The Axis of Plans

TAFKAS does not know which came first – the chicken or the egg.  Similarly, he does not know where the recent obsessive use of “plan” came from.  Was it Elizabeth Warren or was it the Australian Liberal and Labor Parties?

We have Scott’s Liberal Party plan and we had Bill’s Labor Party plan.

Plans for every nook and cranny of Australia. coordinated through a central plan, designed, deployed and managed by those uber competent bureaucrats, often but not always in Canberra.

Aren’t they magnificent?  The plans and the results.

But putting it in words better than TAFKAS can, Jonah Goldberg described:

“the longest suicide note in recorded history”: Elizabeth Warren’s healthcare plan.

If only he was familiar with John Hewson or Bill Shorten.

Goldberg also neatly wrote:

Progressives’ great marketing trick was pretending—often starting with themselves—that they had the unimpeachable authority of “science” on their side.

Climate change anyone?  Sugar tax perhaps?  Nudge theory?  It’s all settled.

This pretense, which Friedrich Hayek derided as “scientism,” held that some expert in Washington was smarter than the market. They sold this idea by drowning opponents with social scientific jargon.

Marxism was, at its heart, a religious enterprise that used scientific jargon to draft its catechisms and incantations.

It would be funny to laugh at the US election and Senator Warren’s plans.  Except that TAFKAS lives in Australia is subject to the Liberal Party’s or the Labor Party’s great plans.  Based on science of course and implemented by capable and disinterested public servants.

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24 Responses to The Axis of Plans

  1. stackja

    The plan to plan is in the planning stage?

  2. Karabar

    Fail to plan and you plan to fail.
    Or is it formulate a plan so that society will fail?

  3. Rusty of Qld

    The old maxim:
    The best way for a plan to fail is to fully implement it.
    Ain’t that the truth.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    We have Scott’s Liberal Party plan and we had Bill’s Labor Party plan.

    No plan survives contact with the enemy, otherwise known as “the voters”.

  5. Rafe Champion

    Planning is essential, ask any spin bowler but government planning is the central pathology of scientific socialism that captivated intellectuals in modern times, prompting the US constitution and the efforts of Mises, Hayek and Austrian/liberal economists.

  6. Dr Fred Lenin

    The trouble with plans is not everyone wants the plan ,all the “experts “have different plans ,and as Robert Burns said “the best laid plans of mice and men aft gang aglay “ in other words plans usually dont work ,even if mice make them ,and they are smarter than fifth rste lawtradespersons .

  7. It was actually the egg that came first. For what it’s worth.

  8. RobK

    Plans anticipate future conditions. Both major political parties’ plans involve a continued, forced paradigm shift in energy policy and a strong leaning to a non competitive centrally controlled universal government. Quashing any comparative advantage is not a winning move and also strives to inefficiency. Ultimately this will cause unrest.

  9. As a matter of curiosity, has there ever been a thread on Catallaxy that’s been about something positive? You know, a story that makes people feel good about life. Everything always seems to be about an impending doom.

  10. RobK

    that’s been about something positive?
    Numerous posts on Trump winning.

  11. mem

    Plans are mostly contrived to benefit those that develop them, not those that are required to follow them. But as Bruce of Newcastle says, “No plan survives contact with the enemy, otherwise known as “the voters”. Long may we have practical thinkers in Australia who can, and do express their views, through the ballot box.

  12. Nighthawk the Elder

    When it comes to longest political suicide notes, surely Juliar’s carbon tax/not a carbon tax is up there with the classics.

  13. Numerous posts on Trump winning.

    I’m talking about positive things about and of Australia and the like.

  14. Tom

    Everything always seems to be about an impending doom.

    That’s because both major Australian political parties are full of Keynesian idiots trying to destroy the Australian economy with either wrongology or ideological malice against the working man.

  15. So everyone is utterly fucked because there’s nothing good whatsoever about life in Australia?

  16. RobK

    So everyone is utterly fucked because there’s nothing good whatsoever about life in Australia?
    That’s not the case. There’s so much untapped potential and a formidable base to build on, just so much is easily taken for granted and squandered. There’s a struggle on for individual liberty, freedom and self determination.

  17. Howard Hill

    It’s time for plan B, who’s in? It involves rope, lots of rope, oh and lamp posts.

  18. Squirrel

    Aside from the annoying pretense of actually knowing what they’re doing, the worst part about local politicians talk of plans is the pronunciation of the word – always seem to bring out the most aggravatingly nasal, twangy aspect of the Strayan political voice (exceeded only by talk of “growing the pie” – pronounced “poi”).

  19. Dr Fred Lenin

    Liberals the alp and Baldrick all have plans , Baldricks was the most cunning , the other two have no idea .

  20. Megan

    My experience of strategic planning in TAFE:
    1. Gather the facts
    2. Make predictions
    3. Write the report
    4. Put it on a shelf and never refer to it again.

    If you can pay large amounts to consultants in order to consult with the peasants during steps 1 to 3, all the better.

  21. Snoopy

    Mike Tyson – “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.

  22. Percy Popinjay

    Don’t forget all the equally useless and vague bureaucratic strategies (referred to in the singular) vomited forth by equally useless consultants in an attempt to make bureaucrats look as if the latter are capable of delivering staggeringly stupid, half baked tax incinerating “policies” designed to shuffle OPM to potential captive voteherds, which are frequently foisted on us by our beloved politicians.

    Another one was released yesterday and no, I’m not going it identify what it was.

    Utterly incoherent gibberish. Your taxes being shoveled onto a bonfire.

  23. Alex Davidson

    Some of the worst plans are those imposed on us by local councils. Thousands of pages of restrictions and prohibitions that effectively transfer ownership of your property to the council. All in the name of ‘sustainable development’, ‘protecting the environment’, and to deliver ‘vibrancy, diversity, liveability and prosperity’, etc.

    In Sydney at least, it’s very clear that the true goal is to implement directions issued by the state government designed to perpetuate the artificial shortage of land and increase demand for high-density housing. By overriding ownership rights in this way, the political class cement their role as development gatekeepers, and ensure that funds keep flowing from those who benefit.

  24. egg_

    Chris Bowen says Labor must counter ‘identity politics’ and be angry on behalf of working people

    By tripling their Electricity bills?
    It’s a wonder pollies aren’t strung up on the gold plated lamp posts.

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