Kaysee: A Nimby Solution to the Climate Crisis

In recent months, there have been some commentators in the media proposing that there be a Royal Commission into Climate Change. Although it appears to have some merit, it would most likely end up as a talkfest taking up time, resources and dollars, as well as providing jobs for bureaucrats and retired judges. And the side that loses will not accept the verdict.

We lack leaders with the courage and vision to take a stand and do what is right. They’ll shuffle around till the next election and hope that the other side loses the unloseable. Then, they’ll duck their heads once more. Those who possess the faculties of reason understand that actions have consequences. In the case of the woke group, they get it only when the proverbial hits the fan or bites them in the rear. The only way out of the mess is to let the voters decide. With a six-step plan and a bit of first-hand experience to help them.

This proposed plan is to be made available to all Federal Members of Parliament, by the last sitting week of this year. This will give members time to meet voters in their electorates over the break and discuss the options. For the House of Representatives members, it is their electorate. In the case of Senate members, it is the electorate in which they live.

Here’s how the plan works:

  • When parliament resumes next year (February 2020), there will be a joint sitting of both houses of Parliament. The issue of the climate crisis is introduced and the plan detailed in the house.
  • Each member gets two minutes to state their position on climate change and the solution for the country:

Option A: They believe there is a climate crisis. They support renewable sources of energy, phasing out coal, and staying with the Paris Agreement.


Option B: They consider a strong economy to be important. They support 24-hour reliable and affordable energy sources. They favour coal-fired power stations, research into nuclear and other sources of energy, and pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

  • Every electorate whose member advocates Option A (the renewable energy path) gets the opportunity to put words into action.

The lucky electorates get six months (March-August 2020) to get themselves renewable-compliant.

This is the perfect opportunity for all the big businesses and billionaires, media and activist shareholders, and other advocates who worship at the renewable altar, to step up and provide the financial resources to make their dreams a reality.

  • After six months (September 2020), the partial shut-down of the Evil Coal Grid begins in these electorates. After a year, they get totally disconnected from the main grid. (March 2021).
  • A double-dissolution of Parliament is called after the budget (May-June 2021) and the country heads to the polls in August-September 2021.

Every candidate standing for election, needs to state up front, their position and solution for the climate crisis as stated in Step 2 (Option A or Option B).

This would also be the right time for voters to tick a box on the Freedom issue: the Protection of  Freedom. Of speech, of religion, of conscience.

  • Voters decide.

If voters decide in favour of Option 1: Renewable energy and staying in Paris, so be it. The businesses that invested in renewables during the renewable transition phase will be repaid by the government.

If voters decide in favour of Option 2: Coal/nuclear energy and pulling out of Paris, that is the way the country goes. The government invests in coal-fired power stations, research into nuclear and other sources of energy. All subsidies to renewables stop immediately. Businesses that invested during the transition phase, accept it as a bad investment write-off.

And the debate on the subject ends there.

It is more likely that the decision will be made before Christmas 2020 because it won’t take too long for inner-city latte sippers to miss their creature comforts. And businesses in the city are not going to be too happy either, despite their deep love for the environment.

Remember that upstanding environmentalist, former Greens Leader Bob Brown? Protector of the forests, climate change advocate? Prescribing remedies for the rest of the country? Until it hit his own backyard?

Nimbyism. There it is. The solution to the fictitious climate crisis. Hiding in plain sight.

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20 Responses to Kaysee: A Nimby Solution to the Climate Crisis

  1. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    There will never be any objective “discussion” of that monumental fraud in this stupid, stupid country.

    Not even after the electrickery grid collapses.

  2. You’re asking for politicians to behave openly and honestly? ROFL!

  3. Muddy

    One suspects the law trade might see an opportunity for maximum arousal here.

  4. Billy P

    Fishy. Example given.

    Powercor text 8/11/19: “Learn how good people in power are providing you with reliable energy”
    Powercor text 2.17 pm 21/11/19: “We expect to restore your power by 22.30 pm”

  5. a happy little debunker

    Remember that upstanding environmentalist, former Greens Leader Bob Brown? Protector of the forests, climate change advocate? Prescribing remedies for the rest of the country? Until it hit his own backyard?

