You don’t have Trump to kick around – ever

Remember David Cay Johnston? He’s the manic unauthorised “biographer” and long-term tax affairs stalker of Donald Trump who was welcomed and feted as a disinterested guru by the ABC back in 2017. Like most of the chapters in the anti-Trump saga, Johnston’s earlier performances now make for embarrassing remembrance. He told The World Today host Nick Grimm in August 2017 that “we will definitely see Mueller, who’s put together an all-star cast of prosecutors, build a case.” Definitely. This was anti-Trump expertise on a par with that offered to a gullible Leigh Sales by Andrew McCabe in March of this year – a month before Michael Horowitz ended the career of the FBI’s former No.2 with multiple charges of lying under oath.

Well, Johnston is back. How could he stay away? This time he’s calling for the imprisonment of President Trump. Johnston is a genuinely bright man – bright enough to have built a career for himself as a high-end conspiracy theorist. In 2014, Barack Obama was his mark (not that the ABC thought to pass this information on to its audience). To Johnston, Obama was just another compliant Wall Street puppet and – possibly worse – he surrounded himself with white people. That’s bravely close to an Uncle Tom slur. Even though Johnston is a fabulist clown and professional ratbag who shamelessly monetises the vicissitudes of Donald Trump for a living, his remarks on Richard Nixon are worth noting for the record. “Nixon realized that the game was up, there was no point in putting the country through this [impeachment and removal]. He knew it was not good for the country, that’s why I say Richard Nixon at the end of the day was a patriot.”

Expect to see a lot more of these entirely insincere rehabilitations. Praising any and all GOP presidents except the one in office (who really is Hitler this time) is one of the more amusing old polemical mind games in the left’s arsenal of painted timber nukes. The truth about Nixon is that he was the most experienced, most intellectually impressive and least corrupt US President since his former principal, Dwight Eisenhower. What he didn’t do well was fight in the open. Trump doesn’t have that weakness. What’s more important: nobody normal believes the Russia-cum-Ukraine double-header hoax. Trump won’t be going to prison but what befell Nixon’s reputation is a sobering reminder that while the truth cannot die, it can be buried.

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3 Responses to You don’t have Trump to kick around – ever

  1. Tom

    The zombies at the ABC — like the NeverTrumpers in Washington DC — have zero self-awareness. Anyone with a functioning intellect would be red-faced with embarrassment about their foolishness. They’re behaving like toddlers, yet they think no-one else can see them making a spectacle of themselves. Trump derangement has deconstructed their world view and made them a laughing stock.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so demented: a smug, but dorky anti-democratic elite (in Washington and Ultimo) desperately trying to retain its political power over voters. They’re so removed from political reality they’re dazzled by the headlights of the coming democratic revolution.

  2. Shy Ted

    Planet America absolutely, definitely, certainly, definitively positive he’s done for this time.

  3. Bad Samaritan

    Tom (5.49am). I detest the ABC, but you’ve got it all wrong….

    They are liars and charlatans. It’s nought to do with a lack of self-awareness, nor with “projection”, nor with “stupidity”, nor “foolishness” nor anything inadvertent, mistaken or involving self-deception. It is straightforward lying and deception. It’s 100% intentional.

    Think any shonk tradesman or financial scamster. They all know what they are doing when they lie to you; when they misrepresent. The guy who does the age-pensioners out of their life-savings is not ashamed to be exposed. He still thinks his dupes are gullible f*ckwits! They are never red-faced when their claims come unstuck. The racehorse-system seller never takes a backward step no matter how many predictions fall flat. He’ll send his marks an e-mail for his next sure-to-win failure instead.

    And so to the ABC and all leftists everywhere at all times and in all eras and epochs. They are lying for monetary and vocational and political gain. They are scamming the gullible. They are taking from the workers and p*ssing the dough against the wall as fast as they can. All born-to-rule wankers love doing this The ABC is no exception.

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