The Future of Employment

The Future of Employment with Airtasker, Deloitte and RMIT. Presented by Mercedes me Store Melbourne.

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Wed., 16 October 2019

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm AEDT

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Mercedes me Store Melbourne

525 Collins Street

Melbourne, VIC 3000

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Know the Future of Employment

What does my job look like in the future? What will automation mean for my skills and wage? Will there be enough work for me? These are the questions we ask ourselves when thinking ahead. Join us at Mercedes me Store on October 16 as we explore the outlook with the people who are helping to shape this very future.

Hear from Tim Fung, Founder of Airtasker, an Australian community platform for outsourcing tasks as services, David Rumbens, Deloitte Partner and Lead Author: Future of Work project, and Professor Sinclair Davidson, RMIT Blockchain Innovation hub research professional.

Tickets include a drink on arrival and grazing table by ST. ALi.

Meet you on the corner of King & Collins.

Intuitive mobility. Urban forests. Artificial intelligence. The world of tomorrow has never been more intriguing.

During the month of October, Mercedes me Store Melbourne is hosting a series of fascinating talks exploring the future and all it has to offer.

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12 Responses to The Future of Employment

  1. Nob

    Sounds like a green wank in a strip club

  2. Nob

    Or is that the opposite corner?

  3. Squirrel

    Unless the reference is to forests of the metaphorical kind, the term “urban forest” is generally just an excuse for Green-infested municipal bureaucracies to block the removal or lopping of any tree, regardless of the danger, misery and expense it inflicts on those living near it.

    It is also part of the jargon of the Green-washers – build as many high-rise towers as you like in order to accommodate the population ponzi-scheme, and it’s all OK as long as you can point to a few trees being planted and protected in the “urban landscape” (usually some way distant from the high-rise towers).

  4. Chris M

    The Future of Employment – in Australia?

    I’m guessing along the lines of cash, contracting, part time, casual.

    Unless you are of the half that work for the government. Sinc may thinks blockchain could become quasi-cash, not sure how that will pan out. Maybe Bartercard Mk2.

  5. Sinclair Davidson

    My argument tomorrow will be along these lines.

  6. JohnJJJ

    The future for employment in the world is : Management financial consulting, Universities and Uber type websites……. eh…… wait a minute…….

  7. JohnJJJ

    Actually I am offering a website where you can find a management consultant who can certify you… now that is the future.

  8. Tel

    Actually I am offering a website where you can find a management consultant who can certify you…

    And a second, totally unrelated website where suitably certified parties can offer their management consulting skills, with very reasonable commission rates.

  9. feelthebern

    The paper makes two key predictions.
    First, that blockchain adoption will cause both market disintermediation and organisational dehierarchicalisation.

    Can my erection get any bigger ?

    h/t Archer.

  10. Sinclair Davidson

    Can my erection get any bigger ?

    Do all the girls ask that?

  11. Shy Ted

    Public sector employment in one form or another. If you’re not a NDIS carer on minimum wage you’ll be in admin for the taxpayer-funded provider. If you’re not an aged care carer on minimum wage you’ll be in admin for… If you’re not a prison or detention centre officer on minimum wage you’ll…. If you’re not of the victim class you have no chance in the actual public service. Skilled people will be self-employed but deriving the bulk of their income from taxpayers. Investors will have a rocky ride subject to the whims of the government of the day. Insiders will prosper like never before. Sensible people will go on holiday to the US, “fall in love” and get a Green Card. Everybody else will be in “training” for yet to be invented jobs of the future.
    Why do I predict this? An hour of free advertising on the National Press Club today. National Director of GetUp on today. The revolution will not be stopped.

  12. John A

    Sinclair Davidson #3185264, posted on October 15, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    Can my erection get any bigger ?

    Do all the girls ask that?

    Not all, dear Captain. That would be unfair to one. (Buttercup, from HMS Pinafore)

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