No Dickin about

Fewer messages?
Not for this Dickin winner

As I write, the official autopsy of the Labor Opposition’s 18 May election loss has been released. Last week, the man at the helm of the debacle argued he should have gone into battle with “fewer messages.” Some war pigeon he would have made. Bill Shorten also conceded his franking credits policy was a disaster, the $56 billion tax-grab package was poorly conceived and that he didn’t really connect with Labor’s working class base.

These and other explanations for the loss feature in Craig Emerson and Jay Weatherill’s review. Far enough down the list of findings to be face-saving is this stunning insight: “Bill Shorten’s unpopularity contributed to the election loss.” Yes, I suppose you could say that. The recommendations for recovery are mostly worthwhile. The shout-out to “the Christian community” is welcome but there is no sign of moderating – let alone jettisoning – the obsession with ‘renewables’ nor of reconnecting to the coal belt. The commitment to legislate for “truth in political advertising” – which positively reeks of Emerson – is unbecoming code for We Woz Robbed.

Anthony Albanese will appear at the Press Club on Friday to respond to today’s postmortem.

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  1. a happy little debunker

    No mention of the climate change scare they again attempted to perpetrate on the Australian public?

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    Will ‘truth in political advertising’ apply to the ABC, where everything is political advertising?

    Maybe they should include one of those ‘spoken by X and X for the Australian Labor Party’ announcements after each episode of Play School.

  3. Tintarella di Luna

    I hope his new teeth are working otherwise any churnalists are warned to sit well away from the rostrum as wet-voiced Albo spreaks.

  4. notafan

    Labor have declared ‘a climate emergency’

    good luck with that

  5. Sean

    Albanese could start the move towards the centre by saying the Australia day date is untouchable

  6. Atoms for Peace

    I think the ALP should embrace their well respected elder members, Gillard and Rudd, and follow their sage advice to victory

  7. yarpos

    I wonder if any of the ALP adverts around solar and wind power would pass a truth in political advertising test? or an examination by anyone with basic maths, or a common sense test.

  8. Howard Hill

    What are they so worried about? The UN water boy is doing exactly what they would’ve done anyway. It’s not like their opposition is on another team or anything. Maybe they should give out quarter cut oranges next time around.

  9. Caveman

    Any mention of jogging?

  10. Tim Neilson

    What are they so worried about? The UN water boy is doing exactly what they would’ve done anyway.

    Pretty much, but the money, status and opportunities for graft are much less in opposition.

  11. Buccaneer

    Bwahahahahaaaa.. truth in advertising from the mob that gave us mediscare. That wasn’t Emerson, it was imamuppet.

  12. Davey Boy

    In their briefing Werptherdill and Emerson mentioned that the bookies and “even the major parties themselves” thought that Labor victory was a sure thing, and this lead to all sorts of groups (I think a number of 200 or so was mentioned) clamouring for attention from Labor, so that a whole bunch of extra policies could be crammed into Labor’s platform once the inevitable victory had occurred.

    A case of woodwork creaks and out come the freaks.

    As I recall, this unleashed a wave of weirdshittery that freaked out many normies and even many of the semi- and sub-normies, which, when combined with peanut head’s irresistible charm and charisma (not to mention Labor’s own collection of long-term resident gargoyles), lead to SloMo’s alt-Labor doing a Bradbury.

    Labor will no doubt do a better job next time of keeping the lid on the freaks until after the election.

  13. Roger

    Shorter Weatherdill-Emerson:

    1. Next time keep plans to confiscate the wealth of others under wraps until after the election.

    2. We needed a leader more adept at speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

  14. Dr Fred Lenin

    Dont knock Emmerson or Wetherill , the first swallowed some sluts contact lenses earning the nickname “four eyes” , the second blows things up for the renewable carpetbaggers and the con man Musk.
    They should go up to their great law practices above the fish and chip shop .
    The alp lost because they are an incompetent bunch of dickheads ,just a whisker worse than Morrisons incompetent buch of dickheads .
    Abolish career politics ,limit service to one term in a lifetime .

  15. Two of the last three elections were significantly about climate. Climate lost in both. Add to that the ALP promise to increase taxes on just about everyone who votes and you don’t need an in depth review to work out how stupid they were. Sadly, I’m starting to feel like I voted for another Labor Party anyway, heavily disguised as the Coalition. Lead ScoMo , my boy. Lead. We’re all waiting for you to tackle the energy and economic legacy you inherited from Julia and Malcolm.

