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Updating the site’s recent coverage of the Murdoch University whistleblower scandal: there has been an impressive response from Australian academics. Fifty-seven of them – all recipients of the Australian Research Council’s Laureate Fellowship – have signed a letter condemning Murdoch’s decision to sue associate professor Gerd Schröder-Turk and pursue the ABC journalists to whom he spoke about the university’s questionable literacy standards for foreign students. The Australian Institute of Physics and a coalition of 23 international academics have also published statements supporting Dr Schröder-Turk and demanding Murdoch drops legal action against him. Coinciding with this week’s national press campaign for free speech, this support and the coverage it receives will be highly damaging to Murdoch University. If administrators don’t cut their losses now and settle the dispute, their brand will be associated with a very ugly public brawl for a long time. Given the motivation for pursuing him was an alleged fall-off in foreign enrolments and revenue following the Four Corners expose that started it all, their legal militancy is baffling, bordering on irrational.

PS: I’d be more impressed with these white knight academics if they had supported Peter Ridd with the same esprit de corps as they exhibit for Schröder-Turk. I suspect student illiteracy is making all of their lives harder on multiple professional levels – whereas Dr Ridd was a troublemaker who got what he deserved.

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  1. stackja

    Degrees for money?
    Peter was being honest.
    Honesty doesn’t pay?

  2. C.L.

    It will pay in the end, Stack.

  3. Chris M

    It would seem an online degree from the University of lower Nigeria is worth more than one from Murdoch, and cheaper?

  4. Old Lefty

    My sources at one of our G8 universities tell me that Australian-born students refer to their fee-paying overseas counterparts (especially but not only from China) as the 51s. That’s because, by some miraculous process, they always seem to get 51 per cent – never more and never less.

  5. NuThink

    In 1974 I worked in France with someone who self identified as a Pied-Noir. He told me that he had worked in Senegal and was approached by someone selling fake degrees. He asked the seller what happens if someone checks up at the uni about his fake degree. No problems. With this seller, the degree is also registered with the Uni.

  6. Beachcomber

    Schröder-Turk deserves no sympathy. He abused his position as a staff-representative on the University Senate, assuming Senatorial prestige while he preened himself in all his virtue and “courage” in front of the ABC cameras. He knew that as a tenured “academic”
    he was safe and couldn’t be sacked. The University could only remove him from the Senate. I suspect the University is now taking legal action against him and the ABC “journalists” because they maliciously misrepresented the situation regarding foreign students. Anyway, most of these degrees are useless so who cares if foreign students pay for them?

    This is very different to the situation with Ridd who was actually sacked for trying to engage in academic discourse that challenged the orthodoxy. I’m not aware of any support for Ridd from academic colleagues, which shows what unprincipled tax hoovers they are. It’s kind of surprising that the NTEU supported Ridd in principle, if not materially.

  7. Iampeter

    Coinciding with this week’s national press campaign forfree speech, this support and the coverage it receives will be highly damaging to Murdoch University.

    This is what I was talking about in Sinclair’s thread yesterday. There seems to be absolutely no understanding of what the concept of “free speech” means, nor how to use it correctly in the proper context.
    Let me give you a hint: nothing a university ever does, will ever amount to a free speech issue. Ever.

    Also, you’re misrepresenting the situation just like you’ve done with Peter Ridd in previous posts. From my understanding it was Schröder-Turk that sued the University and they are counterclaiming.

    All because they probably weren’t too happy with him dropping a dime on them. And over what? The university doing what it has to do to keep it’s doors open, given the regulatory environment it has to operate in?
    It’s not like they’re involved in anything criminal. This isn’t even news, let alone “whistle-blower” stuff.

    So today’s conservatives have no arguments about getting government out of education, which would actually start solving a lot of problems, because that would require having some understanding of politics and being able to put forward a coherent position. Also, at the same time, they don’t want university’s to do what they have to do to keep the doors open.
    So the question is, what DO you want?

