So tell us what you really think

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  1. Alan

    Interesting. CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network Personal Vendetta.
    [Project Veritas & Tim Pool]

  2. C.L.

    LOL. Szabo is an exceedingly smart cookie, well placed to understand the complex, murky cons being pulled by the Bidens.

  3. Sean

    Where’s Hunter?

    This has all blown up in his face. He’s done as the nominee. More than likely the whistleblower knew Biden and was trying to cover up for him by stopping Trump asking for people to dig deeper.

    What’s the scandal with investigating a potential conflict of interest between a foreign government and the son of the VP

  4. tombell

    don’t know this Szabo fellow – but I like him!

  5. Dr Fred Lenin

    Trump must be impeached he is a lasting threat to the US establishment ,he will expose the corupion and foul actions of the so called elites ,I am surprised he hasnt had lots of them in the dock being tried for their criminal actions . He is just as bad as Brexit which will destroy the carefull planning of the Davos gang to impose global fascismof the Hitler/Stalin “socialist dictatorships . And these maggots have the brass to talk about “democracy” ? They wouldnt know democracy if it bit them on the ass .
    Another Brexit referendum? Like a replay of the grand final because a the winner won by one point ? ,the bastards would rig a second referendum like they did in other EU slave states . They totally despise te people who feed them ,like all entitled bludgers .

  6. Gbees

    Nick is a little diplomatic.

  7. John A

    See, for instance, American Betrayal by Diana West, one of my current reads, along with Rupert Darwall on the history of the “climate change” scam.

    Both provide well-documented evidence of the long term undermining of Western civilization.

  8. Sean

    ‘You know what they always said about Joe’ …. ‘he’s not smart’

    PDT has him covered

  9. Leo G

    Nick’s bit of gold for the day.

  10. Robbo

    Why is Nick holding back? Tell us what you really think of Biden and his greedy grasping family.

  11. Dr Fred Lenin

    I feel sorry for the Bidens ,a guy cant make a dishonest buck these days without somebody exposing you , its hardly worth joining the decromats in these days of public scrutiny ,they are even after the Clintons and he was a damned President ! Its just not right ,the damned internet has ruinedpolitics as a good source of becomming rich .
    A question ,do they have Aldi bags in the Ukraine and USA?

  12. jupes

    What’s the scandal with investigating a potential conflict of interest between a foreign government and the son of the VP

    Indeed. There is none, expecially when the VP brags about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor sacked for investigating his son’s Ukrainian company.

  13. Richard Bender

    I’m confused. This is the typical gormless, sycophantic crap Steve Kates posts about Trump, yet someone else’s name is at the top of the post.

  14. candy

    It’s a pretty funny retort. And perhaps true.

    Joe Biden surely cannot win the candidacy. With his touching antics with pre-teen girls. I mean, how can the Dems as people who are parents and so on abide such stuff? And if he has some mental disorders what the heck are they doing putting him up for presidency.

  15. Mother Lode

    Biden thinks (it seems) that his declaring Trump a ‘threat to democracy’ is enough to impeachment – and yet after two years plus this clamouring for impeachment have been unable to find grounds.

    All Biden has to do is find instances where Trump has acted contrary to the democratic constraints of the job. Should be the easiest thing in the world.

  16. Overburdened

    Richard Bender

    It’s a bit like Breitbart here these days.

    Mr Kates should by now know who the audience is and get onto doing something that will be meaningful rather than talking into the echo chamber.

    I find the usual suspects grinding the same axe in various forms tedious so tend to inflict myself on the open thread.

    Mr Szabo is correct, and Mr Kate’s should step up with something, rather than being a fluffer.

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