Remember, remember the 9th, 10th and 11th of November

See if you can see any connection.

November 9 was the day, thirty years ago, that the Berlin Wall fell.

November 9-10 was Kristallnacht in 1938.

November 11 was the day the Armistice was signed to end World War I, you know, the War to End All Wars.

And now, we have Angela Merkel, with her open-borders policy, which may end up being as destructive as any of these previous disasters.

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  1. Dr Fred Lenin

    I suppose the Germans are allowing all these untremensch into their socialist country as a condition to re join the Human Race after their previous misdeeds . What is it about Germans and extreme fascist socialism , the Kaiser , the socialist Hitler , Honneker and his protege Merkel ,even Marx and Engel were Germans .

  2. Robbo

    November the 11th is also memorial day for the Labor Party.

  3. Tim Neilson

    #3208459, posted on November 11, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    And the day Ned Kelly was offed.

    Bad day for people whose modus operandi involves OPM.

  4. Pyrmonter

    I’d thought Kates’s comments couldn’t get much more vile, but …

    Who needs the Institute for Internet Research when a local crackpot circulates racial- and confessional-baiting nonsense of this sort.

  5. Fat Tony

    Pyrmonter – WTF are you going on about???

  6. Genghis

    Perfectly Correct, the second worst Chancellor in German history. Do not forget the renewable sham!

  7. Pyrmonter
    #3208477, posted on November 11, 2019 at 4:30 pm

    I’d thought Kates’s comments couldn’t get much more vile, but …

    Who needs the Institute for Internet Research when a local crackpot circulates racial- and confessional-baiting nonsense of this sort.

    Don’t be an idiot. Open borders is not about race, unless you can tell us which race in particular is gatecrashing Europe.
    Those who see race in everything are the real racists mate.

  8. ACTOldFart

    I suppose as a little ocker sideline, the 5th of November was the day Turnbull’s republic referendum proposal was defeated, 20 years ago this year.

    Thank God

    I wonder what sort of mini-Hitler the republican movement would have given us as President by now, if it had been successful?

    Also Guy Fawkes and associates, 5 November 1605 The only man ever to enter Parliament with honest intentions.

  9. Bronson

    Pyrometer is it a case of spontantious combustion?

  10. Bruce of Newcastle

    August and September the European elite go on holidays.
    October they come back and start conniving.
    Thus November…

  11. Jonas Stankevicius

    Dr Lenin – the best engineers, the best scientists, the best musicians, the best archiectects, the best military minds Germany.
    Re under people. You may be on to something – if you were born before approx 1972 you had to have a German father to get dual citizenship – post that year it does no matter. As my father was from one of the glorious surviving Prussian countries no matter when I called for dual citizen ship I could not get it. I fear calling now if had to give a physical description.

  12. Mother Lode

    Remember remember
    To forget November.

  13. mh

    MSNBC talking head comments on a Trump Putin press conference/summit

    “His performance today will live in infamy as much as the Pearl Harbor attack or Kristallnacht and it’s really a serious issue that we need to deal with,” she added.

    The only reason anyone would remember that press conference is the MSM hysterics afterwards and Putin handing Trump a World Cup soccer ball.

  14. Zatara

    10 Nov 1776, birth date of the US Marine Corps.

  15. Pyrmonter

    As posts elsewhere on the Cat record, the fall of the Wall was one of the great historical events of most of our lifetimes – the clearest sign of the end of Soviet oppression in East Central Europe, as well as the clearest demonstration that communism simply didn’t work. It takes some perversity to regard it as a ‘disaster’. Though Kates is not alone:

    To equate Merkel’s actions with National Socialist agitation (agitation, it should be recalled, that had little spontaneous support – the NS needed to enforce its boycotts with force) is an insult to the memory of German Jewry as well as to hundreds of thousands of people displaced from the middle east events that included perfidious promises of ‘red lines’ by the Dem in the White House.

  16. mareeS

    Remember, remember. 5th of November was last week, yesterday was Armistice, the weekend was the fall of the wall, none of this is taught in schools now, just climate clop.

  17. Win

    Merkel’s roots are showing. Born and bred East German.

  18. Iampeter

    Kates advocates we go back to the tribalism and nationalism that was directly responsible for things like WW1, Kristallnacht and the Berlin Wall, while at the same time lamenting these events.

    Totally no contradiction, incoherence, cognitive dissonance here…

  19. JC


    You’re the most engrossing commenter here. The rinse and repeat tactic is unique.

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