Quick, Robin! My Trump repellent spray!

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12 Responses to Quick, Robin! My Trump repellent spray!

  1. Frank Walker from National Tiles

    This chick is like the light sabre kid.

  2. candy

    Silly woman looks chubby and ridiculous. A costume like that requires a young woman with a fit physique.

  3. stevem

    Meanwhile Pelosi is saying that it’s a sad day and that nobody wants an impeachment. More lies.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    Dem ladies called Katie are a worry.
    At least this one has clothes on.
    And no bong.

  5. Tintarella di Luna

    To the detriment of the Republican House majority the Meuller Report was dragged out for so long so as to affect the numbers in the house and now the rogue Democratic party is trying to bring down a US president on the flimsiest of ‘evidence’

  6. Dr Fred Lenin

    The decromats are the Isis of the USA they are going to impeach Trump for not doing anything wrong perhaps if he went blackface they might let up on him ,I mean trudeau got away with it .
    I say Isis because they are a not accountable bunch of thugs of all 273 genders .and arrant cowards when it comes to the crunch,with their full share of homicidal maniacs .

  7. feelthebern

    Some things can not be unseen.

  8. Dr Fred Lenin

    You guys are being nasty to Fatmans Fat missus ,not a bit nice is it ,you dont criticise decromats ,they are a different breed ,my bloody oath they are.

  9. Jannie

    A secret informant, a secret trial. Secrets everywhere. The illusion of democracy is over.

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