Laura and Michelle on fire

“It has been a week of catastrophe in Australia,” writes Laura Tingle this morning in a column blaming the Morrison government for the fires caused by arsonists (incited by media catastrophe-mongers) and debris hoarding in national parks. No, it hasn’t. More on that in a moment. Tingle wants the Prime Minister to Do Something now to cool the earth. Not just Australia or some portion of it – that cannot be done – but the entire planet. She believes the government could do this if only it would stop the “culture war” against wise, impartial greens and find the money. “We don’t need gotcha moments,” she writes, as she gotchas the LNP.

First of all: it has not been a week of catastrophe. Not even close. At Pozieres, 6741 Australians died. At Fromelles in 1916, 2000 Australians were killed on one day. In the summer of 1895-96, a heat wave in south-eastern Australia killed 437. A country-wide heat wave in 1911-12 killed 143. The Victorian heat wave of 1938-39 killed 438. Tingle made her mark as a stony economics journalist with a cultivated disdain for hokum (except from the mouths of Labor treasurers). She should be embarrassed to append her name to hysteria of this kind. Her stablemate Michelle Grattan is no better, of course. “It’s no time to play politics,” Grattan insists – before laying into Michael McCormack for criticising urban greens. You’re not fooling anyone, ladies.

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  1. Tim Neilson

    You’re not fooling anyone, ladies.

    They’re fooling themselves.

  2. stackja

    Do Laura & Michelle live in the bush? Do Laura & Michelle use coal power?

  3. Jock

    Ladies?? More like leftist harpies! (presume i can say that. Iyt is descriptive rather than an insult)

  4. Tel

    It was the Green Left who declared the culture wars in the first place.

    Then soon after they declared themselves the winners.

    Now they are all butt-hurt when they get a tiny bit of pushback on their dumbarse policies.

  5. candy

    If Ms Tingle and Ms Grattan were breadwinners of a family on a modest wage of say around $50,000 and said we need to save the planet and I am happy to pay bigger energy bills and support less jobs – well you could take them seriously.

    These ladies are of a different class and have that little luxury of thinking of the “big” issues and not the mundane ones many people have. Just putting aside money for emergency/health matters now is impossible for many folk, let alone putting aside money to help with power bills and keep renewables going.

  6. Entropy

    Australia, particularly Queensland has always had the most variable climate in the world.
    I was at a meeting the other day where someone was complaining that they. Couldn’t understand why farmers, who are most exposed to climate variability and climate change were the most sceptical about climate change.
    I agreed how terrible that was, and further, observed the irony is that they have often complained to me why those most hysterical about climate change live in climate controlled apartments, drive climate controlled cars and work in climate controlled offices staring at scary model predictions on large dual screen monitors.

  7. John A

    Jock #3213200, posted on November 16, 2019 at 11:53 am

    Ladies?? More like leftist harpies! (presume I can say that. It is descriptive rather than an insult)

    To paraphrase Don Alhambra del Bolero (The Gondoliers):
    They may be females for anything I know to the contrary BUT they are not ladies – unless they are married to knights. And on the basis of their statements, I believe them to be the benighted ones.

  8. The people that claim to care and call themselves responsible environmentalists now realise ‘We thought we had protected these living relics forever‘, but still don’t realise that they are the ones who are the root cause of all past, present and future destruction.

  9. Bruce of Newcastle

    Laura & Michelle: Why Can’t We All Just Agree With Greens?

    I can play that game.

    1206 – Why Can’t We All Just Agree With Genghis
    1938 – Why Can’t We All Just Agree With Adolf?
    1962 – Why Can’t We All Just Agree With Khrushchev?
    1994 – Why Can’t We All Just Agree With the Rwandan Hutus?

    The answer, ladies, is the fascist Greens are misanthropic maniacs who are entirely wrong about everything. Every single idea or policy that they have is easily shown to be wrong, morally and/or scientifically. Their ability to be wrong about absolutely everything is almost creepy.

