From Hansard: Suspension of democracy

MP: My question is for the Prime Minister. Prime Minister can you remind the House as to the result of the May 18 election?

PM: I thank the honourable member for his question. I know how closely he is interested in electoral matters, as are all Australians. Mr Speaker, the Australian people went to the polls on May 18 of this year. Some 14,253,393 Australians cast their votes in what the opposition parties had labelled as being “the climate election”. After the votes had been tallied 5,906,875 voters had voted for the re-election of the government resulting in 77 seats. Some 4,752,160 voters voted for the ALP resulting in 68 seats. I remind the House, Mr Speaker, I remind the House …

Speaker: Order. Order. I’m trying the hear the Prime Minster’s answer.

PM: Thank you Mr Speaker. I remind the House that executive government is formed by having a majority in the House. As such it is the Coalition parties that have formed executive government, and not the opposition Mr Speaker. …

Speaker: I warn the member for Sorelosery.

PM: Now Mr Speaker, I have been very indulgent, very indulgent,  with the opposition’s carrying on about the need for a “war cabinet”. But as I have said, “We are not at war”. So this morning, Mr Speaker, I was somewhat surprised to see an article by the member for Hunter in the Financial Review calling yet again for a war cabinet.

While the member for Hunter may pretend that he is calling for a war cabinet or a government of national unity, what he is calling for, Mr Speaker, what he is calling for is the suspension of democratic  processes.

Government MPs: Shame. Shame. Shame.

Speaker: Members on my left. I warn the member for Youhadyourchance.

PM: Mr Speaker. Where have we heard that before? The need for ““emergency” responses such as the suspension of democratic processes.”

Manager of Opposition Business: Point of order Mr Speaker …

Speaker: The Manger of Opposition Business has nothing to say. The Prime Minister will wrap up his answer.

PM: Thank you Mr Speaker. So I say this to the Opposition, I say this. You lost the election. You had your chance to form executive government and implement your policies on the drought – whatever they may have been. But no. You were too busy trying to impoverish self-funded retirees. If people living in drought affected areas wanted your policies they would have voted for those policies and your candidates instead of Coalition candidates. There will be another election in three years time when the opposition will have another opportunity to form government, but in the meantime my government intends to continue governing.

Speaker: Time.

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14 Responses to From Hansard: Suspension of democracy

  1. DaveR

    Perfectly put Sinc. The reality of politics is a bi!ch.

    Its unfortunate (for him) that Fitzgibbon is one of the more rational thinkers in the irrelevant ALP, but he too has been rendered ineffective by the useless remnants of Albanese, Wong, Butler and Keneally.

  2. C.L.

    Calls for bipartisanship and “national unity” cooperation have always amused me.
    We have a democracy – it works (sort of) and now we have a legally empowered government.
    That’s all, folks.

    Fitzgibbon’s plea is just attention-seeking and desperation for traction. The Albanese Opposition is starting to look desperate.

  3. Tintarella di Luna

    The Albanese Opposition is starting to look desperate.

    a little bit more of Kristina Kerscher Keneally is needed to complete the look.

  4. egg_

    Albanese, Wong, Butler and Keneally.

    Butlers plural – pouty lips and the SA tard.

  5. Dr Fred Lenin

    The alp have lost all meaning originally it was a genuine workers partyopposed to the establishment . Hen the rot set in the lawtradespeople started infiltrating this means of employment for lawyers who couldnt make it in court ,combined with the lawyers in the so called conservative srt of party they made politics into a lucrative career with huge benefits when they retired to spend more time with their families ,along with positions on the board of companies who had benefitted financially from the politicians time in office .
    As career politicians they re owned body and soul by the etablishement ,and any stupid brainfart the elites adopt becomes scripture .
    Hazelwood is a classic example even the village idiot knows if you remove 20 per cent of the power you are going to have 20 per cent less power ,how much money changed hands to let AGLclose it in ordr to get more taxpayer subsidies ? Even Andrews would know this ,so WHY?

  6. stackja

    The last ALP war cabinet did little.
    Curtin and MacArthur ran the war.
    No input from the Opposition.

  7. Percy Popinjay

    Government MPs: Shame. Shame. Shame.

    Australian people: Ready the tar, feathers, shipping containers and bulldozers …

  8. Old School Conservative

    SHY’s juvenile posturing shown in the Roberts speech (posted in the Tuesday Forum) is syptomatic of politician pettymindedness.
    Exaggerated eye rolling, Trioli finger circling, muted tut tuts and sad shaking of the head is all many of them can bring to the debate.

  9. V

    Meanwhile in England they have an actual suspension of democratic process with the courts ruling the government can’t go to an election to achieve a result the majority of the voting public supported.

  10. herodotus

    Fitzgibbon got a very easy run on drought with Chris Kenny. It should have been pointed out that Labor and the Greens have both prevented new dams for decades and insisted on water just going out to sea.

  11. Old School Conservative

    Suspension of democracy?
    What a brilliant opportunity in order to ram home the building of new dams, removal of illegal refugees, suspension of immigrant arrivals, creation of coal fired power stations and coal mining approvals selling the ABC and halving the size of our Federal government.
    Just temporarily of course.
    I’m not saying a benevolent dictatorship should be permanent or anything.

  12. Mother Lode

    Exaggerated eye rolling, Trioli finger circling, muted tut tuts and sad shaking of the head is all many of them can bring to the debate.

    The left’s leading lights become more and more juvenile as they get older and older.

    SHY should never have left the SRC at uni, and prior to that it is debatable as to whether she should ever have allowed to join it in the first place.

  13. Diogenes

    let them form a joint ‘war’ cabinet just like Merkel had (CDU/CSU was roughly equivalent to our coalition, and the SPD, our ALP). As you could not pick out an individual party to blame when everything goes pear-shaped, then the smaller parties will get a go, as they have

  14. Roger

    Meanwhile, in Queensland, in a historical moment, the Premier has been found to have acted unethically in depriving KAP members of parliament of administrative support after they refused her command to denounce Fraser Anning’s maiden speech in the federal parliament.

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