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9 Responses to Phwoah!

  1. Jannie

    Your average guy, represented by Fairfax, thinks that jailing conservatives is sexy. Press freedom, the entitled chick, thinks the average guy is a disgusting pervert. Did I get it right?

  2. Fred

    I love how the ABC has joined the right to know campaign.

    A certain Senator wanted the ABC to disclose salaries of its employees and the ABC opposed it.

    Surely the public has a right to know what government employees are being paid.

  3. mem

    I”m not sure I like the tone of that! And who produced it? I would have thought a cat poster might have provided some context.

  4. Howard Hill

    Is this one of those picture games where you say the first thing that pops into your head?

    Ok, I’ll play.

    The hot chick on the left loves herself.
    The guy in the middles is a typical bloke who recognises a nice tail when he sees it.
    The chick on the right works at Fairfax/ABC, is a jealous control freak and uses her position to broadcast: All guys are misogynist, pervs and should be whipped for it!

    Am I close?

  5. C.L.

    It’s called the ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ meme, people. Popular on US blogs and Twitter.
    Make your own here.

  6. Another reason to hate the media. On this morning’s Sunrise news, the headline on Ivan Milat’s death:

    ‘Lonely Death’

    As if his was a lonely death. There are far more people who have experienced a lonely death than this mass murderer. People who know no one, die at home and aren’t discovered for days, weeks or longer.

  7. Anne Ony Moose

    For all you posters not in the know, the meme is basically saying Fairfax would much rather look at conservatives getting jailed than sticking to its principles for press freedom.

  8. Suburban Boy

    Shouldn’t it be the scold (in light-blue top) who is labelled as “Fairfax”?

  9. Percy Popinjay

    I’ve never “got” the photo – the woman in the red dress seems quite plain, while the chick the guy is with is a total hottie.

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