The Triggs Effect

The virus spreads:

… two were charged under a Connecticut State law that criminalizes ridiculing “any person or class of people on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality, or race.” The misdemeanor is punishable by up to 30 days in jail, a fine of $50, or both. 

That magic word of ridicule.  Put all the comedians in jail!

But apparently/allegedly, a:

video caught white students saying the n-word.

Let’s see what happens if persons who are non white use the same language.

At least in the US, there is defence referencing the 1st amendment to the US Constitution.  Watch this case go all the way up to the US Supreme Court.

Sadly, no such defence exists here in Oz.  But at least the Australian journalist industrial complex is looking after themselves seeking privilege and protection.  Shame their interest in “freedom” does not extend to the rest of us.

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18 Responses to The Triggs Effect

  1. I_am_not_a_robot

    Producer Peter Jackson is keen to ensure authenticity in his remake of the 1955 movie ‘The Dam Busters’ but the name of Guy Gibson’s dog has caused problems.
    The dog will be renamed “Digger” or “Rigger” or “Trigger” or something else, or maybe it’s all too hard and the production will be dropped.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    I was also wondering if the qwerty cake nazis will now condemn this restaurant for denying service to three women:

    Minnesota Not-So-Nice: Trump-Supporting Women Called ‘Terrorists’ and Thrown Out of Minneapolis Cafe (22 Oct)

    Three women were thrown out of a vegan eatery in Minneapolis for wearing Trump gear earlier this month, and now one of the women says her real estate business is under siege by Trump-hating leftists. Employees at the “worker-owned” Hard Times Cafe verbally abused the pro-life Trump supporters, calling them “terrorists” and “baby killers,” before forcing them to leave.

    I think that is worse than “ridiculing”. Calling people terrorists and baby killers is highly offensive, especially when the victims are trying to save babies not kill them.

    Ah, who am I fooling? The Left will just be hypocrites again. Some animals are more equal than others.

  3. Tel

    They will be issuing special license to be a comedian soon.

    Similar to the special license you need before you can be a journalist.

  4. nb

    Do we seek consistency from the creed that killed 100 million people and continues destroying lives apace; a creed that hates the freedoms that have brought billions out of poverty? Hypocrisy is the smallest of the sins of the creed that relies on neurosis and delusion to satisfy its lust for power.

  5. RobK

    This dilemma has been explained many times by the ABCs laté set. It’s ok to vilify “up”the social ladder (that’s humorous) but not “down”. Easy really. The minority decides who should be offended .
    Privilege levelled.
    “Judge them by their character”, someone suggested.

  6. Mother Lode

    What about when black people call white people ‘cracker’. Rap artists beasts call police ‘pigs’.

    What about all this talk about ‘white privilege’? What about when a non-white spits out the word ‘white’ with venom, making it an expression of contempt and hatred.

    What about the fact that even the most benightedly ignorant Judge, blindly groping about in the impenetrable gloom between their ears, would be able to recognise that you would not be able to make a program called ‘Dear Black People’.

  7. wal1957

    But at least the Australian journalist industrial complex is looking after themselves seeking privilege and protection. Shame their interest in “freedom” does not extend to the rest of us.


    I would have sympathy for them if they factually reported news without any spin.
    Sadly, they can’t help themselves. The bias is far too easy for all to see.

  8. Chris M

    Yes the record companies and music stores must permanently remove from sale and song that uses ridicule such as the ‘from Nigeria’ word, and performers using such must be prosecuted.

    Alinski recommended this action I believe.

  9. From elsewhere:


    Far out.

    The US Democrats are now the Redcoats.

    Massachusetts Legislator Proposes $200 Fines, 6 Months in Jail for Using the Word ‘Bitch’
    State Rep. Daniel Hunt’s bill is an obvious First Amendment violation says Jim Manley of the Pacific Legal Foundation.

    Specifying that the use of the word bitch could be a criminal act at the very least seems superfluous given that Massachusetts’ disorderly conduct law already bans any “offensive and disorderly acts or language” used to “accost or annoy another person.”

    It’s also a violation of the First Amendment’s free speech protections, says Jim Manley, an attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF), a public interest law firm that litigates free speech issues.

    “As the Supreme Court has said there’s no happy talk requirement in the First Amendment. You cannot ban a word when it’s used to annoy someone but let them use the word when they are using the word in a positive way,” Manley tells Reason. “There’s no confusion about this point of law.”

    “Legislatures,” he says, “can’t just pluck words out of the dictionary and ban them.”

  10. Bruce

    Here in the Penal Colony of Botany Bay, it was ever thus.

  11. Rob MW

    The world gets more curious by the day. I think that the next Olympics and that of the commentators trying to call and make comments on events will have their hands full, maybe Roy & HG will be banned, maybe that the Olympics will be all about the last commentator standing particularly when tits and pricks are competing in the same event, winning by a nob will become commonplace I suspect. Is ‘nob’ a gender neutral pronoun ?. Two weeks of televised restricted free speech with the odd slip of the tongue, that, being the equal of a full monty in down town Bagdad.

    WADA in particular is going to be busy, I think. Those biological females that take up steroids to boost muscle and body mass, then spend a year of testing to bring the levels down with drugs in the same manner as their competing transgender freaks are allowed to do under the rules will be interesting for the anti-doping agency to navigate.

    Oh wait……………. just a horrible thought………. the biological female athlete is allowed to compete under the same drug rules that govern transgender athletes aren’t they ??

  12. Percy Popinjay

    They will be issuing special license to be a comedian soon.

    Including a prominently placed and bolded clause that immediately revokes the license should the alleged comedian utter or write anything even remotely amusing at any time, evah.

  13. Dr Fred Lenin

    Did triggs get a job at the EU ? She would fit in well with the failed left wing politicians ,firmer communist aparatchiks and useless tossers there the place is rotten with has beens and failures.
    Turnbull ,krudd Giliard ,clinton would get a job there easily . The Fourth Reich attracts losers like the Third one did and the soviet onion .

  14. Doesn’t matter to me because I’ve since forgotten all the w o g jokes I learned when I first arrived in Australia in 1969.
    They were funny and I’d tell my mom and dad the jokes and we’d all have a laugh.
    We musta bin good w o gs eh?

  15. Tony Tea

    Leunig may soon be running afoul of the Human Rights Industrial Star Chamber. He’s currently copping the Leak treatment for saying mums are looking at their phones. It’s only a matter of time until he’s grassed. His cartoon is in name only, mind. It’s more of a slab of doggerel over a picture.

  16. Ordinary Americans have had about enough of this crap. In a recent poll 7 out of 10 polled believe that the U.S. is on the brink of civil war. Personally , I no longer have any civility left for those that are on the left. They are enemies of my freedom and enemies of the republic and will be treated as such.

  17. Old Lefty

    Ridiculing any person on account of creed? If that applied in Australia, an awful lot of ABC and Fairfax luvvies would be in the slammer – or doesn’t ridiculing Christians count?

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