Bust never sleeps

Neil Young’s plan to vote against Trump suffers setback as passport application delayed over marijuana use.

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12 Responses to Bust never sleeps

  1. Bruce in WA

    Drug-raddled dickhead.

  2. Mark A

    My sheltered life from pop music saved me from ever hearing of this imbecile.
    Not proud of it, just a fact.

  3. RobK

    I saw a Neil Young concert in Madison, Wisconsin in ‘76. He was completely spaced out. One of the worst concerts I’ve seen. Crazy Horse was good but only played in about the sets. It was a shame as I really liked his music then. I doesn’t do so much for me now.
    Piss weak excuse to want citizenship.

  4. Nob

    I saw him about ten years ago.
    He was pretty good.

    Missus was complaining about having to stand.

    I said, look at him, he’s standing and he’s older than us.

    She said, yeah but he keeps sitting down to play the piano.

    Fair point.

    I’m not interested in how he votes and most of the voters now haven’t heard of him.

  5. struth

    Dickhead musos and actors seem to love to make declarations that they wish to lose half of their fans.

  6. Gerry

    All he has to do is get a drivers licence ….you can vote without being a citizen over there ….go figure …

  7. mh

    I hope Neil Young will remember…

  8. Jannie

    Keep on rockin in the free world. He wrote some good songs and is a good musician, one of those who used to relate to the pickup driving country boys, in search of work, sex, recreational drugs and rock and roll, and maybe a life one day. But now he is a millionaire establishment elitist who is so unaware of himself that he is unable to see that he is the enemy he describes in his own art. He is one of a long list of once great artists that Trump has outed as hypocritical arseholes.

    This video 3mins 2016, Trump throws some light on Neil Young, who tried to get him to Invest.

  9. Overburdened

    People should stick to what they know best.

    For Neil Young it is writing and performing songs.

    As with all the people in the entertainment industry of a similar mind, he has misinterpreted his success as a musician to mean that he has license to impose his fashionable and changeable views on to his audience, who based on reports are turned off by this behaviour.

    The issue to me is why would he think that because he writes songs he is any sort of reliable opinion maker and persuader.

    Pack another pipe Neil and be happy swimming in your money bin.

  10. miltonf

    Another tired old has been. Elton Bog, Jagger, Fonda, Jimmy Carter etc are really letting their true nastiness shine through.

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