Donald Trump has the home team advantage outside Washington

This was at the World Series game held at the centre of the swamp.

This was at the White House where Trump welcomed the Nationals who had won the World Series.

And this is from the LSU-Alabama game played yesterday that I picked up from Youtube. Watched it on The Outsiders where you can hear wild cheering, but this version, for some reason, has had the sound cut off. Perhaps it will be restored later, but does not work for me so far. [Comes the morning, the sound now works.]

The left is not only repulsive and deep-set fools, but are also adolescent and the proven enemies of free expression.

A shorter version with the sound turned on.

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  1. Up The Workers!

    Always the way of the Left: when the facts don’t fit your gillarding, change the facts.

  2. Mother Lode

    And the ever graceful and gracious Melania.

    Compare to that rippling heaving globe of hate and resentment, Michelle Obama.

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    That is a huge, absolutely huge and endlessly applauding, crowd in Alabama for Trump. And you have to watch Outsiders to find out about it in Australia. All you get from the ABC and the MSM is tremendous surprise when the voters disagree with their view of the world, a view we are forced to endure and pay for.

  4. It just goes to show once again how Trump connects with the baskets of deplorables. Those who made America great (they really did build that) want to keep it that way.

  5. Mark M

    In case you missed KennyonSunday:

    Australia’s former High Commissioner to the UK Alexander Downer has dodged questions about his role in spurring the Russian collusion investigation into US President Donald Trump.

  6. Alexander Downer makes Kevin Rudd look respectable.

  7. hzhousewife

    Miserable lefty retired teacher who frequents the coffee shop actually said this morning that Trump will romp home next year, made my day !

  8. The left is not only repulsive and deep-set fools, but are also adolescent and the proven enemies of free expression.

    Prof Kates supports free expression, but only when it supports his political views.

  9. Tim Neilson

    #3208173, posted on November 11, 2019 at 10:24 am

    In which part of this article does Steve advocate that the left shouldn’t be allowed to put their vileness on display? Or where else has he said such a thing?

    Your inner totalitarian is showing, monty – you can’t differentiate between disapproving of something and wanting it suppressed.

  10. max

    The Cult of the Presidency

    Antifederalist No. 74: The President As Military King
    Before martial law is declared to be the supreme law of the land, and your character of free citizens be changed to that of the subjects of a military king-which are necessary consequences of the adoption of the proposed constitution – let me admonish you in the name of sacred liberty, to make a solemn pause. Permit a freeman to address you, and to solicit your attention to a cause wherein yourselves and your posterity are concerned. The sun never shone upon a more important one. It is the cause of freedom of a whole continent of yourselves and of your fellow men. . . . A conspiracy against the freedom of America, both deep and dangerous, has been formed by an infernal junto of demagogues. Our thirteen free commonwealths are to be consolidated into one despotic monarchy. Is not this position obvious? Its evidence is intuitive . . . . Who can deny but the president general will be a king to all intents and purposes, and one of the most dangerous kind too-a king elected to command a standing army. Thus our laws are to be administered by this tyrant; for the whole, or at least the most important part of the executive department is put in his hands. A quorum of 65 representatives, and of 26 senators, with a king at their head, are to possess powers that extend to the lives, the liberties, and property of every citizen of America. This novel system of government, were it possible to establish it, would be a compound of monarchy and aristocracy, the most accursed that ever the world witnessed. About 50 (these being a quorum) of the well born, and a military king, with a standing army devoted to his will, are to have an uncontrolled power. . . . There is not a tincture of democracy in the proposed constitution, except the nominal elections of the president general and the illustrious Congress be supposed to have some color of that nature. But this is a mere deception, invented to gull the people into its adoption.

    Every freeman of America ought to hold up this idea to himself: that he has no superior but God and the laws. But this tyrant will be so much his superior, that he can at any time he thinks proper, order him out in the militia to exercise, and to march when and where he pleases. His officers can wantonly inflict the most disgraceful punishment on a peaceable citizen, under pretense of disobedience, or the smallest neglect of militia duty.
    The President-general, who is to be our king after this government is established, is vested with powers exceeding those of the most despotic monarch we know of in modern times. What a handsome return have these men [the authors of the Constitution made to the people of America for their confidence! Through the misconduct of these bold conspirators we have lost the most glorious opportunity that any country ever had to establish a free system of government. America under one purely democratical, would be rendered the happiest and most powerful nation in the universe. But under the proposed one composed of an elective king and a standing army, officered by his sycophants, the starvelings of the Cincinnati, and an aristocratical Congress of the well-born-an iota of happiness, freedom, or national strength cannot exist.

  11. max

    “Antifederalists charged that the President would become a king—in fact, he would be the worst kind of king – an elected one. They charged that cabals and intrigues would certainly develop over the reelection of the incumbent.”

  12. max

    George Clinton could see no meaningful difference between the powers and prerogatives of the President and those of the King of England. “He has the power of receiving ambassadors from, and a great influence on their appointments to foreign courts; as also t o make treaties, leagues, and alliances with foreign states.” The President, like the King, could make war with the consent of the legislature, “and therefore these powers, in both president and king, are substantially the same. He is the generalissimo of the nation, and of course has the command and control of the army, navy, and militia.
    …Will not the exercise of these powers therefore tend either to the establishment of a vile and arbitrary aristocracy or monarchy?”

  13. max

    A History Of The American People by Paul Johnson

    America got a very strong presidency—or, rather, an office which any particular president could make strong if he chose. He was much stronger than most kings of the day, rivaled or exceeded only by the `Great Autocrat,’ the Tsar of Russia (and in practice stronger than most tsars). He was, and is, the only official elected by the nation as a whole and this fact gave him the moral legitimacy to exercise the huge powers buried in the constitutional thickets. These powers were not explored until Andrew Jackson’s time, half a century on,

  14. Pyrmonter

    When you’ve lost Drudge, you have to wonder who is voting for him:

  15. mh

    #3208276, posted on November 11, 2019 at 12:42 pm
    When you’ve lost Drudge, you have to wonder who is voting for him:

    Oh FFS.


  16. anonandon

    If you ever get a chance to go to a college football game it will blow your mind. I got invited to a game 30 years ago – Georgia State vs Kentucky (I think). I thought we were just going to the equivalent of a local university game with (at best) 1000 people watching. There were 80,000 fans all cheering for the home team. Incredible atmosphere. Love the South.

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