Poor old Gitt

Sydney Morning Herald economics editor Ross Gittins brings all of the sophistication we’ve come to know and value to the gigantic social and human crisis of a failing aged care system:

… Smaller Government mentality … trying to foist Smaller Government on an unwilling public … Smaller Government zealots … Smaller Government brigade … the eternal crusade to keep government smaller … the Smaller Government mentality … Smaller Government crusader … Smaller Government zealots … Smaller Government … Smaller Government …

Mr Gittins yesterday.

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18 Responses to Poor old Gitt

  1. candy

    It is basically an article full of hate of conservatives. My problem though is that he has not actually talked about any abuses but just says most of the aged folk in facilities are being abused.

    Now, I think this is very troublesome for people reading this who have old folk in care and from being happy with the care now start to think something sinister is going on because he is frightening the bejusus out of everyone. It is not appropriate journalism, and probably not even factual but who can tell when he writes in this dramatic irresponsible way.

  2. mem

    His heart is in the right spot. It’s just a pity it’s not getting enough oxygen to the brain.

  3. calli

    Ah, Ross Gittins. The man of da people who sent his sprog to an elite private school.

    Hi Ross!

    And it’s the Shake My Head, Lad. Ross would never soil himself by working for a News rag.

  4. feelthebern

    I thought Ross had died.

  5. nb

    He should keep talking about smaller government. It is good publicity and can be used to amplify the idea.

  6. MPH

    Ah government, that well known bastion of competence.

  7. Infidel Tiger

    Ross would smell a lot like rising damp.

  8. Chris M

    Well it’s true that these bad things don’t happen under a large government.

    SMH told me. With adequate government funding no old person would suffer, everyone would be employed and the climate would be balanced. You know it’s true.

  9. max

    Ross Gittins is Keynesian moron

    Last time Australia had small government was before WW1

    Australia’s Big Government, By The Numbers

    A brief history of Australia’s tax system Sam Reinhardt and Lee Steel

    At the time of Federation Australia’s tax to GDP ratio was around 5 per cent. This ratio remained reasonably constant until the introduction of the federal income tax in 1915, which was used to fund Australia’s war effort.

    Between the two World Wars, government expenditure and tax revenues grew significantly and by the beginning of the Second World War, Australia’s tax take was over 11per cent of GDP.

  10. Whalehunt Fun

    I thought Gittens had arse cancer and died a couplr years back. Not reading the SMH ever, I had not realised I was wrong. Very disappointed. All that celebratory bubbly wasted.

  11. Bruce of Newcastle

    What is this thing called Smaller Government?
    Has anyone actually seen one in the last 74 years?
    Maybe we should try it out to see what it’s like.

  12. Mother Lode

    I wonder if the Gitt has realised that the unrestrained growth of government, particularly in the form of the ABC which provides, for no up front cost, the same asinine content to the same braying market sector as the Fauxfacts might be the reason his paper was reduced to going door to door, swaddling itself in a baby blanket, ringing doorbells in the hope that someone might decide to adopt it.

  13. Tintarella di Luna

    Liberty Quote
    The villain today is not government but pointless bureaucracy that is beyond human control.

    — Philip K. Howard

  14. Pyrmonter

    And … as ever (well, ever being decades) Gittins misses the point about the general relationship of government and business in Australia (as, I fear, do too many on the centre-right, including a number of ‘libertarians’).

    Any sector in which the government guarantees the return of unsecured finance (nursing home bonds) is no model of anarcho-capitalism. In fact, it is the very opposite of a free market: a regulated market where private operators erect opaque barriers to entry; extort benefits from the government, and then ration supply of a low quality, standardised product with elaborate devices like queuing and HDADC.

    Someone thoughtful and with a little time on his hands (say, a writer for the Nine newspapers) might want to ask whence the Moran and Ramsay fortunes have arisen?

  15. Gittens has no economic qualifications. He is nothing more than an ABC watching, welfare loving accountant who is so gauche he wears sneakers to economics seminars.

    He is the Rodney Dangerfield of economics.

  16. tgs

    Pyrmonter and Frank are spot on

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