    Do you mean that time he favoured a lignite power plant for Tassie – rather than a new ‘clean’ hydro dam?
    Or do you mean that time he opposed the use of old growth wood to prevent additional CO2 reaching the atmosphere, whilst burning old growth wood in his fireplace?
    Or do you mean when he was all in favour of windmills everywhere except in Tasmania?

    That numpty still wants to drain Lake Peddar (from being a reservoir for the Gordon hydro power station).

    That old dog never did learn any new trick.

  6. DaveR

    For at least the last two years we have seen attempts at debate of various viewpoints in public, parliament and in private disrupted, shut down and cancelled. We have seen governments cower before extremists and refuse to guarantee free speech. We have also seen the rise of organised groups linked to shady overseas fanatics, ready to go at any time. Unfortunately Australia has gone beyond the time for reasonable debate.

  7. A Lurker

    I’d support that.
    Can’t see any support coming from Parliament House.

  8. classical_hero

    I’m just as bemused as he is at the suggestion that the left live by the standards they want others to live by. Studies have shown that those who are sceptical are more likely to do something for the environment than alarmists.

  9. Karabar

    Option 3
    Procure an oracle. Find a retarded kid from Sweden and do what she says. This is the sort of solution the Green morons are likely to embrace.

  10. Megan

    Far too sensible. That’s why it will never get off the ground.

  11. I_am_not_a_robot

    ‘In 2016 the ACT Government legislated a new target of sourcing 100% of the Territory’s electricity from renewable sources in the ACT or across the National Electricity Market by 2020’.

    Now that 2020 is almost upon us: ‘ACT has ‘100 per cent renewable’ electricity from today’ (ABC News 1 OCT 2019).
    Except that only ~5% of of the territory’s electricity is generated within its borders, the rest comes from the the grid that powers the eastern seaboard.
    The law is the law, it’s a simple matter, the ACT must be cut off from the grid on Dec 31.

  12. 2dogs

    That’s FOCJ! Always a great solution.

  13. The heavy water reactor will use about 0.7% of the uranium’s energy value…

  14. Muddy

    It’s good that someone is thinking of potential solutions, Kaysee, rather than simply ‘raising awareness.’ I also appreciate different people posting.

  15. RobK

    I had to read it twice. Nice sentiments but I can’t see it working.
    Perhaps on a state by state level (as it probably should be) somehow.
    A reason for the difficulty is that the grid isn’t very aligned by electorates. The other problem is that it’s a long investment cycle industry. The long take-off contracts don’t work over short periods.
    However, by now there’s less reasons for the RET and subsidies. A level field is all that’s required.

  16. mareeS

    This entire climate scam is so tiresome now, I just switch off. Life is too,short.

  17. Gowest

    The bush-fire destruction, water mis-management, and electricity scams have well and truly demonstrated the effectiveness of over 20 years of climate crisis regulators (Kyoto 2008) in charge.
    Yes, global warming (.. Kevin07) is responsible for everything we have suffered over the last 20 years. Global climate change is now elevating stupidity to truly astronomical heights as 3 levels of SCARED/DUMB govt leaders all do something to stuff up the smart systems put in place by our forefathers and then tell how wonderful they are for doing it. What a mob of show ponies.

    What we really need is a Trump – YOUR FIRED!

  18. kaysee

    #3242398, posted on November 22, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    It’s good that someone is thinking of potential solutions …

    Thank you Muddy.

  19. kaysee

    #3242414, posted on November 22, 2019 at 10:35 pm

    I had to read it twice. Nice sentiments but I can’t see it working.
    Perhaps on a state by state level (as it probably should be) somehow.
    A reason for the difficulty is that the grid isn’t very aligned by electorates.

    Rob, take a look at the post title. A Nimby Solution.
    First, the country would need a leader with courage to face the situation head on and call the bluff. Members of Parliament would need to be prepared to stand for or against their belief in the climate crisis. Apply the renewable test to their own electorates and face the consequences long before the next election.
    Imagine Zali Steggall standing up in Parliament and saying:
    “Yes, I have discussed the options with my electorate. The people of Warringah believe there is a climate crisis. We would like to do our part and thus we will be getting 100% renewable energy. Yes, solar panels on all our roofs. And, of course, wind farms along our beaches. Turn off the horrible coal grid.
    “No, we are not worried that it will affect our creature comforts or that the prices of our properties will take a dive. We believe so deeply in the unfolding climate crisis that we are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices. We will lead by example and show the rest of the country the way.”

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