11/11: Remembering the Norman conquest (and comedy)

It’s possible a jester somewhere in history lived his calling – come what may – in a fraught situation involving a ruthlessly ousted king and a gathering of his murderously livid courtiers. But I’m not aware of an example.

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  1. Rusty of Qld

    Absolutely bloody brilliant, the whole Gough clown show summed up by our own Norman Gunston.

    p s. I was that stupid (young and naive) I voted for the bastard! ( Gough that is)

  2. The BigBlueCat

    Full marks to Norman Gunston to be “Johnny on the spot” and taking advantage of the “drama”. Damn funny, and at least Bill Hayden could see the lighter side of it all. Bob Hawke not so much ….

  3. John64

    As the story goes it was Hawke who eventually pulled Gunston to one side and told him to piss off.

  4. Could anyone possibly imagine this appearing on their ABC these days.

    My favourite Gunston joke was at the height of his powers in the 70’s?, he questioned singer Boy George at a press conference and asked “are you a home owner”. Home ownership was a topical news item that week but the pun on ‘homo’ sent the whole assembled reptiles and cameramen roaring with laughter. Of course poor George had no idea what was going on.

  5. C.L.

    He also ‘interviewed’ Ali just prior to the Thriller in Manilla.
    I’ve got to hand it to Ali. He handled it – understood it – brilliantly.

    It’s on YouTube.

  6. John64

    And he also told Linda McCartney that she didn’t look Japanese.

  7. Politenessman

    Gunston. when comedians were actually funny and brave and mocked the powerful.

    How far Australian comedy has fallen.

  8. Mother Lode

    he questioned singer Boy George at a press conference and asked “are you a home owner”.

    I can’t remember if it was Boy George or that fleeting famed friend of his, Marilyn. But he was interviewing him and Gunston warned that the next question would touch on a delicate matter and, with measured gravity, asked “Have you ever sold anyone a shonky used car?” The equally deliberate answer came back “No, I haven’t.” Visibly relaxed after that Gunston moved on with “Oh, and are you gay?” B.G. (or Marilyn) stormed off “No, but you are.”

  9. JohnJJJ

    I remember the cameras showing all the flash cars arriving a some special do with the valets opening the doors and the fancy stepping out and then ,in the middle of it all, in the background, Gunston arrives on the public bus.

  10. Dinky

    Whilst we’re going down memory lane I recall when he asked Paul McCartney if there was any truth in the rumour that he was dead.

    Another time he was in the streets of London & he asked a bobby for directions because the map he was using was useless, he was holding a monopoly board.

  11. Yohan

    He also told Paul McCartney’s wife that she didn’t look very Chinese.

    Warren Beatty (a known womanizer) did a press conference straight off the plane, and Gunstan is pressing him on whether he had slept with any Australian women yet.

    He also said to Hugh Hefner ‘What about an autograph’, Hugh says yes, so Gunstan gets out a pen and paper and signs one for him.

  12. Good lord, how was Hawke praised as likeable compared to Heyden?

  13. Clam Chowdah

    Not forgetting when he interviewed the Hollywood actress who asked what the things on his face were. Shaving cuts, he replied. She responded, Oh you should use an electric razor.

    Gunston: I do.

    The actress lost it.

  14. I treasure a video of The Gunston Tapes (I think that’s the title) I picked up at a revycling place at a Canberra tip. All the episodes noted above (and more) are there. Maybe there is a DVD. It is a great pick-me-up

  15. Herodotus

    His intros on TV were great. One guest was introduced as “one of the stars who had made Bandstand what it is today” (when it was long gone), and the two young women who he said “had big things in front of them”.

  16. Herodotus

    I think that actress was Karen Black. She was reduced to an uncontrollably laughing mess!

  17. Politenessman

    You mean Sally Struthers –

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