  8. JC

    FMD, you’re a tiresome mentally disturbed punk, imploder.

    You’re telling people they don’t understand the meaning of free speech, yet on the one occasion you explained your position, you couldn’t tell the difference between free association and collectivism. Seriously, get the fuck out of here, you disturbed loon.

  9. Iampeter

    JC, all confusions, including understanding the difference between free association and collectivism, are on your end. You’re the raving loon who has no business on a politics blog, not me.

    Remember you said we we’re done?
    You don’t need to keep stalking me in every thread to show how triggered you are.

  10. LOL

    I lost a lot of casual academic work when I noted to the “foreign office” of a faculty that the papers I was marking ought not to even be submitted, because the literacy was simply non-existent.

    “But they passed the IELTS…”

    Yeah and I’m a Saint Archduke The Most Serene Eminence Grand Admiral Professor Herr Doktor Witchfinder General as well.

    I was told it wasn’t my place to bring this up and never got work from that department ever again.

  11. Fisky

    Schroder-Turk must be silenced because he threatens the very business model of the tertiary visa mills which are a vital feeder to our property-ponzi economy based on Quantitative Peopling. Blowing the whistle on poor academic standards is very hateful and deplorable.

  12. Iampeter

    Schroder-Turk must be silenced because he threatens the very business model of the tertiary visa mills which are a vital feeder to our property-ponzi economy based on Quantitative Peopling.

    And? This is what we get as a result of arbitrary, leftist regulations of education.
    As someone who believes that politics is about “doing whatever it takes by any means necessary,” this is a system you thoroughly endorse.
    So you don’t oppose the status quo but you also don’t want the universities doing what they need to do to survive in the status quo.
    Same question as to CL: what DO you want?
    What is the point of your post?

  13. Fisky

    Iampeter, shush. You don’t know anything about education!

  14. Kneel

    “Blowing the whistle on poor academic standards is very hateful and deplorable.”

    Certainly is.
    I recall a friend who at the time was a senior lecturer at UTS, who had the hide to fail a full fee paying foreign student. Got hauled before the dean, with parents of the student present. Asked why student failed, answer was “scored too low in the test”. The dean was appauled that such a minor issue could fail a full fee paying student. The parents were actually pleased – they didn’t WANT their child to be given a degree, they wanted him to EARN it!
    Yes, Mr University Ad-mini-stray-tor, the issue isn’t that someone gets a fail that they deserve – the issue is gifting degrees to those who don’t deserve it but can pay for it. Grow a spine – you’ve obviously had yours surgically removed, no doubt with the gracious help of the student union. FYI, failing people who deserve to fail IMPROVES the Unis reputation, it doesn’t lessen it!

    IamP:”What is the point of your post?” – just to piss you off. Is it working?

  15. Iampeter

    Iampeter, shush. You don’t know anything about education!

    I have no doubt that you are the education expert here. About as much of an expert as you are on politics, right?
    But you didn’t answer my question. Because you have no point. You are just bloviating.

    IamP:”What is the point of your post?” – just to piss you off. Is it working?

    No…? I’ve said before you guys should get a salary for your comedy writings at the Cat.
    Professionals couldn’t make up the stuff you guys come up with as you try to discuss The Politics.
    Unintentional though the comedy may be…

  16. Beachcomber

    None of the players in this deserve any sympathy. Not Schröder-Turk, or the ABC or the University. They are all parasitic mountebanks. They should all be de-funded; deprived of taxpayers’money and forced to earn a living doing something useful.

  17. Peter

    Please post something substantive instead of a “rhetoric form letter”.

    Please dickhead, we’re mostly well educated and we can smell elitist bullshit a mile off, we’ve all been exposed to the same nonsense as well.

    Criticism is great, bloviating and never making an assertion regarding what ought to be done is worse than useless.

  18. Iampeter

    Frank, I wonder who you think you’re kidding with that post…

    Anyway, I’ll let you get back to your ranting and raving. The mark of a “well educated” person, right?

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