  10. 2dogs

    In response to the call to do something about climate change, Morrison should call a referendum on nuclear power.

  11. Some History

    Laura Tinkle and Michelle Scrotum pushing the GangGreen line. Kel Surpreez!

    Well, listen up girls. One of the sis tahs, Jane Carosene, has a brilliant idea on making the earth cooler:

    You have to admit, the earth does look cooler.

  12. Texas Jack

    Perhaps we’ll take Tingle seriously once she tones down her own lifestyle, and that of her beau?

  13. Perfidious Albino

    Laura and Michelle need to check their privilege…

    News in the herald sun this morning highlights the Vic Government refusing to release data on current fuel loads for any fire districts in the State other than the one hardest hit on Black Saturday. Apparently ‘the experts’ have advises them not to… appalling.

  14. Tom

    Hysterical green government media frightbats demand government policy be set by hysterical green government media frightbats.

    You’d laugh if it wasn’t so insulting.

  15. Linden Watson

    There has been much and dare I say it, much needed attention being focused on the total lack of any substantive fuel load reduction strategy and just old fashioned burning off to reduced the likely hood of wild fires come fire storms rather than an old fashioned bush fire situation as we once knew it. In response we see the typical dismissive reply from the ‘greens’; oh burning off does not prevent bush fires etc. Can the Greens please explain why then the indigenous aborigines used fire as an ecology tool for tens of thousand of years, after all they were in complete harmony with their environment and lived a pure sustainable live style. I then I suppose the Greens know better then tens of thousands of years of aboriginal culture, “we went to university instead and we know what is best for you” attitude. And by the way if you want to see a prime example of dangerous fuel load accumulation just go and visit Anderson Creek at Warrandyte right next to the local football ground and primary school which is situation just opposite the local CFA .

  16. You forgot to mention Stalin. Just trying to be helpful,

  17. Tintarella di Luna

    Apropos of the foolery of some ladies I give you Anastasia Palachook’s Queensand – the comments are quite firey too ;

    Sacked Captain Creek fire brigade sits idle as state burns


    While two states burn, most of the 49 volunteer firefighters of the rural brigade at Captain Creek, Queensland, twiddle their thumbs, seething that the well-performed unit was disbanded just when it was needed most.

    As he tells the story, first officer John Massurit shakes his head: “Mate, you couldn’t make this up. We are ready, willing and able to go but they have taken away our vehicles, cancelled our membership and deregistered the brigade. It’s an absolute disgrace.”

    By rights Mr Massurit’s team should be out there with their weary colleagues, holding the line against the dozens of bushfires that continue to threaten life and property from the tip of Cape York Peninsula to the Shoal­haven region south of Sydney.

    But the brigade’s celebrated ­effort a year ago to help save Agnes Water, on the central Queensland coast, led to a bitter dispute ­between the outspoken Mr Massurit, 53, and Rural Fire Service command. It came to a head when its headquarters at Captain Creek was padlocked on November 2.

    Fourteen homes have gone up in the Cobraball blaze near Yeppoon, less than two hours away. How sorely the RFS could use the skills and experience languishing at Captain Creek.

    Venting her frustration, veteran firefighter Gail Jacobsen, 58, said she was so disgusted she would never again serve in the RFS after more than 20 years as a volunteer: “We are not perfect but we are bloody good at what we do. I think their problem is that John is loud. He is very passionate. He says what he thinks and I don’t think they like it.”

    The brigade’s second officer, Jim Greer, 57, said the RFS had been so determined to drive out Mr Massurit it was prepared to sacrifice the rest of the unit.

    “Why they would want to get rid of John Massurit, I have got no idea. He knows more about bushfires than those pencil-pushers ever will,” he said.

    The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services command overseeing the RFS is standing its ground, insisting on Friday that an audit of the brigade had ­revealed “poor behaviour, misuse of brigade equipment and poor ­financial management”.

    The unit was deregistered ­because it could no longer provide “an effective, safe and sustainable fire and emergency service ­response”, QFES said.

