No words. Just a picture.

Extinction Rebellion protesters are invited to take their caravan to China to protest mining there.  A Go Fund Me page can be set up to pay for air fares.

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  1. John A

    Not airfares, surely: maybe a sailing/rowing boat would have less of an environmental impact.

  2. Bazinga

    Transport must be via a medium that doesn’t contained mined components.

  3. grumpy

    They can probably use the sailing boat that a group from Amsterdam were on halfway across the Atlantic when they found out that the climate change conference that they were heading to in Chile was cancelled.

  4. Ubique

    Note the EU is outsourcing its mining as well as its manufacturing under the onslaught of insane Green-left suicide policies.

  5. Karabar

    I think the best mode of transport across the Pacific for them would be to walk.

  6. Tom

    The thing you need to know about the communist rent-a-crowd protesting against Adani is that it’s the same rent-a-crowd who went on to protest against the weather in this year’s secondary school “strike” and now also plan to disrupt Melbourne’s spring racing carnival. It was never about the climate, but about destroying capitalism.

    And, having never been involved in and not understanding the first thing about animal husbandry, they have a three-year-old toddler’s understanding of animals bred for competition. More important to them is an opportunity to destroy an industry that employs thousands of people.

    If ScoMo’s legislation to make sure all-purpose rent-a-crowd ferals face the consequences of their actions is to have any value, it should ensure that, in addition to jail, they are sentenced work experience in animal husbandry to give them an opportunity to unlearn their hysterical toddler tantrums about sporting animals that their equally irresponsible parents let them get away with.

  7. Also feminism, superannuation, lock the gate and live export banning can be added to Tom’s list of Marxist fuckery.

  8. What? And leave the comfort and safety of western civilisation?

  9. Speedbox

    By air, by sea…..who cares. Just go.

    And by the way, their travelogue and subsequent diary whilst labouring at the re-education farm should be a hoot.

  10. Squirrel

    People just need to have it drummed into them that, without mining, we truly would be a banana republic economy.

    All the lovely public and private spending that the “passionate about climate changes” twits take for granted would disappear without the ongoing windfall of unearned (by the great majority of us) wealth which comes from this sector.

    Similar things could be said about agriculture.

  11. NuThink

    There is always the Thor Heyerdahl method of travel. So it has been done before.

    Thor Heyerdahl was a Norwegian adventurer and ethnographer with a background in zoology, botany, and geography. He became notable for his Kon-Tiki expedition in 1947, in which he sailed 8,000 km across the Pacific Ocean in a hand-built raft from South America to the Tuamotu Islands.

  12. NuThink

    Meant to add to my earlier post.
    Thor Heyerdahl still had to get to South America from Norway and to get back to Norway from the Tuamotu Islands. I guess not on a hand built raft. He would have had to cross the Atlantic which is somewhat more violent than the ocean of peace.

  13. I don’t think that the numpties who protest mining truly realise how much their entire lives depend on mining. There is not a single thing that they own or rely on that isn’t dependent on mining.


  14. Roger

    Extinction Rebellion protesters are invited to take their caravan to China to protest mining there.

    I’d settle for the driveway of the Chinese embassy in Canberra.

    Not likely to happen for reasons others above have outlined.

  15. Roger


    Starting with their mobile phones.

  16. cohenite

    Let the bastards be glued to the back of a whale; with a bit of luck it will be one of those harpooned by the Nips.

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