Lest we forget. Venezuela and the useful idiots of the progressive left

This was in the beginning. What are they saying now?

BONUS. The joy of adapting to climate change.

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  1. min

    M ichael Smith has the Royal Commissioners report on 1939 fires history repeating as it is describing what is happening today. except the drought had been for 20 years and today the area is much more built on ,more houses etc.

  2. Dr Fred Lenin

    ASIO will love that handy list of self confessed traitors , when it hits the fan they can be rounded up and sent to Woomera for political re education , if we dont do that send them to Caracas to live the dream ,confiscate all their Austrslian assets first of course before they go , give them a $2 coin to help settle in there .

  3. Cui Bono

    Warren Mundine signed that invite. He’s learnt something since. How free enterprise works? Or how to make a $ spruiking it?

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    Chavez’s old mate Evo Morales is in a bit of strife down Bolivia way. Not as much strife as Paul Newman and Robert Redford got into, but strife.

    It seems our Evo got caught trying to steal re-election and now has been forced to call a new election.

    Bolivia’s Morales calls for new elections after OAS audit (today)

    Bolivian President Evo Morales said he will call new elections after the Organization of American States (OAS) released a report saying a disputed vote last month that sparked deadly protests should be annulled because of irregularities.

    In a news conference on Sunday, Morales also said he would replace the members of the electoral board that came under fire after being mired in widespread allegations of electoral fraud in the October 20 vote.

    Ooh, embarrassment! Weird how socialists so love to stuff ballot boxes rather than submit to the will of the voters.

  5. Frank

    ABC says adaption to climate change can bring “joy”

    Note that the subject of that piece wrote in to the comments section five days later with a sniffy comeback. Compulsively googling ones own name much?

  6. Entropy

    The second season of Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime has our hero thwarting the evil aims of the president of the Right Wing government of Venezuela which has ruined the local economy.
    The TV critics liked it more than the first season, where Jack thwarted isshhlemmic terrorists trying to infect the President with Ebola. According to rotten tomatoes, the audience preferred the first season. None of the critics, but quite a few of the audience commenters have noted a significant flaw in the script re Venezuela and it’s system of government.

  7. Deplorable

    #3208667, posted on November 11, 2019 at 7:17 pm
    M ichael Smith has the Royal Commissioners report on 1939 fires history repeating as it is describing what is happening today. except the drought had been for 20 years and today the area is much more built on ,more houses etc.

    How many more demented fire bugs do we have today ? One could be forgiven thinking some rabid socialists may be lighting fires just to bolster their wild claims of ” climate emergency”. Fanciful? Just remember those fire fighters who have been caught in the past causing mass destruction.

  8. Bruce

    Their ABCess hammering the “Climate-Change” gong very loudly tonight.

    Of course, the usual suspects are blaming the bush-fire outbreaks on “the government”.

    Of course these ferals will NEVER admit that the “governments AT ALL LEVELS “who are responsible are the PC ratbags who have locked up huge swathes of wooded countryside and refused “permission”for land owners and users, to undertake controlled, low-level control burns BEFORE the understorey fuel load becomes lethal, to the forests, wildlife and humans.

    NEVER forget that the same totalitarians are also RESPONSIBLE for issuing building permits to “fluffies” who want to do the “tree-change” thing.

    The radiant heat of a half-way decent crown fire will flash-cook you at thirty metres (with protective clothing, YMMV), and ignite a timber structure at not much led than that.

    Anyone like to guess why the fire-climax eucalyptus and acacia species are so widespread?

    Anyone else like to know what the explorer, Mitchell was talking about when he described the vista of vast swathes of prime grasslands as Australia Felix”?

  9. mareeS

    Sorry, forgot to turn on the TV. Had to get the son on the plane back to the Pilbara, where he is earning the public serpents their wages. Another two week swing in 45+ degrees, and these wombats talk about 1 degree of temperature.

  10. Nob

    I hope you took him to his solar-powered plane in a wind-powered car.
    I mean, wind and solar are free!

  11. Bruce of Newcastle

    Aaaand he’s gone.

    Morales’ Exit Leaves Bolivia Power Vacuum, Splits Region

    The 60-year-old former llama herder and coca leaf farmer was viewed by many as a champion of the poor who brought steady economic growth, but to others he was an autocrat who overstepped by defying a referendum on presidential term limits. … With Morales’ deputy and many allies in government and parliament gone with him, opposition politician and Senate second vice-president Jeanine Añez flew into the capital La Paz saying she was willing to take control.

    Morales repeated on Monday accusations he was the victim of a conspiracy by enemies including election rival Carlos Mesa and protest leader Luis Fernando Camacho. “The world and our Bolivian patriots repudiate the coup,” he tweeted.

    Argentine President-elect Alberto Fernandez echoed Morales’ denunciations, as did Mexico which has offered him asylum. “It’s a coup because the army requested the resignation of the president, and that violates the constitutional order of that country,” Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said.

    As so often happens a socialist president is dragged out of office kicking and screaming. It’s never his fault.

    Well, aside from Cuba, he’s the last of the Chavez cronies to go, although Argentina has managed another full cycle and elected Kirchner back into government, which so far is working just as well as last time, ie not. When will they learn?

  12. Bruce of Newcastle

    Oops forgot Maduro the bus driver. He’s still there. Don’t cry for me Venezuela, just try to find something to eat now that all the zoo animals have been stewed up.

  13. alans

    is it possible to resend the original letter to all those signatories?

  14. mem

    Phillip Adams – Journalist, Republican of the Year 2005

    Republican the year! Can’t stop laughing at that one.

  15. Up The Workers!

    The A.L.P.B.C.

    It’s like Mensa for Morons.

  16. Tel

    Morales’ Exit Leaves Bolivia Power Vacuum, Splits Region

    That’s probably a good thing, every country needs new leadership from time to time. Some of Morales’ policies weren’t too bad … he was walking a fine line between economic growth (he did achieve that, allowing business to develop) and wealth redistribution to placate the poor who were missing out on the economic growth. Morales talks about socialism because the concept is popular, but he has compromised as well, he’s not an ideologue.

    Thing is, corruption sets in with these regimes, the bright ideas they have early on get a bit tainted by cynicism and opportunism. Time to give someone else a go.

    If Chavez had stuck to HIS original term limits which were set at two-terms only by the 1999 Venezuelan Constitution, that would have been a lot better for the country I think.

  17. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    is it possible to resend the original letter to all those signatories?

    Brilliant idea!

  18. Harpo of Wolli Creek

    When the useful idiots trot out the excuse that the Venezuelan transformation was undermined by collapsing oil prices, please inform them that when Chavez took power in 1998 the price of oil was under $20 per barrel.

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