Facts, Fictions, Morons

Fair dinkum. Not only has the language of the bureaucracy permeated the media, but now the idiotic arithmetic has.

Writing about the crisis talks, yes crisis, around the ABC deciding to not broadcast the 2020 Olympics, Eamonn Tiernan writes:

Crisis talks are being planned between the Australian Olympic Committee and the ABC in a bid to broadcast the 2020 Tokyo Olympics live on radio.

Fires across Australia. Geopolitical tensions between China and the US. War, starvation, poverty. But the CRISIS is whether the ABC broadcasts the Olympics.

Does Eamonn know whether the National Security Committee of Cabinet has met to discuss this?

But aside from the CRISIS that is the ABC and the Olympics, here are some factual “nuggets” from Eamonn and some actual facts:


An indexation freeze on the ABC in the 2018 budget led to $83.8m in cuts, while 600 jobs have been lost in the past five years.

Financial restrictions placed on the ABC by the federal government since 2014 mean by 2022 the public broadcaster will have lost $783m in funding.


According to the ABC’s 2019 annual report, total funding from the Commonwealth INCREASED between 2018 and 2019 by $2.3 million. No cuts. No reductions.

According to the ABC’s 2014 annual report, the ABC employed 4,679 persons. According to the ABC’s 2019 annual report, the ABC employed 4,649 persons. A reduction of 30 and not 600. Arithmetically, of the 600 jobs lost, 570 were replaced.

PS – between 2014 and 2019, employee expenses INCREASED from $516.075 million to $531.008 million. An average employee expense of $110K in 2014 to $114K in 2019.

Not exactly an existential budget cut.

Dear Eamonn. Perhaps you do some research before writing rather than recycling the ABC’s propaganda.

The private media companies, as in those not paid for at the point of a gun, would kill for such levels of headcount and funding.

For the 1 gazillionth time. A lack of an increase in funding is not a cut.

Oh. Have a look at this table from the ABC’s 2019 annual report. Be sure to be sitting.

How many teachers, nurses, submarine or parliamentary overseas junkets could you get for $1 billion dollars?

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14 Responses to Facts, Fictions, Morons

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    Writing about the crisis talks, yes crisis, around the ABC deciding to not broadcast the 2020 Olympics, Eamonn Tiernan writes:

    ‘Unless you give us $1 million right now, B1 and B2 get it.’

    My recommendation to the minister is to write legislation restricting ABC salaries to the average weekly wage. If they want socialism give them socialism, good and hard.

  2. stackja

    ABC Realises it is Redundant
    Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph
    November 13, 2019 12:52am
    Subscriber only

    The ABC offers a fascinating reason for ditching coverage of the next Olympic Games:

    “This is an incredibly tough decision, especially given our 67-year run as the official non-commercial Olympic Games radio broadcaster,” the spokesman told Diary.

    “Due to competing budget priorities coupled with the fact that Australians can access Olympic Games coverage in many other ways, we have chosen not to pursue rights in 2020.”

    Surely this mass-coverage get-out clause applies to just about everything the ABC currently spends $1 billion on every single year. Sky News is nimbler at reporting state and federal politics, multiple online outlets are better at media analysis than is Media Watch, Foxtel has loads of those British crime dramas and watching the family pet cop a farewell needle beats Q&A any day of the week.

    When Australians can access coverage to everything “in many other ways”, the ABC’s time is up.

  3. a reader

    I think its disappointing that Aunty won’t broadcast the Olympics but I also hate their crying poor routine. There’s plenty of nonsense paid for by the ABC using our dollars that would be better spent on the Olympics.

  4. ACTOldFart

    The ABC is just pulling the classic bureaucratic trick. When faced with cuts (or resources not growing as fast as you would like), pick something high profile that people generally like and expect to have available, and announce that it is to go, because of Budget cuts, a resource crisis, whatever. Then hope that the Government will gallop to the rescue with a “special allocation” or “national interest funding”, or what ever euphemism you want to use for buckling under to blackmail.

    Meanwhile, all your garbage programs that no sane person knows or cares about (Radio National, anyone?) escape without anything like significant cuts, and the luvvies in both the ABC and its audience continue happily on with their self indulgent, taxpayer-funded posturing.

    We will see if the Morrison Government is stupid enough to fall for it.

  5. Shy Ted

    Wait for the trans Olympics. They’ll be all over it like a dog with a bone.

  6. Tim Neilson

    We will see if the Morrison Government is stupid enough to fall for it.

    Anyone backing “no”?

    if they had a functioning brain cell they’d let the ABC keep on playing the “firemen first” card till the ABC was no longer doing anything that anyone more than 4k away from the centre of Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne cared about.

    Then they’d Rabz it.

  7. FelixKruell

    I love how some budget pressure leads to an immediate cut to something vaguely popular (like the olympics) rather than ditching expensive boondoggles like ABC Life. They know how to play the game…

  8. Terry

    But, without a cool Billion stolen from taxpayers, how will we openly campaign for violence against men?

  9. Beachcomber

    ………… the ABC in a bid to broadcast the 2020 Tokyo Olympics live on radio.

    So that is what the ABC is using to extort more money from taxpayers. It is refusing to use any of the $1,045,911,000 it receives that has been confiscated from Australian workers and is demanding more money to broadcast the Olympics live on the radio. Really?! Who would be listening anyway?
    Defund it! Shut it down and sack them all!

  10. Beachcomber

    stackja at 1:00 pm

    Actually, Tim Blair said it better. Thanks stackja.

  11. Davo

    Saw a great Tshirt at the coast the other day: “the world is made up of protons, neutrons, electrons and morons. Seems to some things up

  12. Rockdoctor

    Olympics is over rated. I am opposed to the Brisbane 2032 bid and the LNP should have leaned from the GC Com Games debacle (that Campbell should have cancelled) but watching Freckless try to justify it adds to my opinion Politicians don’t care what the public thinks & it is driven by bureaucrats. How many useless stadiums are under construction at the moment that weren’t needed, one here in Townsville & a few in Sydney.

    As for the ABC showing the coverage, I honestly didn’t realise they did it. I thought ch 7 had the rights. Meh, no loss.

  13. Squirrel

    “The private media companies, as in those not paid for at the point of a gun….”

    Having received a cheery little note from the ATO today about my PAYG obligations for the coming year, I would rather hear options for the ABC to get the money it thinks it needs from offering subscription services.

  14. BorisG

    Meh, no loss.

    olympics was almost the only program I watched on the ABC. You may not like it but many others do. what they are doing is extortion.

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