Your Tax Dollars in Action

What can be said?  Nuffin.

Cats are invited to click on the following link to the:

Remuneration Tribunal (Remuneration and Allowances for Holders of Full-time Public Office) Determination 2019 Compilation No. 2

Trigger warning though.  Looking at this doc will make you angry.  Not just angry for the remuneration of senior public servants but also the pages and pages listing roles and organisations.

Personal favourites of TAFKAS include:

The Student Identifiers Registrar is a Commonwealth statutory office established by the Student Identifiers Act 2014 and is responsible for administering the USI initiative nationally.

  • Chief Executive Officer, National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation whose total rem is $498K.  What do they do and how is that going?

Helping to improve affordable housing outcomes for all Australians

  • And of course, everyone’s favourites at $362K each
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner
    • Age Discrimination Commissioner
    • Disability Discrimination Commissioner
    • Human Rights Commissioner
    • National Children’s Commissioner
    • Race Discrimination Commissioner
    • Sex Discrimination Commissioner

What can you say?

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28 Responses to Your Tax Dollars in Action

  1. JC

    Is that total rem or is super over that amount?

  2. Percy Popinjay

    Shut it down, fire them all.


  3. Jock

    Can you imagine the Pensions these people will be entitiled to? Eyewatering amounts paid until they and their wives shuffle off.

  4. Howard Hill

    We need one more created by the people for the people. Commissioner of political executions.

  5. Bruce

    This has been going on for DECADES.

    Business should be about to boom for freelance tumbrel makers and other carpentry enthusiasts.

    But this is Oz. Such entrepreneurs will be systematically smashed by Tsunami of hugely expensive regulations and bureaucratic nit-picking before they can get started.

  6. stackja

    As I remember Reagan said civil service is a permanent job.

  7. Russell Rooks

    TAFKAS, clicking on the link and I get a message “Download blocked”. Wonder what is going on?

  8. Griffo

    It’s hard to imagine that the lives of Australians of any background will be worsened by the abolition of these bodies. One of the principles of representative parliamentary democracy is that of accountability of the Minister to the people through the parliament. The more of these commissions, agencies and advisory bodies we have, the more Ministers and government can avoid responsibility and accountability.

  9. Woolfe

    Every one of those needs legislation to enforce what they tell us to do. Plus we have all the other quangos sucking at your pocket. We are totally stuffed

  10. duncanm

    $70M of salaries — assuming there’s one of each (which in many cases, there’s more than).

    This is a frightening portal into the world of waste that is government.

    Let’s take, for example, the “Chief Executive Officer, Aboriginal Hostels Limited” ($332k)

    Who are they, you ask?

    Well, they provide accomodation to Aboriginal people for various needs – eg: while visiting hospital, emergency accomodation etc.

    All very laudable.

    From their 2018/19 financial report:
    $55M running costs – courtesy of the taxpayer – provide a whopping 1900 beds, with an occupancy rate of about 45%.

    That’s $29,000 PER BED, or $64,000 PER OCCUPIED BED.

    Holy crap.

  11. Shaun

    The wages are one thing. But for people who are paid hundreds of thousand to also get thousands of dollars in allowances is astonishing. The Lords and peasants. Super paid at 15% and above. Pensions paid at 70% of current wage. Criminal.
    With the politicians the worst part is they get a pension and can also earn income without any affect on their pension. Gillard gets a pension plus hundreds of thousands from the UN and also income from her book, etc.
    When are we taxpayers going to end all this. It is up to us.
    Councils, State and Federal, all with multiple departments doubled up spending taxpayers money everyday. The revenues of governments continues to grow. South Australian government is crying broke because their GST rebate is going down, is going to have revenue of $21 Billion in 2021. This is up from $13 billion a decade ago. Taxpayers need to push back and take control back.

  12. Miltonf

    Yes it really is grotesque when you think that working people on very modest incomes are bankrolling these parasites.

  13. Percy Popinjay

    Joe Aston has preformed some sterling work of late exposing the exorbitant amounts being “paid” to the equally useless and incompetent bureaucrats maladministering the NDIS. (and no, I’m not going to link to the pieces as they’re in the stinking AFR behind a paywall).