    The finding was rejected by Mr Massurit and his supporters at Captain Creek, a hamlet of 100.

    At the height of the Agnes Water drama a bulldozer broke down, leaving its driver and a two-person repair crew stranded in the path of the flames. Mr Massurit damaged an RFS 4WD while getting to them. He then boarded a QFES chopper to direct waterbombing operations credited with halting the fire before it could break into Agnes Water.

    Last December, Mr Massurit was advised by QFES that he faced a long list of misconduct ­allegations including causing unnecessary damage to an RFS ­vehicle, improperly commandeering a helicopter, lighting unauthorised fires for backburning, unnecessarily calling in “expensive” aerial tankers and historic misuse of the brigade’s finances.

    He was disqualified from his leadership role as first officer. Eventually, most of the adverse claims were downgraded or dropped. After Mr Massurit challenged the fairness of the QFES process, independent workplace investigators reported in July that only three allegations had been sustained: the vehicle damage, that he “went up in an operational helicopter without appropriate authority” and that he failed to comply with a direction to leave a fire ground for fatigue management, namely his own property.

    On November 2 a site meeting of the brigade’s angry members was told by a delegation of brass headed by QFES Acting Assistant Commissioner Tony Johnstone that they were being disbanded.

    Police and other personnel were waiting around the corner to clear out the shed and drive away the two fire trucks. The gates were then locked.

    Mr Massurit said he still had not received an explanation for the brigade’s axing at such a critical juncture, an issue taken up by Liberal National Party MP Stephen Bennett in state parliament and directly with Emergency Services Minister Craig Crawford and the QFES leadership.

    Mr Crawford said he had been assured by QFES that neighbouring brigades had been reinforced to cover Captain Creek. A spokesman for the agency said former members could apply to join other units in the area

  18. Roger

    NSW National Parks Authority chief is pushing back against calls for more hazard reduction burns.

    Meanwhile, farmers whose land borders NSW national parks are begging for the right to do the work themselves in areas that have been “locked up and forgotten” by the authority.

    Our bureaucracies are increasingly the enemy of the common man and woman.

  19. Robbo

    Tingle and Grattan do not see themselves as incompetent ignorant fuckwits but the jury of sensible Australians says that they are incompetent ignorant fuckwits. Both of them are nothing more than megaphones for the extreme left.

  20. Up The Workers!

    Gee…last week they were comically telling us that it was actually all the anthropogenic carbon-dioxide that was starting and fuelling the firestorms.

    Their Senior Scientific Consultant, of course, is the world-renowned Professor Mickey Mouse of the C.S.I.R.O. (Crap Science Inspired by Religious Oratory).

  21. a happy little debunker

    What these Numpties need to show is how increased CO2 impacts the Triangle (or diamond) of Fire.
    Something, something Climate Change is not a persuasive argument.

  22. Tingle and Grattan do not see themselves as incompetent ignorant fuckwits …

    Nah. They can’t be THAT stupid.

  23. miltonf

    Gawd the Australian used to push Tingle as an ‘intelluctual’

  24. egg_

    Why Can’t We All Just Agree With Greens?

    Even the Left know better than to let the Green extremists anywhere near the levers – playing the Devil’s advocate, ladies?

  25. areff

    Why Massurit is persona non grata with bureaucrats and Greens appeasers who implement our disastrous bushfire polices:

    Incidentally, by way of “small world” coincidences, the author of the piece below is the same woman who last week claimed that bushfires get simpleminded men so worked up they go home and beat the daylights out of their wives.

    INFLEXIBLE red tape is putting Gladstone lives and properties at risk.

    Experts are begging the Queensland Government to change fire safety and environment regulations before its “one-hat-fits-all” legislation kills someone.

    There are fears countless houses across our region could go up in smoke because home owners are hamstrung by vegetation clearance rules that do not reflect the region’s diverse flora and topography.

    Currently, all property owners must clear bush and trees to a maximum distance of 1.5 times the height of the tallest vegetation adjacent to their buildings or 20m, whichever is greater.

