Wasn’t he the clown on Howdy Doody?

Re Whistleblowers: Eric Ciaramella or Voldemort? I suppose we can mention his name in Australia.

Very early on in the whistleblower saga, I asked, plaintively, who the “whistleblower” knew. There’s been lots of action on the topic since then, and it looks increasingly like the answer is “everyone.”

I’ve been trying to keep up with all the traffic on this, and frankly, it makes my head hurt. But not too long after my article, Paul Sperry at Real Clear Investigations reported extensive evidence that the person I was calling “whistleblower one” (WB1) was a man named Eric Ciaramella, who:

  • Is a registered Democrat, held over from Obama
  • Worked with Biden on Ukraine
  • Worked for John Brennan when he was DCIA
  • Worked for the National Security Council
  • … until he was fired for leaking
  • … who then turned to Rep Adam Schiff for “guidance” before filing the original “whistleblower” brief
  • Cooperated with Alexandra Chalupa, who was lobbying for a Ukraine aid and who Sara A. Carter reports was part of the group coordinating with the then-prime minister of Ukraine to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign over Trump’s.

My suspicion is that the Whistleblower is such a comprehensive nobody that letting his name come out deflates the entire impeachment process. Like finally finding out what a nobody the Deep Throat of the Watergate Investigation was. Once you knew, and understood his petty motives, it really was a scandal that it had ever been a scandal.

As for Clarabell the Clown, entirely from my youth and very very North American. From the Howdy Doody show.

A bit more on Howdy Doody which I had not known before with something of an Australian connection.

Chief Thunderthud (portrayed by Bill Le Cornec): Head of the Ooragnak (kangaroo spelled backward) tribe of American Indians. Edward Kean originated Thunderthud’s greeting “Kowabonga!”—a nonsense word that eventually became part of the California surfer culture lexicon.

The whole thing is so politically incorrect I’m amazed it can still be found on the net.

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10 Responses to Wasn’t he the clown on Howdy Doody?

  1. C.L.

    This whole Ciaramella thing is truly bizarre.
    Everybody knows who he is and everybody now knows he’s a hyper-partisan stooge.
    Same story with Vindman.
    The only people who believe any of it are journalists, of course.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    Add that the swamp changed the whistleblower rules minutes before Whistleblower #1 filed his carefully legalled letter.

    Previously the rules required direct knowledge, the new rules allowed hearsay knowledge.

    These people are so dirty.

  3. Dan Dare

    St Greta’s mad relative?

  4. mh

    Deep Throat could be Stormy Daniels.

  5. JohnL

    Deep Throat could be Stormy Daniels.

    Her deep throat is too damaged from taking too large cocks.

  6. mh

    Her deep throat is too damaged from taking too large cocks.

    Yes, I’ve heard that about Trump!

  7. Tony Tea

    “Howdy Doody, Joffa Boy” was the audience catchcry on the Tarax Show.

  8. Chris M

    What has he blown the whistle on? What evidence of misconduct has been provided outside of the phone call which shows nothing?

    Presumably this new approach can be applied the elected Democrats also.

  9. Elderly White Man From Skipton

    The Whisteblower is a red herring. Evidence given in public by reputable people is Trump’s undoing.

  10. Mother Lode

    Evidence given in public by reputable people is Trump’s undoing.

    Any day now. Any daaaaay…

    You guys have been proclaiming the imminent downfall of Trump since before he was even if office.

    I think you need to recite it repeatedly more to yourself than anyone else so you can compose yourself enough to drag your mangy carcass out of the bed and onto the floor in the morning. But it has been one goat rodeo after another.

    Every time you think you have him in your sights and pull the trigger you belatedly discover you were holding the gun the wrong way around. The reload and repeat.

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