Patrick Byrne on Blockchain

An alarmingly long interview that is engrossing from the go get, busy cats can go straight to 25 minutes for the blockchain story and how it addresses the great problem of liberal politics – the corruption of institutions when they are captured by factions.

Find the time watch from the start and hear the story of a man from India who he met early in life. This man became a capitalistic philanthropist starting in Bangladesh where the Pakistani army of occupation, on the way out, were instructed to rape all the women they could manage. The women became outcasts n the Islamic society and the Indian put money into chicken farms and employed tens of thousands of the women as share-owners. They became the biggest chicken producers outside China and the idea was that when the women had some wealth of their own their families might find it in the goodness of their hearts to take them back.

Earlier in life he had an interesting educational experience after his father did some good business deal and a man from Nebraska came to stay with the family. Patrick was 13 and thought that the man was a farmer, he spend time encouraging Patrick to do economic calculations about planting corn and making x dollars and what you could do to multiply the return. That conveyed a lot of ideas about money management that Patrick took on board. The man was Warren Buffet.

At another stage of his career he was mentored by Thomas Sowell. And so on…..

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3 Responses to Patrick Byrne on Blockchain

  1. JC says:

    Interesting dude, these guys are only made in America. Scary smart.

  2. JC says:


    This is an excellent discussion. Hugely interesting.

  3. Rafe Champion says:

    Yes a remarkable find. Now in Frankfurt on the way from Washington to Budapest.

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