What they said: Craig Emerson

Craig Emerson:

It’s time to rise up in support of the Enlightenment, the scientific method and evidence-based policymaking. Let’s rage against the blight of mindless, destructive tribalism.


Craig Emerson:


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25 Responses to What they said: Craig Emerson

  1. Sinclair Davidson

    Hi Ellie

    It’s worse than that. Emerson was having a go at me over my plain packaging work. So not only was he being tribal – he was rejecting looking at the evidence.

  2. JC


    It was about a week ago when you were singing legover man’s praises. Should we walk that back?

  3. Ellie

    Oh shite – I thought it was about climate change. I couldn’t access your link and just assumed. My bad.

  4. Sinclair Davidson

    Should we walk that back?

    No – I like Craig. He is a good guy. But I’m still happy to whack him when he does the wrong thing. 🙂

  5. Ellie

    You like him? He once sat next to a good conservative friend of mine – smiling sweetly – then slagged him off on-line. No respect for the guy.

  6. Sinclair Davidson

    Ellie – in public life that happens.

  7. RobK

    plain packaging work
    Has a Tasmanian ring to it.

  8. candy

    Smoking is deadly and the plain packets seems a good “social policy” all in all.

    C. Emerson is probably proud of the policy. Fair enough.

    It’s the open borders and all those boats arriving every week and uncontrolled spending on big ticket items like pink batts and NBN without proper analysis and implementation that did Labor in.

  9. egg_

    The Enfrightenment?

    Seemed to scare the voters away.
    “How dare you!”*

    *Daddy’s script?

  10. Ellie – in public life that happens.

    No, decent people don’t do that, especially in public.

  11. pbw


    Ellie – in public life that happens.

    You mean like Tony Abbott?

  12. Nob

    When did “IPA links” become a scare quote and what are you doing about it?

  13. Nob

    Or is it a typo for “IPA drinks”?

  14. Bronson

    Has he coughed up those contact lenses yet?

  15. politichix

    #3243870, posted on November 24, 2019 at 4:58 pm

    Ellie – in public life that happens.

    You mean like Tony Abbott?

    Oh the ironing!

  16. Tintarella di Luna

    #3243978, posted on November 24, 2019 at 8:52 pm
    Has he coughed up those contact lenses yet?

    No I think Craig might be anally retentive – the contacts help focus his world view

  17. “Statistical analysis of Stephen Koukoulas”


    Good one Emmo!

  18. Tintarella di Luna

    We had some friends over for lunch yesterday and Craig came up in conversation apropos of nothing which is an overestimation anyway, anyway it seems my friend was on a ferry and noticed a manic nitwit with a book who was wandering about up and down the decks, it turned out to be Craig probably hoping someone would recognise him and remark on his brilliant rendition of Whyalla Wipeout — was behaving like a loon, I said it was toxic contact lens derangement syndrome.

  19. Mother Lode

    The Kouk’s advising Gillard is not the reason he is suspect. That is a consequence of the more profound issue that he is a cretin whose diagnoses and remedies invariably fail.

    However, his remedies do provide cover for expanded government and higher taxation required to bring it to life in the manner of Frankenstein’s monster.

    That is why he was conjured from the infernal hell of stupidity by Gillard. She could blow cash on anything she wanted and could point to him as justifying the expense in economic terms while at the same time advancing Social Justice (Wymminses’ division).

  20. Mother Lode

    “Statistical analysis of Stephen Koukoulas”

    Statistical Analysis of the Kouk is simple enough.

    In statistical terms, he is one idiot.

  21. mh

    Craig Emerson is a very heavy drinker.

  22. Damienski

    Craig Emerson is a very heavy drinker.

    Good to know he has one endearing character trait.

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