From the swamp. Trump comes through on the withdrawal from Paris

Looking back to the time when many thought he would not be able to do it. A more positive recent commentary.

The CNN video ridicules Trump for saying that global warming is “an expensive hoax.” We should respond by outlining the costs involved. Over one billion dollars a day worldwide is now spent on “climate finance,” according to the San Francisco-based Climate Policy Initiative, yet we see no impact on climate. In 2017, Dr. Bjorn Lomborg, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, explained that if the UN Paris Agreement targets for 2030 were met and sustained through the rest of the century, there would be 0.3 degrees Fahrenheit less warming in 2100, if the models relied upon by the UN were correct. He explains that the cost of the Paris pact would be $1 – 2 trillion every year. So clearly, CNN’s criticism tells Trump that he should continue calling it “an expensive hoax,” and cite the cost estimates and forecast results to illustrate his point.

Today a session as an observer at a meeting of the Cooler Heads Coalition. Tomorrow, off to Budapest on the way to Prague and Vienna.

Guess it’s tough but someone has to do it!

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19 Responses to From the swamp. Trump comes through on the withdrawal from Paris

  1. C.L.

    Woo-hoo. Excellent Trumpiness, Trump!!

  2. stackja

    DT knows how to get things done.

  3. Mother Lode

    And in the various bunkers in Canberra, politicians, advisors and senior bureaucrats alike are struggling to find the relation between what mad maverick Trump says and what he does.

    Says he will leave Paris. Leaves Paris.
    Says he will boost job growth. Job growth increases.
    Says he will reinvigorate the economy. Economy is reinvigorated.

    There has to be a connection…

  4. egg_

    Even teh Clown* News Network has woken up?

    *Portal to the parallel clown universe.

  5. MPH

    If you’re still anti Trump after this, please exit the internet.

  6. Rossini

    What are the fuckers in Canberra doing for power bills in Australia
    Lucky no stupid politicians running Australia

  7. Not Uh oh

    Trump exits Paris, Morrison pours another billion into renewables. Good thing it’s nobody’s money.

  8. Truth n Justice

    Trump walks the talk while Morrison simply talks the talk!

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    He will destroy the new religion ,changing religions its part of history changing religions .
    If you dont all dance around this circle of stones chanting ,the sun wont rise again .
    If you dont obey the pope and priests , the earth will be consumed by fire .
    If you dont destroy western civilisartion ,the temperature will rise and kill you all .
    Anyone notice a pattern there ?

  10. cohenite

    Trump has real scientists advising him: Happer, Lindzen, Spencer, Curry, Christy, Soon, etc

  11. Hopefully we see more cuts to regulation blocking nuke too.

    Great stuff.

  12. Megan

    Trump walks the talk while Morrison simply talks ad speak.


  13. Mark M

    Morrison speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

  14. mem

    And in the insane world of climate scientists we get this :
    Apparently all that CO2 is now going to cause mayhem because plants are growing too big and prolifically and will use up all the water and humans will die of thirst!
    This must surely be a send-up? But no, it’s published.

  15. egg_

    Morrison speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

    He has to – whilst he’s tonguing Mutti Merkle’s undercarriage.

  16. Dr Fred Lenin

    This Morro Son speak with forked tongue <(really forked tongue)

  17. Rafe Champion

    Yes mem, contra the idea that plants will dehydrate the planet, the increase in CO2 makes water use more efficient and the greening effect is most apparent on the fringe of arid areas. That is a point that Happer makes clearly, most recently when I met him in Washington. He was interested in my Ag Science background that enabled me to understand the CO2 story.

  18. Mother Lode

    This Morro Son speak with forked tongue

    It is how he thinks.

    He is a forkwit.

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