    If they remove more than this, they can be penalised for damaging the environment.

    Often this limited clearance zone means properties are at greater risk of destruction because there is not enough room for fire appliances to enter safely to fight the blaze.

    There is also concern that people building on steep slopes cannot have a larger clear area as fire travels faster uphill.

    There were 340 fires in the Gladstone local government area in the 12 months to February 28 – 308 were environmental and 32 blazes involved buildings.

    Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland has written to Deputy Premier Jackie Trad asking her to amend the Vegetation Management Act and the Sustainable Planning Act and urging her to meet with it and local firefighters about Gladstone’s specific legislative needs.

    “In a lot of areas, we wouldn’t consider the 20m clearance a defendable space,” RFBAQ general manager Justin Choveaux told ARM Newsdesk.

    “The State Government encourages resilient communities by asking households to be prepared for danger,” Mr Choveaux said.

    “If a family are not allowed to make their own home defendable, how can we build a resilient community?

    “The only options are trying to defend an undefendable space and that puts yourself at risk or you clear around the property while the fire is heading your way and that is very dangerous.

    Being at imminent risk is the only time this extra vegetation clearance is legal.”

    Captain Creek Rural Fire Brigade first officer John Massurit said the rules meant the region’s volunteer firefighters would struggle to protect some properties.

    “There is a phenomenally varied landscape here, with hill country covered by the primary producer brigades to the coastal hinterland with very small blocks or parcels of land with high fuel loads around them,” Mr Massurit said.

    The zones where the bush meets suburbia are at particular risk.

    “The well-being and resilience of the community can only happen with a commonsense attitude towards clearing.

    “We can’t have ‘one rule fits all’.”

    Ms Trad’s office said the government was considering the RFBAQ’s request for change.

    “The Palaszczuk Government recognises the importance of planning for bushfire protection and will shortly release updated bushfire mapping and guidance for councils and applicants,” a spokeswoman for Ms Trad said.

  26. Mother Lode

    Do Laura & Michelle live in the bush? Do Laura & Michelle use coal power?

    Yes, but they blame other people for it.

  27. Some History

    Coming up next week:

    Laura & Michelle’s High School Reunion.

  28. Whalehunt Fun

    You can expect nothing better from ABC filth and their co-loons.

  29. Whalehunt Fun

    The Palaszczuk Government recognises

    The Palaszczuk Government wouldn’t recognise a sensible idea if it turned into ebola and infected them.

    And I hope some do.

  30. Overburdened

    Please refer to my comment in the Trump makes girl cry thread and substitute one lot of specifics for the other.

  31. Overburdened

    That may have been a bit obtuse.

    What the Greens and have in common is an unadulterated message and no practical demonstration of how unfeasible it would be for a flight attendant to hang her racial prejudice out there on some bloke that is recognised warmly by a lot of people (myself included for his musicality and harmony), or that somehow a limited term parliament comprised of one side or the other in power has anything to do with Climate Change while totally ignoring the stupidity of the same Government’s long term care of the environment due to the inherent conditions.

    A rational mind would be disrupted by these examples of self evident bullshit.

    Sooner or later you will all succumb.

  32. Overburdened

    While I’m at it, that overfed fat fuck from the Greens is a disgrace in the minds of people who grew up with a s nose of mutual obligation.

    His whole life has been about people carrying and promoting him.

    He may way well try and pillory me because he’s a cripple, but I don’t give a fuck.

  33. Overburdened

    …sense of…

    I sometimes wonder if the hosts of blogs do this based on an algorithm, but I’m a suspicious bloke.

  34. Squirrel

    Much more of that sort of stuff to come, even if the fire season isn’t as bad as the catastrophists suggest.

    There is an opportunity here for the Government to claim the middle ground, but not as Grattan’s article suggests. A major response from the federal Government on climate adaptation (rather than mitigation) would appeal to the majority of its supporters, along with the saner elements of the Labor constituency as well as One Nation and supporters of the Party started by Laura’s father.

