Roundup 15 Nov

Lest we forget. Ten years on, Tony Thomas recalls Climategate at the University of East Anglia.

Based on dud modelled forecasts, the West is now spending $US1.5 trillion a year in quest of zero CO2 emissions.

Today, anyone questioning this colossal enterprise is told to “respect the science”. Based on the Climategate emails released in 2009, 2013 and 2015, I’d rather respect the Mafia, who at least don’t claim to be saving the planet. For example, today we’re told that warming of 2degC above pre-industrial level is some sort of a tipping point of doom. Phil Jones, Director of the Climatic Research Unit, emailed on September 6, 2007, that the supposed 2-degree limit was “plucked out of thin air”, a throwaway line in an early 1990s paper from the catastrophists at the Potsdam Climate Impacts Institute.

Jo Nova on the duplicity of NOAA to inflate the damage of recent natural disasters.
The NOAA fine-print: Not surprisingly, due to such methodological concerns, the NOAA study concluded: “it is difficult to attribute any part of the trends in losses to climate variations or change, especially in the case of billion-dollar disasters.”

Here’s the NOAA public face, where they overcome that difficulty: On its website today NOAA says: “Climate change is also playing a role in the increasing frequency of some types of extreme weather that lead to billion-dollar disasters.”

And more vandalism by our Bureau of Meteorology.

The Bureau of Meteorology did what to February? Wow, just wow. Look what the Bureau of Meteorology has covertly done to February? Something like one third of a degree has been added to the average Australian summer maximum anomalies over the past few years according to the “expert” data from the worlds-best-practise equipment.

In the BOM Whopper Part 1 we revealed that in the BOM’s latest round of unannounced adjustments there were big increases in the rate of Australian summer warming. It turns out a lot of the summer rise comes from changes to February. Mysteriously, there were large changes to the national average of the last three years. Let that sink in.

These changes were incomprehensible because while the averaged “whole nation” got warmer, there were no changes to the data in any of the 104 individual stations.

The unreality of unreliable energy revisited. Energy-Utopias-and-Engineering-Reality

I plan to describe (i) the global energy sector, (ii) the current drivers of energy demand, (iii) progress to date on decarbonisation, and the treble challenges represented by(iv)factors of thousands in the figures of merit between various forms of energy, (v) the energy return on energy invested for various energy sources, and (vi) the energising of future megacities. I make some miscellaneous points and then sum up. The main message is that our present energy infrastructure is vast and has evolved over 200 years. So the chances of revolutionising it in short order on the scale envisaged by the net-zero target of Parliament is pretty
close to zero.

Australian Institute for Progress. Spending cap leaves Labor sitting pretty. Quadrant online: news & Opinion: Our Godless and Dangerous Times. Eccentrics and extremists have always been around. Whether they rise to prominence depends upon them having a large audience.

Independent Think Tank Strategic Policy Institute: News and views. Forthcoming events.

IPA: John Roskam on What the Liberals Must Learn from Labor. The Liberals win more Federal elections but policies are still driven by Labor and the left.

Why Labor has been so successful in the battle of ideas and so bad at elections is the subject of a much longer discussion. Partly it might be because the labour movement has always a movement of philosophy, not politics. On the flip side, the Liberal Party has traditionally disdained philosophy for pragmatism. Of course there’s nothing wrong with pragmatism. It wins you elections. But pragmatism doesn’t change anything.

The ALP and the left have a far better appreciation of the role and power of bureaucratic and cultural institutions than do the Liberals. Labor doesn’t win as many elections as the Liberals, but when Labor does win it does things. When the Liberals win elections, they’re in government but not in power.

The Truth about the Reef. A new, must-watch short film by Senior Fellow Dr Jennifer Marohasy which contradicts everything you’ve heard about climate change threatening the Great Barrier Reef.

CIS: Perils of the New Keynesians. Weak retail figures add momentum to the emerging intellectual consensus that in order to kick start the sluggish economy, governments must stimulate activity through expansionary fiscal policy financed at ultra-low borrowing costs.

Aged Care. Fear of Losing Autonomy. Even before the royal commission, no one in Australia wanted to go into aged care. And little wonder. The interim report on aged care revealed an array of serious problems.

Australian Taxpayers Alliance: Millions for ‘woke’ studies. “Only a small percentage of Aussies identify with the polarising ideas inherent in identity politics, gender studies, intersectionality, and woke culture,” says ATA Communications Manager, Emilie Dye. “Meanwhile the government spends taxpayer dollars to shove this worldview down the throats of those quiet Australians.” Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme squashes Conservative Views.

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14 Responses to Roundup 15 Nov

  1. Mark M says:

    Prepare for more weather …

    We Likely Won’t Cut Carbon Dioxide Emissions 45 Percent by 2030

    The “New World Energy Outlook” report by the International Energy Agency suggests global warming is here to stay.

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks Rafe, I will add, if I may Jennifers short movie on finding the missing coral – apparently all gone, none left, none to be seen as published in a peer reviewed article in a presteigous journal, but Jen had no problems finfing it all. Lovely camera work.

    The lying liars need to be hung our for all to see. Shameful.

  3. Helen says:

    oops, you already nhad it there! apologies!

  4. These changes were incomprehensible because while the averaged “whole nation” got warmer, there were no changes to the data in any of the 104 individual stations.


  5. Iggie says:

    And every year since at least 1995 has been adjusted upwards by an average of at least 0.1C. Not much but that’s a 10% rise over the past 100 years. It’s worse than we thought!!!!

  6. Roger says:

    The “Green” Illusion Continues: Tesla Crash Victim Can’t Find Anyone To Recycle His Wrecked Car

    I wonder what the “carbon footprint” of a Tesla is, from construction to end of life, compared with a similar petrol vehicle?

    Not that carbon is the problem, but reducing emissions is the rationale of the purchaser…or is it merely virtue signalling?

  7. Helen says:

    heh. University of east Anglia? Villiage Idiots

  8. I_am_not_a_robot says:

    The BoM weather recorders of the past were middle-aged pipe-smoking white men so the data they collected was, of course, dodgy and need to be adjusted in accordance with what modern computer models demonstrate, and BoM CC™-aware scientists know, must be happening.

  9. Tom Appleton says:

    I used to be a “Tesla sceptic”, but not any more. What you need to do is ignore anything about trying to ‘save the planet’ and just look at the Tesla as an amazing piece of engineering. From a performance point of view 0 to 100 km/hr in 3 seconds is something to behold. And the ‘self-drive’ mode!

    Try some youtube channels –
    Tesla Driver –
    Dirty Tesla –

    There are others that demonstrate the Tesla’s abilities.

  10. Mundi says:

    The bom increasing data is fine, scammers are always short-sited. A the next few years don’t hear as much it will make them look more stupid and wrong. It is adjusting numbers downward to continually claim warming that is the bigger problem.

  11. Kneel says:

    “I wonder what the “carbon footprint” of a Tesla is,”

    Well, a Toyota Prius, from cradle to grave, and over 160,000km, produces MORE CO2 emissions than a 5.7 V8 Commodore (also cradle to grave and over 160,000km). Fact.

    As usual, it’s form not function for the lefties – it doesn’t matter that your actual CO2 output has increased, you got the “right”, “green” product!

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