  16. Roger

    We’re all waiting for you to tackle the energy and economic legacy you inherited from Julia and Malcolm.

    You’ll die waiting.

    He just gifted $1bn to make renewables more reliable.

  17. 2dogs

    commitment to legislate for “truth in political advertising”

    Two questions should be put to the ALP on this point:
    * would the ALP’s own actions in relation to the 2016 “Mediscare” campaign run afoul of such legislation?
    * if yes, what penalty would have been applied in that case?

  18. Squirrel

    The issue with Shorten may ultimately have been more about trust than popularity.

    Opposition Leaders can get themselves elected without being popular, but the people need to feel that the leader seeking power can be trusted to know what needs to be done and to do it with as much decency and competence as possible.

    Slippery, evasive, smug and condescending attitudes from leaders do not engender the trust that they need to win votes.

    Aside from the obvious stuff about climate change and tax grabs, Labor blew the opportunity to shift lower income (I mean real world “lower income” not Bubble/elite “lower income”) voters with their lousy approach to tax cuts. A smartly designed and targeted Low Income Tax Offset (which minimises revenue losses higher up the scale) could have provided a clear choice with what the Liberals were offering.

  19. Dr Faustus

    Roger at 4:39 succinctly nails it.

    Aside from the choice of crockery, Labor has no embarrassment in serving up a shit sandwich.

  20. Shy Ted

    Just another payday to Weatherill and Emerson for services rendered in the past. I think they lost the election in the last few days when the ABC accidentally exposed a few truths.

  21. Bunyip Bill

    For a party that has been around as long as Lobor, they still have not learnt that you cannot polish turds.

  22. sabena

    They want to embrace a pro growth and pro jobs agenda.At the same time they make it clear that the ALP is to be a progressive party.
    Name me any progressive policy that delivers economic growth.
    They also say that human induced climate change cannot be neglected-so they are still going to go with policies that impose a cost for no benefit and impair growth.

  23. Mother Lode

    Any hint of awareness that maybe Shorten’s unpopularity might be connected to the policies he was putting forward?

  24. iain russell

    The triumph of ScoMo and Co overcoming the 24×7 propaganda of Their ABC is something I will treasure til the End of Days. And don’t the fluffer class burr up when their ‘Clive bought the election’ is destroyed by that simple truth.

  25. Rococo Liberal

    24×7 propaganda of Their ABC

    The irony is that all the political class does watch or listen to the ABC, so between elections the ABC is influential because pollies and pundits think it viewers are representative of the nation. But very few of the rest of us can be bothered with the ABC. So when it comes to elections, the ABC has no influence whatsoever.
    The lesson of all this is for puollies and pundits to forget about the ABC. The voters aren’t watching, and it’s the voters you have to impress not the media.

  26. Mother Lode

    The triumph of ScoMo and Co overcoming the 24×7 propaganda of Their ABC

    Sadly he could only do it by avoiding anything too scandalous. Had he cone out and said something like ‘Global warming is bunkum’ or ‘We will reduce our spending by slashing programs and public servant numbers’ he would have had no hope.

    He had to make the ABC’s complaints about him look minor.

  27. mem

    The triumph of ScoMo and Co overcoming the 24×7 propaganda of Their ABC

    If you upset the ABC you need to be built of Teflon as all their compatriots and news grubbies will go after you. If your brother in-law went broke or you parked your car illegally in Little River or your wife got caught for shop lifting when she was twelve, the grubs will turn it into the story of the century.They work through intimidation and a form of black mail. No one escapes the ABC staff and extended network. Trump could do it and that’s why they hate him so much as it water off a duck’s back for him.

  28. DaveR

    As a non-Labor voter I am delighted that the ALP chose old party hacks Emerson and Weatherill to analyse and report on Labor’s latest dismal failure. Instead of deeply thought insight into the real causes of electoral rejection yet again, even after the Turnbull fiasco, they deliver a list of hackneyed old causes with a fair whack at BS. When you choose a anti-capitalist Garnaut-loving economist and a former State-wrecking premier to provide insight, what you get is necessarily formed through the lenses of their own failures. I hope the ALP continue to choose people like Emerson and Weatherill to undertake important political reviews.

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