    Leave it to the harping, ranting, sanctimonious Lefties to explain how Australia can lead the world on carbon emissions reduction even though, just to give two topical examples, the US has yet to adopt our gun laws, and China has yet to adopt the Australian ballot.

  35. David Brewer

    Even among bushfires, the present situation is NOT “unprecedented”; in fact, it’s not even close to our worst losses of life or property.

    Check the Wikipedia article on Australian Bushfires here.

    Although there is the usual ritual obeisance to global warming, e.g.

    Australia’s climate has been trending toward more bushfire weather over the last 30 years.The Climate Commission found that “The intensity and seasonality of large bushfires in south-east Australia appears to be changing, with climate change a possible contributing factor.”

    …it is perfectly clear from the chronological table that Australia has seen far worse bushfires in the past. The largest areas burned were five million hectares in 1851, 4.5 million in 1974-5, and 3.5 million in 1984-5. None of these was in the last 30 years, and the area burned so far since September this year is “only” 1 million hectares.

    The death toll so far this time is 6, compared with 173 in Victoria ten years ago, 75 in 1983, 71 in 1939, 62 in 1967, 60 in 1926 and so on. So deaths are a tenth or less of what they were in multiple previous events, when the population of Australia was lower, often far lower, than it is now.

    Current discussion of this issue in the Australian mainstream media is pathetically inadequate, the imprssions being conveyed are blatantly misleading, and the resultant ignorance will represent a serious impediment to saving lives and property in future.

  36. Whalehunt fun

    Not even the UK uses the Australian Ballot.
    Australia is unimportant to most people outside the south Pacific.

  37. Mark A

    Whalehunt fun
    #3213687, posted on November 16, 2019 at 10:22 pm

    Not even the UK uses the Australian Ballot.

    Australia is unimportant to most people outside the south Pacific.

    Sorry to say you are right, even the bush fires were only mentioned as part of the warming hysteria, other that that, zero info about Aus.

  38. Entropy


    #3213687, posted on November 16, 2019 at 10:22 pm
    Not even the UK uses the Australian Ballot.
    Australia is unimportant to most people outside the south Pacific

    And yet the political class spend more time sucking up to the French and EU than working with and helping our neighbours. So the Chinese step in.

  39. struth

    Exactly. …WTF are we doing in Eurovision song contest anyway.?
    It may seem a silly thing to say…but why not South Africa or NZ or Pakistan for that matter.
    Australia you needy little shit hole.

  40. Ellen

    Why pick on the two women? Why are you all not using the same nasty language agaibst the group of fire chiefs, all male, who have been saying the same thing?

  41. Kneel

    “So deaths are a tenth or less of what they were in multiple previous events,…”

    Same as “extreme weather events”, innit? A 99% reduction in deaths from extreme weather events during the course of the 20th century. Despite a greater than 5 fold increase in population over the same period. Despite the concomitant increase in exposure in “risky” areas.
    It certainly is “unprecedented” – unprecedented stupidity and ignorance!

  42. W Hogg

    Anyone want to guess how much hotter than “ideal” Australia is this month? Or when our hottest month (since satellite data) was?

  43. DaveR

    In order to gain some much-needed practical experience, maybe far-leftie Laura Tingle can be co-opted onto a federal committee to look at all the east coast councils to identify which ones have not complied with fuel-reduction burn guidelines (they exist in every state). And then see whether any negligence charges can be laid.

    Just doin’ your community service.

  44. Rafe Champion

    CL what was the cause of death in the nasty heatwaves? I have been telling people lately that you don’t die from heat unless you are dehydrated or over-exposed to the direct rays of the sun.
    I suppose you know the Lancet paper that compared worldwide deaths from heat and cold with a large factor favouring the cold.

  45. Cold-Hands

    what was the cause of death in the nasty heatwaves?

    Here’s Trove from 1896, “Nearly 200 deaths from Heat Apoplexy”.

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