    It’s hard to imagine that the lives of Australians of any background will be worsened by the abolition of these bodies.

    Except the lives of the useless jobless parasites themselves.

  14. Des Deskperson

    ‘Is that total rem or is super over that amount?’

    JC, employer super contribution is included: according to the det:

    ‘Total Remuneration represents the value, calculated at the total cost to the employer (including Fringe Benefits Tax), of:

    · salary (including Base Salary), allowances or lump sum payments;
    · Benefits; and
    · the Employer’s Superannuation Contribution’

    ‘Benefits’ normally include a private plated car for personal and official use and a parking spot.

    Payments and benefits not covered in total remuneration include

    · facilities provided as business support
    · various additional alliances that may vary from office to office
    · travelling allowances and expenditure

    It doesn’t include performance bonuses, but statuary officers generally aren’t entitled to them. Instead, their basic salaries are bumped up to compensate them for it.

  15. Old School Conservative

    To add insult to injury, Chris Smith today looked at the staffing of the Dept of Vets Affairs.
    2000 staff.
    40 Assistant Secretaries on humungous salaries.

    He was looking at the staffing in the context of DVA not having a clue about the number of vets who have suicided.

  16. Dr Fred Lenin

    My Government will abolish these quietly , not for secrecy but to see how long it takes for anyone to miss them ,if. Its over 24 hours why do they exist ? Our plan to put all public employees on yearly contracts with performance based salaries and annual public review,this would include judges and politicians .
    A base salary of all public servants would start at $40k and rise if they actually did something.super would be self funded with no pension except the OAP,if eligible.
    ACT would be abolished and incorporated into NSW , NT would be absorbed into S A ,thats two lots of politicsl bludgers gone gone . The senate would be one senator per 1,000,000 voters ,that would get rid of the Tassie clowns with 150 votes bludging on the taxpayers .

  17. I_am_not_a_robot

    … the remuneration of senior public servants …

    “Public servants”, how quaint; given the increasing powers they wield, the social class they occupy and the security they enjoy, these people are our lords and masters.

  18. duncanm

    Where’s Iampeter – I’m sure he can point out something here.

  19. Iampeter

    What can you say?

    What you can say is a proposal for a proper function of government and show how you logically arrived at it.

  20. kingsley

    Director – Old Parliament House – $360K!!! that would be a ridiculous amount for the Director of the New actually being used for its primary purpose Parliament house.

    $360K to make sure the dunnies get cleaned, the security alarm gets turned on at night and the lights turned off.

  21. Rex Mango

    Not a bad job for $360k, directing an empty building. How do you become Director Old Parliament House? Am thinking, like becoming a Racing Steward, your Dad must’ve had the job before you.

  22. Dr Fred Lenin

    If the director of the. Old house of fools gets $360k how much does the director of the new joint get ?

  23. Squirrel

    The explosion in numbers and salaries of this group seemed to coincide with the “once in a century” mining boom – it’s just as well that boom will go on forever, to keep funding this circus and that Australia will never be forced to compete with countries which have much leaner public sectors……

  24. Rockdoctor

    I think the USI is the biggest rort out, a bureaucracy created where none was needed. Either I get one or I don’t get a certificate to work from another enforced mandatory induction pretty well much told at the start… The fact the rent seeker in charge gets $294K makes my blood boil…

  25. Des Deskperson

    ‘If the director of the. Old house of fools gets $360k how much does the director of the new joint get ?’

    There are four Parliamentary Departmental Secretaries who in combination run ‘the new joint’.

    Secretary of the Department of the House of Reps
    Secretary of the Department of the Senate
    Secretary of the Department of :Parliamentary Services
    Secretary of the Parliamentary Budget Office

    While I don’t immediately have the current remuneration total for each Secretary, I estimate that they are each on around $445,000 pa.

  26. PoliticoNT

    Noting a spend time in Canberra, sometimes in my role as Club Captain (of a car club – lots of fun and not too much responsibility) – the common view of the NCA is that they are little more than, ‘a nasty pack of can’ts.’

    If you know what I mean.

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