The plan to deindustrialise the nation appears to be working

Jo  Nova reports on some more alarming developments in The People’s Republic of Victoria.

Manufacturers are drawing up contingency plans to shift operations out of Victoria this summer as fears of blackouts and sky-high electricity prices for the March quarter keep nerves on edge.

While worries about blackouts in Victoria have eased in the past three months, Coca-Cola chief executive Alison Watkins said on Friday the company was prepared to beef up manufacturing in other states should the worst-case scenario eventuate in Victoria and generation fall short of demand.

Bluescope Steel and Pratt (boxes) have invested heavily in the US to get the benefit of cheaper power. Our three aluminium refineries are at risk and people in the wind industry are happy about this because they see the demise of refining as another nail in the coffin of coal power.

Amusing developments in South Australia, the spearhead of the crash dummy.

South Australia rushing to add another lean green jet engine to the fleet by summer:

The new generator, an Aeroderivative Open Cycle Gas Turbine, is a variation of a jet plane engine and has the capacity to reach full load within five minutes from start. The new turbine is more environmentally friendly, using half the amount of fuel of other generators on site.

The Hallett power station at Canowie, around 210 kilometres north of Adelaide, currently has 12 operating turbines with total generation capacity of 203 MW, enough to power over 60,000 South Australian homes. — Energy Australia

What is fake and what is news?

Viewing the BBC news in Hong Kong on the weekend, we discovered that the Australian Barrier Reef has lost almost half its coral and there is a furious battle being mounted to save it. There was a report on the Sri Lankan election (a very big turnout), the (possibly good) populist revolt in Bolivia to force a re-run of the election, the (possibly not so good) Yellow Vest protest in France to mark the anniversary of the movement and major civil disturbance in Iran prompted by a hike in petrol prices. Chile all over again! Clearly fuel and power prices are becoming a trigger for populist revolts around the world, but not yet in Australia!


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16 Responses to The plan to deindustrialise the nation appears to be working

  1. Up The Workers!

    But it’s really all OK.

    Dodgy Dan has recently generously awarded himself a $46,000.00 per annum pay increase, so no doubt any struggling Small business under Labor (previously a Big Business back in those days when we actually had responsible Government) can hit Dodgy the “wukkas” pal, up for a loan.

    Question: What did Victoria have before fire-sticks, kindling and matches?

    Answer: A non-Luddite, non-Labor(sic) Government, and electricity!

  2. miltonf

    Yes it really is very frightening. The marxist wreckers are having their way

  3. miltonf

    ScoMo seems pretty cool about it too.

  4. Lee

    Leftists almost never foresee – or choose to ignore the warnings of – the consequences of their actions.

    High power prices to allegedly “save the planet” being a case in point.

  5. Dogbox

    Can’t imagine why you would mourn loss of aluminium. Those smelters are totally socialist in financing.

  6. mem

    High power prices to allegedly “save the planet” being a case in point.

    And not a murmur, not even a little peep about how much this will change the climate. Come on. I want to know by how much my extra power bills and taxes have changed the climate? And by how much has my extra expenses lined the pockets of the Green Renewable scabs and the weak politicians that have been sucked in on this scam? Come on. I dare you! How far do you think you can keep going with this fabrication before it dissolves in a puff of CO2?

  7. Jock

    The Hallett generators …all 12 of them are open cycle. The units were bought second hand and installed by AGL. They were peaking generators, meant to crank up at little notice when prices spiked up. AGL had lost a lot in the early 2000s from a needle point price burst. So it wanted a hedge. The new generator would be the same in terms of using natural gas. Depending on the type ( and all these generators are a varient of plane engines as are the engines in warships) up to 100mw could be added. But unless there is new tech available or the gen set is combined cycle then im not sure it can be this more efficient.

    talk of desperation.

  8. nb

    A massive crime the left has inflicted upon the workers of this nation.
    Encouraged by a lying media engaged in a co-temporal death spiral.
    The world is reinventing itself. Leftist hate is lanced.

  9. Lutz

    If the coral reef is so dead, why did everyone get excited about the coral spawning last weekend? Must be some mysterious magic afoot.

  10. Tel

    A massive crime the left has inflicted upon the workers of this nation.

    Never forget that it’s really about power. While unions and workers were useful to provide some political muscle, a bit of thuggery here and there, and extra votes … then they were absolutely supported. Once they became less useful and more instinctively obedient there became little need to be concerned with them.

    The lesson is, no leader can ever be trusted without constant supervision. Always be willing to say, “Well, you aren’t giving me what you promised so therefore I have no loyalty to you.”

  11. Botswana O'Hooligan

    A good example of an open cycle jet engine is a PT6 used in some aeroplanes, the RFDS King Airs have them and of course they run on JetA-1 (kero) or in some cropdusters the PT6’s have been taught to drink diesel. The bottom line is that they burn fossil fuel which shoots the renewable energy people down in flames because all the fancy perpetual gyro gearloose schemes were supposed to do away with the dreaded fossil fuels and thus save the planet.

  12. Rayvic

    Victorian retailers of chilled or frozen foods must be quivering in their boots, as a power blackout would destroy stocks of those foods. Alternatively, they could invest in contingency measures, e.g. standby diesel generators, but these would blow overheads through the roof.

    It remains to be seen whether those retailers learn anything, and kick out the dysfunctional, delusional Premier Andrews.

  13. Tator

    Rayvic, the problem is that the Andrews Government has bought itself a lot of voters by employing a bucketload of taxeating public servants more than what the previous Liberal Government had employed. It may take a few years of skyrocketing power prices that get to South Australian levels before they get the flick.

  14. Rayvic

    Tel: “Never forget that it’s really about power. …”

    Very true — the lack of reliable, low-cost power.

  15. Tony Tea

    Snowy Hydro run a peak load power station consisting of jet engines driving generators. It’s been there next to Loy Ang for years. The only difficult part of the process was the initial synchronisation to the network.

  16. Rod W

    We were recently on holiday in Eastern Canada. While in Saguenay, Quebec, we were shown their major local employer, a large aluminium refinery. Although Canada has little bauxite, their aluminium production is highly competitive because the refinery owns its own hydro-electric supply and power is very cheap.

    The company that runs it? Rio Tinto.

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