel

    Boris could just request a 24 hour extension, which the EU would reject.

    Asking for an unlimited extension together with a guarantee to allow instantaneous brexit at any future time might also be an option. The EU probably would also reject that, but as a first offer it looks semi-reasonable.

    Then go the 24-hour route as a second choice when the first is rejected.

    After both are rejected throw up hands and say, “There’s no pleasing these people, but oh I tried!!”

  14. Dr Fred Lenin

    Corbyn is doing the old blshevik trick of using idiot misguided”decromatic socialist “fools to gain power for his bolshevik communist aparatchiks , once power is gained the fools are eliminated ,its been done before ,and its being done now, by the islamists ,in alliane with the left and climate fools . When it comes to the final crunch who will end up on top? The stupid soft left or the crazy fanatic mohamedans ?.

  15. Dr Faustus

    It seems that BoJo’s strategy is to appear to be working really, really, rooly hard on an agreement with the EU, knowing it will either fail because Barnier/Merkel/Macron-bastadry – or has no chance of scraping through Parliament because it breaks up the Union.

    Leaving aside exotica like the Vienna Convention, it appears the BoJo Government has a Plan B to circumvent the Benn Act – presumably based on negotiations with Barnier ending in ashes and at least one of the 27 EU members saying: “Enough, FFS! No more steenking extensions” – and leaving the UK to shoot out the back door at the end of October. (In BoJo’s favour here, any 50(3) extension requires unanimity at the EU Council – and no more fucking around with political appeals to Courts, Parliaments and Quangos.)

    Corbyn’s chances of setting up the People’s Republic of Britain hinge on Boris scoring a Hard Brexit on 31 October – with the Labour Party on the sideline, howling disapproval.

    In the ensuing chaos (for chaos there will be, at least temporarily) Corbyn will be able to arrange No Confidence, and take the UK to a general election without the political baggage of causing Hard Brexit and without having to act in defiance of the strong support for Brexit from Labour voters in the English industrial heartland.

    If this happens, the UK can look forward to the prospect of having a swivel-eyed Marxist sorting out the results of 40-odd years of social and economic dislocation. Good luck with that.

  16. Greg

    Apparently the threat has been made that if the EU grants an extension even over Boris’s objections, that he will appoint Nigel Farage as their EU commissioner, with instructions to veto everything and generally be a bull in the china shop, which he would be only too willing to do.

    This alone will guarantee EU vetoing any extension request.

  17. Rococo Liberal

    Corbyn has no chance of being elected in any circumstances. People just won’t vote for all that marxist shite.

  18. Tel

    Could Boris stand in front of the EU Council, drop his strides, slap the lectern and demand that the EU provide him with a penile extension?

    That’s strictly within the wording of the Surrender Act, but probably contrary to the spirit.

  19. Squirrel

    In the (currently) unlikely event that the British electorate goes bananas and installs Corbyn in No.10 this recent incident might be a reminder that a radical British PM, lacking the support of a powerful union movement which would have buttressed such a PM in times past, would need to tread carefully –

    This bit of fiction may become reality –

  20. Greg

    I don’t think Corbyn can win an election, but he thinks he can, but only if voting patterns are not distorted by the Brexit factor. If Brexit doesn’t happen Labour will be blamed and will be smashed. Corbyn knows this. He wants Brexit, he always has, and believes when the dust clears, he can carry Labour to a glorious victory.

    In his dreams.

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